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12 Web Design Trends To Adopt in 2022

Web Design Trends

If you are interested in guaranteeing that your website stands out and impresses an audience, you need to keep it on-trend. This guide explores how to revitalize your website for 2022. 

It’s believed that approximately 1.7 billion websites are online right now. You might assume this means it’s difficult to ensure a new website stands out. You’re right!

The online environment is fiercely competitive. If you don’t make the right first impression, your site will be DOA. Traffic levels will be low, conversion rates will be worse and you will struggle to make any sort of impact. 

To improve your website, it’s important to understand the latest design trends shaping the online marketing world. Here are some great examples. 

1. Light And Dark Mode

Dark mode has become incredibly popular for online users. Various developers of software and hardware have introduced dark mode on their devices including Google and Apple. One study has revealed that more than 80% of people use dark mode on their phones. 

You might want to incorporate this feature into your website. You can do this with a light and dark mode toggle option. This will improve the user experience and the general perception of your website. 

2. Video Content

You might want to consider adding a welcome video to your website home page. This can be fully integrated into the website design and immediately provide users with information on your brand as well as what you can offer to users. 

A skilled web design solution such as WEBX360 can guarantee that this type of feature stands out with lots of impressive features including:

  • Slow-motion
  • Vignettes
  • Cinema mode (ensure the video stands out) 

3. One-Page Web Design

Customers are eager to find what they are searching for without any delays. As such, it can make sense to explore the option of a one-page website. This avoids problems with navigation and the need to implement menus. This will be ideal whether the subject matter for the website is narrow and highly specific. The general experience is that of viewing a poster. Users can get all the information that they need in a matter of seconds. 

4. Art Deco

Minimalism is expected to have a huge impact on modern website designs in 2022. There’s no better way to achieve a stylish sense of minimalism than with a subtle, elegant 20s art deco design. You can use curving lines as well as art deco illustration to guarantee that your website looks incredible. The best designers will have a firm understanding of the philosophy at the heart of the art deco movement and why it’s an effective choice for marketing. 

5. Using Motion Design The Right Way

You don’t need to search too far online to find various examples of motion design on websites. This is another way that you can greatly improve the overall user experience. However, it does need to be used responsibly. Motion sickness impacts 1 in 3 people. In 2022, it’s advised that you don’t go overboard with motion design. You should avoid complex effects such as parallax or plane-shift scrolling. 

6. Bold Color Choices

If you want to guarantee that your website stands out, we have one word to keep in mind: color! Colorful designs are always going to attract the right attention. Use bold, bright, and beautiful colors to help guarantee that your brand stands out. This is smart advice when you are working on your logo and other parts of your brand too.  Clashing colors and shades will also help guarantee that your web design makes the right type of impact. 

7. Smart Content

Smart content helps get rid of the junk and ensures that users only see what they need or what they are interested in. Two concepts that you can explore here are lazy loading and infinite scroll. Both have been used on social media for decades. Now is the time to implement them into a web design. 

8. Accessibility

It’s important to ensure that your website is accessible to all different types of users. This includes people who have both auditory and visual impairments. In 2022, accessibility needs to be built into the foundation of your web design. It should be considered of equal importance to security as well as an attractive aesthetic. To ensure that your website is accessible, consider incorporating higher levels of customization including font and contrast. 

9. Larger Buttons

Another way you can improve the usability of your website is by adding big buttons. This is an easy way to add to the experience that users receive when they access your website. You can also use a variety of colors to ensure that buttons stand out, leading users where you need them to be. 

10. Using Illustrations

You might also want to think about using illustrations as part of your overall website design. This helps ensure that your website feels far more personal. While illustrations are likely going to be more expensive, they are going to send a stronger impression compared with using stock photos that are available for free online. It’s an incredible way to ensure that your site feels different from all the others. 

11.  Get Gifs

Instead of using illustrations as part of your site design, you could also consider using gifs. This will help make your website feel more dynamic and interactive. This can lead to increased levels of engagement and once again ensure that a website feels more unique than a typical page a user might stumble upon. 

12. Seeing Red

Finally, red websites are expected to be on-trend in 2022. In the past red websites were avoided. However, marketers are starting to recognize that red shades can be great to attract attention. If you want proof of this, just check out the nominees at the 2021 Awwwards. Many of the designers were favoring red styles for their designs.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key trends that you should be focusing on when designing your website next year. Take this advice and you can guarantee that your website stands out and provides the user-friendly experience customers deserve. 

Web Design Trends

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