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3 Essential Reminders Before Shipping Your Car

Shipping Your Car

Moving from one place to another can be a tedious task. You need to pack up all your belongings and take them with you in the new location where you need to start a new life. While putting your clothes and your other accessories in briefcases and boxes are no-brainers, taking your beloved car to your new home is not that simple. You need to consider the transfer process and how much does it cost to ship a car , among others. To help you plan your car transportation process before your big move, here are the necessary details that you need to know.

Ask For A Quote 

Before you prepare your car for transport, you need to ask your car transport service provider for a quote about the rates that you need to pay. The company will calculate the charges depending on the distance of your origin and your planned destination. They will also consider the import duties that you need to pay, depending on the source and destination countries. The quote from your car shipping company will give you an idea about how much does it cost to ship a car, if you are eager about it.

Prepare Necessary Documents

To make sure that you will not encounter any delays when shipping your car to another country, you need to have all the required documentation on hand before the exportation day. Some of the critical papers to prepare before leaving your country include your car’s Bill of Sale, the original car title, and a copy of your passport.

You must also have your Employer Identification Number (EIN) letter if you are a citizen of the United States and a Power of Attorney (POA) Form for this transaction. The customs authority in the US requires car owners to submit the original title before allowing the car to leave the borders of the country, so always make sure that you will not send it to your next destination prior to the exportation.

Get Your Car Ready For The Big Move 

There are several things that you need to do before shipping your car internationally. Make sure that you do not have a full tank before leaving your origin. If you have a full tank, your car will become heavier and more challenging to transfer. You only need a minimal amount of fuel in the tank. You must also talk to your shipping agent if they will pick up your car or if you need to bring it to their facility.

You also need to check the condition of your car and take a picture of the exterior and interior, so you will know if the transfer damaged any portion of your vehicle. It would also help to clean the entire car and remove any items inside so nothing will get destroyed during the transfer process. Remember, any sharp objects inside the car could rip the seat covers or smash the windshields since it could experience some rough transfer conditions on the way to your new place.

While it is always more convenient to buy a new car in your new home, your old vehicle from your former place could have a sentimental value for you or your family. If you want to take it to your new location, you must know all the preparations that need to take place to make sure that it will reach your next destination in pristine condition.

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