How to use Microsoft News app for Windows 10

The world around us is changing at a fast pace. Without regular access to news, most of us would be unaware of the various events occurring, both locally and around the world. Microsoft News enables its users to get a view of all the news and headline in one place. So, let’s review the app and see how to use it and customize it to one’s liking.

Microsoft News App review

The Microsoft News app is the name for Microsoft’s news engine that powers familiar sites like Let us walk you through the following processes.

  1. Microsoft News Setup
  2. Microsoft News App Main Page
  3. Managing Microsoft News App Notifications
  4. Managing Microsoft news App Nearby News

The Microsoft News App works with more than a thousand premium publishers and more than 3,000 brands in all major global markets. It plays an important role in aggregating the best news, videos, photos and other content and deliver it, for free, to people all over the world.

1] Microsoft News App Setup

Upon launch, the app’s main screen will request you to sign into your Microsoft account so the app can sync your interests and settings across devices however, this is optional and not necessary.

Thereafter, it will take you through a series of customization screens. You will be shown a list of news topics and asked to select your interests.

You can search for your favorite interest to read about it in ‘My News’. You can cycle through other interests to follow and rearrange them for a more personalized experience.

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2] Microsoft News App Main Page

Once, you have picked your interests, you can do all the reading in the News tab. A good feature about reading news in the Microsoft News app is that the font size is large enough to read. Each page features easy-to-read article headlines and other information like the source of the article and how long ago it was posted.

Also, there’s a ‘See more’ option visible in the upper-right corner of the screen that allows you to access other options such as,

  • Share – allows quick sharing with nearby friends or colleagues
  • Copy Link – Self-explanatory
  • Dark theme – For viewing the content in the Dark mode. The option is visible as crescent-shaped moon icon.

3] Managing Microsoft News App Notifications

To manage your notifications, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Notifications’. Here, you can choose to notify yourself about

  • Breaking News – Keeps a record of all major news events
  • Top Stories – Account of general News Headlines and Interesting reads
  • Daily Brief – A digest of stories handpicked by Microsoft News editors

4] Managing Microsoft News App Nearby News

It doesn’t matter if you’re going out of town for a while. You can keep a track of your home city via Microsoft News App. Instead of relying on your IP address to determine which local news you prefer to read, the app lets you specify your location. So, it becomes possible to remain updated with the latest happenings in and around your city even if you are not there.

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You can set your location by click on the Location tab in the left-hand panel then selecting the pin icon at the top of the window.

Microsoft is continuously refining and improving Microsoft News app experiences to serve the needs of people and partners around the globe in a better way. Give the app a try and let us know what you think of it!

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