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5 Important Factors in Maintenance Planning for More Solutions

Maintenance Planning

Scheduling tasks is one of the most challenging processes in field service. You need to match technicians with the right jobs based on their skill set, manage all incoming work orders, provide leaves, and assign tasks based on the job size. Unfortunately, not many businesses can manage manual scheduling. Customers need maintenance services, and without proper planning, it may be challenging for your business to handle these requests. Limited maintenance planning is one of the main reasons why companies in field service lag in their operations. Maintenance scheduling is more than proper timing. There are other factors that help execute accurate plans. This article will discuss five factors that go into maintenance scheduling in field service.

  • Client Specifics

Client-specific details are one of the most crucial things that determine how you schedule maintenance. Sometimes, clients may be specific on how they want the job done or how long it should take. You can use field service tracking software to access the client’s service history to understand them better and their behavior. These specifics will be essential to include during scheduling to ensure you meet their needs.

  • Employee Skills and Experience

Technician skills and experience are critical aspects when scheduling maintenance. It will take less effort and time for a skilled and experienced technician to complete a task than a newbie or someone without specific skills. Experience and skill set helps you know how to pair technicians. It allows you to ensure complex tasks are assigned to the most experienced and skilled technicians. This reduces the time you need to complete tasks.

  • Job Size

It is also essential to factor in the size of the job. That is because it determines how long it will take to complete. It is quicker for a technician to service an HVAC unit in a one-bedroom house than it would take to service the same unit in a residential complex. So, consider the size of the job when scheduling maintenance.

  • Job Type and Specifications

Having comprehensive data on the type of job and specifications in your maintenance planning is crucial. You can then assign specific terms and definitions based on job type to minimize communication mistakes and enhance accuracy. When you clearly define a job, it is easy for technicians to know what is required of them and the type of equipment and materials to carry to the site.

  • Job Location

Time management in the field service matters a lot. Businesses ensure route optimization and dispatch properly based on technician location. It is vital to classify maintenance tasks based on their proximity to the office or technician locations. With software, you can easily approximate the time it will take for technicians to reach the job site. The approximations let you know the most suitable employee to assign the task to save travel time. You can use past data to determine the time between locations to incorporate travel into your scheduling.

Bottom Line!

The maintenance schedule takes more than the time factor. For proper planning, you need to include job type, location, employee skills and experience, client specifics, and job size. Use field service tracking software to improve scheduling and eliminate errors.

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