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10 Things That Attract An Audience To Your App And How To Get There

With over 1 million apps in the major app stores, the app market has turned out to be overwhelmingly competitive, where businesses are finding it challenging to stand out in a sea of competition. 

Considering its intrinsic nature, the smartphone is a powerful tool at our disposal that plays a vital role in our lives. Consumers spend 90% of their time on mobile apps compared to websites (Source). 

Tips To Build An App That Attracts The Audience

A successful mobile app is one that satisfies the user’s needs and does so swiftly and effectively. 

Businesses now need to strategize around the mobile experience to build something that genuinely meets the needs of their consumers.

1. Solve A Problem

Those apps attract people that solve their day-to-day problems with no hassle. You need to create an app that is original and has a genuine sense of purpose.

Conduct research to diagnose your customer’s potential pain points or barriers. This can provide insights into the daily problems that your app could resolve.

2. Emphasize On A Core Feature

The best apps only perform a single task, but they do it efficiently. Not all users appreciate unnecessary features that clutter their experience. 

Start with identifying and realizing what value your app can offer, rendering a core action, and making it engaging enough to complete and repeat.

If users require additional features, you can add them to the app as updates in later versions. 

3. Keep It Clean

The user experience plays a pivotal role in the success of your app. Your app must be task-oriented and used to declutter processes.

Develop a convenient user interface with easy-to-use navigation based on design guidelines. Consider questions like:

  • Does your app make life easier for your user?
  • Can users use your app with no guidance or instructions?
  • Are these features making the app better or complicating it?

4. Develop For iOS & Android

The downloads and recognition will skyrocket if your app is available on all major platforms in the market, namely iOS and Android. 

To achieve this, implement a cross-platform app development framework. Its tools can ease the time and costs linked with developing apps individually on both platforms.

5. Render Offline Functionality

An enormous chunk of apps depend on the availability of internet connectivity. However, you must provide some offline functionality in case the user travels to a place with limited internet connectivity or speed.

Access to offline features provides a substantial advantage and enables you to continue fostering a positive user experience.

6. Experience Personalization

Personalization humanizes the mobile experience, rendering the opportunity to build personal app experiences that drive brand engagement as-well-as conversion. 

According to Epsilion, over 80% of users expect personalized experiences with brands they interact with (Source). 

It would help if you leverage profile information insights based on user history to segment and deliver personalized content to the user. 

  1. Set High-Performance Benchmarks

Poor app performance can drive negative user experience that can cost you downloads, revenue, and brand perception. 

Dimensional Research discovered that 80% of app users would only attempt to use a problematic, poor functioning app, equal to or less than three times (Source).

It is also critical to fix any bugs, crashes, or slaggy performance by testing and retesting your app. 

  1. App Testing

It is critical to undergo user testing to understand exactly how users would receive your app after its launch.

Share the app with an extensive user base in the later stages of its development.

Gaining a greater understanding of your customers’ needs and the pain points can help you create a successful app. 

App Review guarantees that each review on your app influences the potential users. This can help boost the overall ranking of the application until it gets into the “Popular Apps” list. 

Visit to download it today and boost your app reviews online.

  1. Make It Free

Everyone likes to download free apps, as it provides them with a chance to test out what you bring to the table with no risk. 

Making your app free alone won’t guarantee success; however, it can increase the number of people who would want to try it out. 

If users feel that your app offers value, many will pay for in-app purchases to unlock premium features.

  1. Devise A Marketing Strategy

Regardless of how groundbreaking, streamlined, or impeccable, you create your app to be, a lack of proper marketing would have sabotaging consequences on your hard work. 

A solid marketing plan can help drive more downloads and re-engage target users. Get the word out early about your app to build anticipation and then do a big push just before launch.

You must divide your marketing plan primarily into three phases of campaigning – 

  1. Pre-launch
  2. Launch
  3. Post-launch

With these ten ideas, you can be confident of a successful app that attracts an audience.

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