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5 Tips For Starting A Laptop Lifestyle Business That Endures

The laptop lifestyle business is quite popular among freelancers and entrepreneurs thanks to the freedom it avails. These 5 Tips for starting a laptop lifestyle business will give you a better chance when building an online business and make money from any part of the world.

Have you been thinking of launching an online business? To get ready, you’ll need a good business laptop and a reliable internet connection to set up and run the business. Of course, you need a reliable laptop for your online venture since business laptops are different from home laptops in the range of tasks they accomplish.

Since Tim Ferris introduced his popular book- The Four Hour Week, more people have become increasingly interested in working remotely. While there have been entrepreneurs who have been wildly successful in building laptop lifestyle businesses, preparation is important.

Leverage Recent Technology and Devices

With the appropriate technology in place, working towards building a laptop lifestyle business while touring the world is no different than working from an office.

The basic requirements for a laptop lifestyle include a laptop, tablet, and a strong internet connection. In addition, having competent tools and software increases the chances of success.

Time management and Productivity

When considering setting up a laptop lifestyle business, it’s imperative to understand that the most valuable asset you have is time. In a nutshell, the more hours you can work on your business the more you’ll help more clients.

Remote tools boost productivity and they have proven to be quite effective in keeping track of project deadlines as well as targets. They help you gain deeper insight into how much time you are spending on specific tasks and the level of efficiency. Consequently, ironing out bottlenecks that stops you from getting the most out of the available time becomes easier.

Smart time management software is essential for laptop lifestyle businesses. The ability to monitor time management in real-time makes it easy to point out areas that need intervention for a boost in productivity.

Create A Plan with Short-term and Long term Goals

If you have dreamt of starting a laptop lifestyle business, having a clear and concise plan improves your odds of success tremendously.  Once you are certain that it’s the type of business you want to build, embark on creating a plan to actualize the dream.

In the plan, both short term and long-term goals should be laid out clearly and accompanied by measurable commitment to execute the plan. When followed religiously, a great plan ensures that each task completed brings you closer to the goal.

Since you are just starting out, the plan should not be too rigid such that it impairs creativity. In essence, a good plan is adjustable to suit the prevailing conditions without compromising the end goal.

Don’t Wait to Learn— Learn by Doing

When it comes to internet-based businesses, there is a constant change taking place and the pace can be quite fast. For novice entrepreneurs and seasoned ones alike, learning is your best friend.

Instead of waiting to learn and master the different facets of online business, you should strive to learn on the job. As you learn new things put the knowledge into practice and follow through with subsequent lessons to improve your skills.

Like everyone who’s new to online business, you’ll have to start somewhere. The good thing is that you don’t have to start at the bottom because you can leverage the online community with established online business persons. One thing to take note of is that there is a wealth of invaluable information and lessons from these experts and all you have to do is commit to learning.

Embrace Clear Communication and Consistent Marketing

One of the keys to building and running a successful laptop lifestyle business is the ability to communicate clearly with teams and customers.

Setting up tools like Skype and Slack goes a long way in ensuring that you can maintain contact with team members and clients. Sharing updates on projects is essential especially when tight deadlines have to be strictly observed. The various smart tools on the market today make it possible to set up meetings with clients or host meetings with your team for project reviews.

When you commit to starting a laptop lifestyle business, it means you’ll be working for your business. As such, you should be selling at all times. The hard truth is that you can’t take a break from making sales without risking business stagnation and possible failure.

You have to prospect on a constant basis and work on strengthening your networks. When not closing sales, you have to keep conversations open with clients and the target audience. If you have your hands full and can’t take on additional clients without compromising on quality, it’s time to focus on upselling to the clients you’ve already secured.

Find Mentors and Like-minded People for Inspiration and Support

When you are just getting started with growing an online business, you may not have the full picture of how it will be like. More often than not, you’ll be feeling isolated and lonely since you are not in a usual workplace where you are in the midst of lively coworkers.

The importance of creating a solid support system early in this undertaking cannot be overlooked. How do you accomplish this? Start by forging a friendship with people who are already established in the online business for mentorship and support.

Entrepreneurship is thrilling and has its ups and downs. It is normal to be faced with phases of challenging obstacles or uplifting moments characterized by big wins. When things get difficult and you feel like you are ready to call it to quit, it’s time to turn to your support system.


The internet has opened a vast world of possibilities for people around the globe who are determined to start online businesses. And while building a lucrative laptop lifestyle business within a short time can be quite daunting, it is not out of reach to those willing to follow a solid plan backed by consistent action and continuous learning.

Having the right technology in place to support the tools and resources necessary for starting a laptop lifestyle business, you can launch your business and work from anywhere in the world.

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