Xbox Game Pass subscription is expiring before the official date

Xbox Game Pass, right now, is probably the single most important addition to the Xbox in a long time. Millions of gamers have since used the service to play hundreds of video games for one low monthly fee. While we can agree that Game Pass is wonderful, one has to point out that it is not without its problems.

Xbox Game Pass gives you unlimited access to a game library for a regular fee. If your Xbox Game Pass subscription expires, you won’t be able to play the game, although it will remain installed. You will have to renew the subscription.

Recently, we have been hearing of issues where the service is seemingly expiring before the official date for some users. That’s not a good look, so it is understandable for folks to act out when they are seeing these snags before their eyes.

The question is, then, can we solve this matter and set things, right? And to that, we have to say, yes. And it’s not hard to get done either because the problem is more than likely an issue with Microsoft network rather than anything else.

Xbox Game Pass expiring early

Your Xbox Game Pass subscription should not be expiring earlier than the end date at all, so if it is happening to you, then do the following:

  1. Auto-renew on the previous subscription
  2. Check your subscriptions
  3. Contact Microsoft for support

1] Auto-renew on the previous subscription

If your Game Pass subscription is shorter than what you paid for, then chances are it has a lot to do with a previous subscription. You see, when your Xbox Game Pass subscription has ended, Microsoft will extend the service for a few days if auto-renew is active.

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During this time, Game Pass will attempt to collect payments from your funding source. If, for example, after seven days the service has failed to collect any money, then it will end. However, once you’ve renewed your subscription, Microsoft will deduct the previous seven days that were unpaid for, from the length of the new sub.

Yes, it doesn’t sound very good at all, but it is what it is. So, as it stands, the best option to take here is to cancel auto-renew and renew Xbox Game Pass on your own terms.

2] Check your subscriptions

We suggest checking your subscriptions from within a web browser to make sure all things are in the right order. The official Microsoft Subscription page tends to show information more accurately, so it should always be your first place to check if issues arise.

In order to check your subscriptions, please visit

3] Contact Microsoft for support

To contact Microsoft to get some support, please visit, then visit the Contact Us page.

The next step is to visit Billing & accounts > see other option > payments and billing. Finally, show contact options, then select the option that is best for you, which is either chat or call.

I hope you find the post useful.

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