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5 Questions New Wrist Watch Buyers Should Ask

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Questions are important to every single part of life you are interested in. You ask questions about the wristwatch you are buying from one of the vendors and the vendor answers all your questions from mastery and experience. If you are a watch enthusiast another avenue to be knowledgeable about watches is to search popular watch blogs and read through them. 

There are different categories, columns, and verticals in relevant blogs where you can’t get the answers you need. It is better to go through a piece of category that will give you the full idea of the most important questions. If you are a new wristwatch buyer, here are some questions you should ask before purchasing any wristwatch. 

1: What is the Brand History and Reputation

Most people value brands due to certain features or characteristics offered. Why would you buy from a brand that doesn’t put your interest first before your payment? That is the principle of con men, and you would not want to lose your money.  A brand is either fake or genuine. Fake manufactures can imitate brands. 

This question should be answered in detail by a wristwatch seller. The next thing you should consider is that the longer the factual information about these brands shows how good they can be. 

But with this can see you conclude that you are buying a quality wristwatch only if it’s from a guaranteed brand. Examples of proven brands that have made their names are: Rolex, Omega, Hublot Watch, Patek Philippe, Breguet. They have established brands and the mention of these names means you are in safe hands.

2: What is the Price and Warranty Plan?

Many people want to shy away from this aspect because they think it’s unnecessary. But if the price is not favorable, you should try to get a brand or model according to your budget. Certified and professional resellers of preowned luxury watches can help you choose a classic timepiece while guaranteeing you get the most value out of your budget. Notice if the price is too low to what you have seen or heard somewhere about the same wristwatch. “Why is it too low compared to what you’ve heard of before?” or “why is it too high compared to what I’ve seen before?”

This is where the seller goes into a lot of detail that will help his sale and help your desire to buy a wristwatch. But if the price is not favorable, you should try to get a brand or model according to your budget. There are so many advantages to buying a pricey wristwatch, such as the prestige associated, quality, and the ability to resell at an even higher price. In addition, you should also ask about the warranty plan in case of an exchange or return. 

The return policy and warranty have to be at the back of your mind when discussing with a wristwatch vendor. Good wristwatch stores and brands should have a clear return policy. A good guarantee for a wristwatch will take at least one year, and it should come with a chance to either refund your money or give you another valuable wristwatch.

3: What is Quality and Material Like? 

A good wristwatch must have almost the same characteristics as that of the luxury wristwatch from the best brands. Audemars Piguet is an example of a quality wristwatch with quality material.  

Even if you are buying the lowest price wristwatch in that store, make sure the sellers answer your question by including statements that confirm its quality. You can also check for additional details of these watches online. Points you can look for include, made of 316L stainless steel, coated with PVD to about getting discolored, strap material”, the addition of crystal or precious stone. A vivid, easy explanation from the seller should give credibility to the product.

4: Lifespan and Durability 

Watches, like any other accessory, have a lifespan. You should be aware of a wristwatch’s life span before you pay for it. Most often, expensive luxury wristwatches have a longer lifespan than casual watches. Another variable you should check is durability. Many factors can be used to measure the durability of a wristwatch, one of which is the material. Wristwatches made with sturdier materials would last longer than those made with fragile materials. 


To ascertain the quality of the wristwatch or timepieces you are buying, ask questions to bring out the answers. Make a detailed list of the answers from the vendors and puthave established it out to him. Get them to tell you more about the wristwatch until you are satisfied. After which, you can ask for the price and continue to bargain for the period within you. 

You can then proceed to ask about the warranty and the guarantee for the wristwatch. This guarantee ensures that you are not talking into the hands of fraudsters. So, to resist any irregularities then the above questions are essential. If you are buying online make sure you do so from a verified website with real comments and reviews. 

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