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10 Worth-Reading Tech Sites for Newbie and Pro


Internet provides myriad information resources. Unluckily, many irresponsible publications deliver invalid information and scams that mess up the real facts. If you are looking for credible news about technology, several trusted websites can be taken into considerations. The following tech sites are trustworthy and reliable, allowing you to stay updated with accountable technological news.


Having over fifty thousand active contributors, TechCrunch is the best tech site to keep yourself updated. Especially if you are interested to make a business from tech innovation, this publication helps figure out some crucial information such as funding sources and product launches. You can find latest news and stories about leading companies including Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

TechCrunch comes with several sections, one of the most intriguing is Crunch Base. It contains database of technology companies, ranging from the major ones to startups. The information includes financial details, funding, and locations.


The Next Web is another tech website containing fruitful information about latest technology and gadgets. It receives more than 6.5 million visitors monthly, proving their credibility as well as trustworthiness. Technology enthusiasts can find hot news, stories, web app updates as well as the newest gadgets. For this reason, many consumers use The Next Web as their reference before purchasing new gadget.

If you are bored with tech websites that publish controversial reviews or information, The Next Web makes a great choice to visit. You will not find controversial or dramatic articles, instead you will get more facts and credible voices of technology.


Two decades is not a short period for an online publication. Ars Technica has proven that quality and accountable information are weapons to strive in a strict competition. Owned by Conde Nast, this site is surely for tech professionals and tech enthusiasts. It features a wide array of editorials and news, including business and security.

For more engaging experience, the site provides a forum where readers from around the globe can interact one another. Threads and discussions on software, hardware modifications, and operation system can be easily found on this website. The company’s operation is primarily funded by online ads. Since 2001, this website turned into a paid subscription service.


Coming from a popular magazine, Wired is an online publication that provides latest news and information not only about technology but also science, business, and entertainment. This resource uses casual style that allows visitors and readers to enjoy reading time without feeling the tense. Most popular feeds and latest videos are provided.

Wired adopts user-friendly interface, offering convenience to scroll through the pages and click on attractive articles. Not to mention it delivers credible information that makes it one of trusted resources on technology. If you want to feel the experience of enjoying paper, Wired magazine is available on newsstands.


As a newcomer, Best Tech Website proves that it is capable of joining tech website competition. Android enthusiasts must not miss this site as it provides numerous articles about Android including the best app as well as tips and tricks. And yet, tech enthusiasts can also find other posts about computers, networks, and online applications for PC.

Regendus divides its posts into three main categories: how to, info, and review. If you need to know how to block someone or how to fix Chromebook, you should go for how to section. Whether you want to find out the upcoming gadgets or other general information, simply click on info section.


Are you looking for a tech site with multi language features? Engadget is surely a good bet. This online publication features multilingual resources, allowing visitors from any other countries to gain from its posts. Established since 2004, Engadget has made its own way to popularity. Today, the site is accessed by thousands to millions visitors each month.

Clean and user-friendly interface are the keys to invite more and more visitors. The homepage has loads of articles so that visitors can easily scroll up and down for their desired posts. When it comes to main menu, Engadget offers a number of categories such as gear, gaming, audio, and reviews.


PCMag is among consumer’s favorite as it has abundant product reviews ranging from laptops, printers, to software. It makes no surprise that many consumers do a small research by reading product reviews posted on this tech site. Interestingly, it also provides Editor’s Choice along with the rating that contributes in making a decision.

This online publication delivers trusted tech news, top 10 products and opinions. The readers can also upgrade their skill and ability through How To section containing tips, tricks and how to do something.


Tech professionals and newbies can learn from Tom’s Hardware. This website has been around for 14 years, helping tech enthusiasts in acquiring more knowledge about technology. It contains numerous articles and posts including latest news with credible voices.

Tom’s Hardware has some sections that help sort out posts, ranging from motherboards, graphics, storage, smartphone, and gaming. Beginners who want to learn replacing computer parts can take benefits from its ‘build your own’ section that contains a lot of information about building your own computer.


The next best tech site is Gizmodo which has been around for over a decade ago. This trusted resource provides a longlist posts with different niches including science, design, video, and reviews. Interestingly, the site provides blog section that will direct you to interesting blogs written by tech enthusiasts.

Unlike other tech sites, Gizmodo provides an online store that enables you to buy iconic Gizmodo merchandises such as tote bag, t-shirt, and enamel mug. You can make an account and enjoy this feature.


If you need a tech site with numerous reviews on freeware and software, CNET is a great destination. This publication has been around for over two decades, helping consumers worldwide to choose software and hardware products.

Among other sections, CNET’s download section is the most interesting. It allows consumers to download a variety of software effortlessly. Thanks to friendly interface that makes visitors spend more time on this website for specific posts and articles.

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