This iPhone 11 deal bags you oodles of data for just £40 a month, and with no upfront cost

This iPhone 11 deal bags you oodles of data for just £40 a month, and with no upfront cost

December 2, 2019 0 By admin

Cyber Monday is closing out this year’s deals bonanza with a colossal bang of bargains, including this iPhone 11 tariff from Fonehouse which boasts some incredibly value. 

Right now, the retailer is offering Apple’s latest flagship handset with no upfront cost at all, meaning the phone is all yours for a reasonable monthly payment of just £40 a month. That’s nothing to sniff at, especially once you learn what’s included. 

This deal includes the phone in a colour of your choice alongside 100GB of data, which is more than enough to stream music, films and other pieces of media to your heart’s content while on the move. Chances are you’ll even have some to spare. 

You’ll also get unlimited texts and minutes thrown into this monthly cost, which is an excellent value proposition when compared to other retailers right now. iPhone 11 picked up an impressive 4.5/5 in our review, proving Apple hasn’t lost its touch in the smartphone market. 

‘Apple has seen what most people want and instead of making this seem like a cheaper version of the true flagship it has given it the full iPhone 11 name. Unless you’re a complete sucker for an OLED display, or particularly want the zoomed telephoto lens, then there isn’t much you’re missing out on by not getting the Pro model,’ reads our review. 

If you’re a sucker for the iPhone 11 Pro and its improved specs you might want to consider upgrading to that, but like our review states, you really aren’t missing out on much by going with the vanilla handset. Both are excellent products in their own right.