5 Great Tips for Hosting a Successful Small Business Event

Planning on hosting an event to promote your small business? Here are five great tips to make sure that your special event runs smoothly and that you achieve the results you desire.

  1. Set Achievable Goals

Any successful event requires proper planning, and part of that planning must include the goals you hope to achieve for your business. Before you do anything else, determine what you’re trying to achieve by hosting this event. Are you trying to attract media attention, cultivate new customers or launch a new product? Once you’ve set your goals, determine the type and scope of event you need to hold.

During the planning process, you also need to take into account your experience level. Have you held an event before? If not, a day-long conference with hundreds of attendees is a challenging task to take on. First-time event holders would do well with a scaled-back event, such as an afternoon workshop at your office space. Even a weekend open house allows you to reach out to potential clients or customers while reducing the need for extensive planning and financial risk.

  1. Rent the Right Equipment

In order for your event to be successful, you need to have the right equipment on hand. Think about the technological essentials that you’ll need in order to host a smooth event. Many of these items are heavy and require extensive installation. Relying on a short-term copier rental service and a quality provider of office equipment rentals for businesses and events takes away the burden of selecting, moving and installing the various essentials that you need for your special event. Instead of taking on this tedious task yourself, leave it to the experts so that you can focus on the other important aspects of planning.

  1. Ensure Attendance

No event is complete without attendees. Ensure that people want to come to your event by developing a detailed event marketing plan. If you’re planning your special occasion along with a group, brainstorm the reasons why a person or a business would want to come to your event. Write these reasons out and develop an advertising campaign that addresses your target market.

A crucial way to generate interest is to purchase social media advertising. The main social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are able to reach your key demographics with targeted ads, making your marketing efforts much more fruitful. You can also leverage social media to create a buzz and get people excited about your event. Create a specific event page where potential attendees are able to engage directly with each other and with your business.

  1. Consider Every Detail

No matter what type of event you hold, one thing can be certain — every aspect of the guest experience rests on the shoulders of the person or group organizing the event. Guests take notice of the little details, including ease of parking at the venue, cleanliness of the event space and even proper indoor lighting. If you fail to address seemingly minor issues like these, guests could leave your event with a bad impression.

Proper planning allows you to address these types of concerns and keep them from happening during your event. Make a list before your event so that you can address seemingly minor issues such as lighting, parking, transportation and many other small details. Once it’s time for your guests to arrive, you’ll be certain that the experience is a pleasant one from start to finish.

  1. Collect Information and Take Action

Regardless of your goals, don’t forget that any event is an opportune time to get valuable information from your customers or vendors. Consider tasking an employee with personally taking information from each guest as they arrive. If you’ve gathered email addresses, use them to send out a brief survey, a “thank you” note or any follow-up message of your choice. Use this as an opportunity to stay in touch and develop relationships that will be beneficial for the future.

You have one chance to make a great first impression on those who attend your business event. Follow these tips and you’ll ensure that your special occasion goes off without a hitch, providing both you and your guests with a positive and memorable experience.


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