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5 Proven Ideas To Ace Mac Productivity With Remote Work

Remote work is here to stay for many organizations, while countless professionals have switched to the gig economy by choice. It means that remote productivity is the biggest concern for everyone. Consider yourself lucky if you are a Mac user because acing productivity will be a tad easier with the incredible features these devices pack. But you must know the right tips and tricks to use them to your advantage. Here are some proven ideas you can rely on to achieve the highest productivity levels with Mac as you work remotely. 

Memorize your shortcuts 

If you are a seasoned Mac user, you will probably know your shortcuts well enough. Using them can get you a step ahead with productivity as you can accomplish more with less. First-timers with these devices will have to invest some time memorizing the Mac keyboard shortcuts, but the effort is worthwhile. You even have the option to create your own shortcuts for specific tasks you perform frequently.

Dictate instead of typing

You can go the extra mile with your productivity levels by saving your fingers some strain and speeding up tasks that require extensive typing. Mac lets you dictate with its standard dictation function. Turn it on to get your device listening to your inputs, even as you do a bit of something else while working from home. The OS shows a microphone symbol on the device screen as you use this feature. You only have to click “Done” underneath it to stop dictating.

Speed it up

Working on a slow device takes a toll on your productivity levels, so speeding up your Mac is imperative. Start by purging redundant files and apps. Since you work online, you will also need to clear the cache frequently. Non-techies will want to know what is cache and how it affects the Mac speed. Cache refers to temporary data that gets stored on your hard drive while you access different websites. Although it helps to enhance subsequent online experiences, a full cache can compromise the device speed, making it vital to clear it from time to time.  

Organize your device

Another hack that can help you get more productive with remote work is to organize your Mac. Sorting out files and organizing them in folders does not take much time, but it can make life a lot easier. You know the exact location of your data in the system, so accessing it subsequently becomes fast and convenient. As you organize, you can declutter and eliminate useless stuff that bogs down the memory and speed of the device.

Steer clear of distractions

The biggest challenge of working from home relates to distractions, which are bound to be there when family or flatmates are around. These distractions are productivity killers, but thankfully, Mac users can steer clear of them. Consider using apps like Apple’s Screen Time, which lets you track time and stay on schedule. Turn off notifications and make honest efforts to ditch social media sites while working. 

Being your productive best with remote work requires more than dedication and motivation. You need to know the helpful features of your Mac and use them to your advantage. Keeping your device in top shape also helps.

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