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10 Best Office Hoteling Practices You Need to Know About

office hoteling

If space management is your priority, office hoteling and hot-desking are everything you will need. The benefits of office hoteling are many. Not only does it ensure assigned seating, but it also makes the workspace and resources reservable. 

Moreover, it allows employees to stagger their desk bookings throughout the day, thereby optimizing space usage. With such flexibility, your employees feel empowered and motivated to work.

The system can also help cut down on underutilized resources and save real estate costs. But despite its advantages, office hoteling is not a one-strategy-fits-all. 

Here are ten best practices to get office hoteling right.  

Draft the Office Hoteling Policy Well in Time

Switching from fixed to hotel desks will be a big change for your employees and management. So, the shift cannot happen suddenly.

To bring everyone on the same page, start by drafting the office hoteling policy well in advance. Outline the benefits of hoteling, how you plan to implement it, and what workers can expect from the shift.

Instead of pushing your agenda, convey your intentions behind the move honestly. Then go into the details and ask for recommendations. This will minimize friction from workers’ end and boost user adoption. 

Use a Desk Booking Solution

Manual methods to execute office hoteling are prone to human error. Besides, they are tedious and time-consuming as well. This is why you need a robust desk booking solution. 

Ideally, it should be intuitive, user-friendly, and cloud-based to allow centralized management. It should also provide features to:

  • Find and reserve a workstation
  • View floors and rooms
  • Sort workspaces by capacity and availability
  • Check-in and check-out automatically
  • Access usage data 

Set Ground Rules for Employees

Despite doing due diligence, your office hoteling strategy might not function as well as you had planned. Moreover, since every worker is different, they will approach hotel desks differently. This is why setting some ground rules can help.

After a week of office hoteling, note down problem areas and create rules around those. For instance, your focus areas could be:

  • Troubleshooting technical glitches 
  • Hoteling etiquettes to follow 
  • Setting up a hotel desk for work
  • Privacy and noise 

Provide Suitable Technology and Tools 

Technology and tools have become the lifeblood of hybrid workplaces. The same goes for making office hoteling work.

Apart from a desk booking solution, you should invest in other, preferably wireless, tools and technologies for collaboration. It could be something as simple as a high-speed Wi-Fi network. Or collaboration tools for onsite and offsite workers like video conferencing and async messaging apps.

These tools allow employees to work from their booked desks without hiccups and make for a better office hoteling experience. 

Offer Diverse Furniture 

In hybrid work setups, furniture is crucial role in creating a comfortable and pleasant work environment. That is why you should not limit office hoteling to a single “desk”. 

Instead, cater to the diverse needs and concerns the workers face with flexible furniture. These can include desks with adjustable heights, armed chairs with plugins, ergonomic chairs, or desks with lockable drawers. The more variety, the better. 

Pin Access Information at the Hotel Desks 

With office hoteling, employees will be sharing more than just desks.

They will be sharing resources, too – from PCs/laptops and Wi-Fi connections to communication and collaboration tools. So, whenever a worker sits at their reserved  desk, ensure they have the necessary information to access these resources and tools. 

To inform the worker, you could send the access details in the confirmation mails. Better yet, send customized alerts if your desk booking solution allows it.

Keep a Variety of Hotel Desks and Workspaces 

Different individuals and teams will have different needs on a given work day. For instance, if your employee has virtual meetings lined up for the day, they should be able to book a hot desk in a quieter area or reserve a private pod to conduct the calls. This is the only way they will embrace office hoteling.

To cater to their flexible working styles, therefore, you should offer a variety of workspaces like closed cabins, huddle rooms, team neighborhoods, etc. 

Reassure Safety with Sanitization 

If hygiene and sanitation are improper, workers may feel hesitant about embracing office hoteling. 

After all, the idea of “sharing” a desk in the context of the pandemic does not sound safe.

So, go the extra mile to reassure safety by stocking desks with antibacterial wipes and performing deep-cleaning of desks daily. Also, you should keep desks at least six feet apart to provide a safe office hoteling experience.

And if you want to automate the entire process, simply opt for a desk booking solution with an in-built sanitization workflow. It will notify your cleaning staff when a desk requires sanitizing, making the process simpler.

Rely on Workplace Data and Analytics 

How can you track the success of your office hoteling strategy? See how employees are using the hotel desks and workspaces. 

A desk booking solution can offer 360-degree visibility of your workplace. You can deduce employee hotspots, preferred hotel desks, and resource usage from the data collected. And even check the density of the different locations during the day. 

With such insights into user preferences and behavior, you can improve your office hoteling strategy timely. 

Track and Adapt

Finally, there is no secret sauce to successful office hoteling. 

To make your hoteling strategy work, you must consider employee feedback and space usage data. Yes, you will likely have setbacks like congested neighborhoods or ghost bookings. But with proactive and data-backed management, you can make office hoteling a success. The idea is to adapt as you go. 

To Conclude

WorkInSync desk booking solution offers office hoteling. It will cover all your flexible workplace needs, from desk booking to workplace analytics. The hoteling software can also be used to improve office space utilization. Try the demo to learn more.

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