5 Changes We Want to See in Digital Camera Technology

5 Changes We Want to See in Digital Camera Technology

September 16, 2019 0 By admin

Digital camera technology has been evolving for so many years. We see new features in cameras with almost every release of a new model in the market. There are many more developments in camera technology that we can expect in near future.

There are quite a lot of changes we all want to see in digital cameras and photographer’s gear kit. For example: sensor integration, better product designs and user experience.

Let’s take a look at 5 changes that we would like to see in digital camera technology in future:

Lighter weight:

Cameras have always been so heavy. The lens size and glass is always huge for better picture quality. Photographers who carry more than one lens have heavy camera bags with them. With so much advancement in Nano technology, the sizes of computer tech and smartphone have become so light. High technology cameras should also become light weight now. Better slimming strategies can be used in camera designs to make life of photographers easy. It’s more like carrying 30-40 pounds of weight when you go out with your camera bag right now.

Augmented reality:

It will be so great to have AR in camera technology. It will add 3 dimensions to the visual scenes. The digital graphics will go to another level if AR will be used in camera tech. It will be so much easier to indicate objects and recognize people, places and things with this advancement. AR is previously doing so well in transport, theaters and production industries. It must be introduced in camera technology too.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence can step up the camera tech so high. It can enable the cameras to control lighting, exposure and flash levels. It can help us introduce more shooting modes in cameras on the basis of our own preferences. A camera system with AI can easily control editing for us. It will also help you to figure out what kind of pictures you want and shoot them faster.

Voice commands:

Voice commands are very much expected to be added in cameras pretty soon. With sensors and voice commands in cameras the need of shutter button will no longer be there. Samsung has even few basic voice commands in its new models. With voice commands in camera, the tech will become more advance and easy to use. Tit will be easier to adjust any camera setting through the camera view finder just by giving instructions. There is software for this purpose which is under development and soon we will be able to speak to our cameras.

Modern interfaces:

This is something which is most demanded by camera users and photographers. Cameras have lots of buttons, menus and screen which you have to switch on and off. If we see the best technologies today, the way they are designed is so modern and simplified. One huge change in camera tech would be having touch screen and modern interfaces. This will not only change the look of cameras but it will also change the whole photography ways and styles. Let’s wish the digital camera technology surprises us soon with any of the above changes mentioned in this post.

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