Restore old ‘Save as’ dialog for Office 365 apps on Windows 10

I have observed that whenever I try to close a Word file, a popup dialog box appears on my screen prompting me to save the changes. I don’t see the normal ‘Save as’ dialog that usually appears. Instead, a ‘Save as’ dialog appears, prompting me to save the changes to OneDrive. This is seen with Office 365 users, mostly. I get access to old Save As dialog only when I click the ‘More save options’ link. So, is there a way to override this change and restore old ‘Save as’ dialog? Certainly, there is! Let us see how it works.

Restore old ‘Save as’ dialog for Office 365 apps

As Windows 10 comes deeply integrated with Microsoft services like OneDrive, it is natural to see them linked with Office apps like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. As such, when you try to close these files, you get a message prompting you to save the changes. The default location it displays is Outlook > OneDrive account.

Restore old ‘Save as' dialog for Office 365 apps

To change this behavior, do the following.

Go to the ‘File’ menu and click it.

Then, from the list of options displayed, choose ‘Options’.

Next, in the left pane, go to the ‘Save’ section to list General Options working with Word or any other Office application.

Just beneath, ‘AutoRecover’ file location, ‘Don’t show the backstage when opening or saving files’ option will be visible.

If you see it disabled, simply check the box to enable the option.

Hit ‘OK’ button. The action, when confirmed, will let you skip the Backstage view when closing the files and give direct access to the default ‘Save’ dialog box.

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When done, exit the setting and try closing the file. You should now have access to the default ‘Save As’ option. Also, remember since the change in setting is universal, the same change will be seen in all Office 365 apps like Excel and PowerPoint automatically.

Let us know if the method works for you as desired in the comments section below.

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