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10 Best Free Online PDF Compressors in 2020

In today’s world, PDFS are serving as the most useful and secure way of sharing files online. The PDF format is now globally used as a priority by students, businessmen, and all other individuals. The best thing which makes PDF format unique is that it doesn’t allow you to change the data which is stored in it.

Since most of the documents or file sharing websites we use support PDF format, but anyhow some file size restrictions don’t allow the users to upload the file. However, the reason for that issue is the specific limit of the file size. As we have mentioned earlier that PDF files can’t be modified without having proper tools, but somehow we can diminish the file size by compressing it.


There is a lot of software or websites available for doing that, however, we will tell you about the best online PDF compressors which you can use to get ease in your professional life. Now we are going to share some of the best websites used to compress your PDF online.


  • IlovePDF


On this website, you have everything which is needed to modify the PDF file. On this website, you can split, merge, compress, and convert files. The website has the option of uploading a file upon which you can compress your file or do whatever you want to modify. The most interesting thing is that it does not affect the PDF quality.


  • Smallpdf


In our list, it is another best website from where you can compress your PDF file. Another top quality of this website is that it does not change the quality of your file. It has several other features i.e. you can change the format of your PDF into PPT, JPG, DOCX, etc.


  • PDF Compressor


PDF compressor is ranked third in our list. If you are looking for a website that can easily do your work then a PDF compressor will be the right choice. Since the name suggests that it can compress your PDF file but other objectives can also be fulfilled by this website like merging files or converting into other formats. The simple thing you have to do is just upload your file and boom your file is ready to be used for your business, etc.


  • PDF2GO


PDF2GO is another best online website which provides compression of PDF file. However, on this website, there are two types of compression you get i.e. basic and strong. As the name suggests that basic version gives you an average or medium file size with high quality and anyhow strong one gives you a more compressed file that is smaller in size than the basic one with medium quality.


  • SodaPDF


SodaPDF is the best PDF compressor that you can use in today’s world. It has some advanced technology which is making this best in all. It has an option which is used to set the size of the compression. However, upon all these qualities this website is free to use and the easiest one.


  • Docupub 


This website has a separate level among the others. The reason behind this statement is that if you look at the front page of the website you will get to know that there are several options like image quality, file size, and many other things that make this website more reliable than the others.


  • AvePDF


AvePDF is the website that is considered the best and easy among the PDF compressing websites. You can choose a file from the drive or your computer directly to the website and can choose the compression size and other facilities like PDF merging and converting tools etc.


  • We compress


The name is suggesting that the website is most commonly used for compressing purposes. However several other options are there like compressing JPEG, PNG, and other file formats. It is somehow very fast to use and we can say that easier too. The reliability of this website can be judged by the fact that millions of people are using this website for their purposes.


  • EasePDF


EasePDF provides three different modes of compression and one good thing is that it allows selecting the mode first. It is a free website and unlike others, no registration is needed here.


  • PDFCandy

This is the last free online PDF compressing website on our list. However, it is also one of the best and easiest website to use. It has a dropbox facility and you can do other modifications like merging, cropping splitting, etc.

So we are done with a list of ten free websites and tried to explain all the positive features and reviews of the websites that in the future if you are looking for any of the work you can use these websites according to your priorities.

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