Switch creates a secondary Taskbar on your Windows 10 PC


If your Taskbar is filled up with apps and you need more space to pin a couple of more software, you can try out this software called Switch. This tool works as a secondary Taskbar on your Windows computer, and it lets you pin .exe file to open them according to your requirements.

Switch for Windows 10

Switch Desktop creates a secondary Taskbar on your Windows 10/8/7 PC. You get a macOS like dock that lets you switch easily between desktops. It doesn’t come with a lot of options or features – but here is a list of its features:

  1. Pin apps: This is the primary functionality of Switch for Windows. You can pin up to ten software in this second Taskbar.
  2. Auto-hide: It is not visible all the time on your Desktop. You can hide or show it using a keyboard shortcut.
  3. Move freely: This is possible to move this taskbar freely around the screen. However, the default option helps you place it on the right or left side only.
  4. Show anywhere: You can show or hide this Taskbar anywhere, including any folder, drive, etc.

After downloading and installing it, you will see a panel like this-

To add a software to the list, you can click the plus(+) sign, navigate to the folder where you installed or kept the .exe file, and select it, respectively.

After adding a couple of software, it looks something like this-

You can click on that icon to run the program. There is a keyboard shortcut that you can use to show or hide the dock. You need to press the Alt button to make it visible on your screen.

Switch settings and options

In the Settings panel, you can find these following options:

  • Auto hide dock: It lets you hide the dock automatically when it is not in use.
  • Maximize app on switch
  • Place dock: It helps you choose the dock location.
  • Show intro on startup: You might not need it since it can consume some time, and it is useless anyway.

To open the Settings window, you need to right-click on the Switch icon in the system tray and select Settings.

Here you can make the necessary changes.

View the video to get an idea of how it works.

If you like this software, you can get it from the download page.

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