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5 Trends in Digital Marketing You Should Pay Attention in 2018


In the field of digital marketing and social media, things tend to change and develop very fast. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are expanding the opportunities for advertising. And the requirements for data collection becoming more strict for European Union entrepreneurs.

Nowadays the social media marketing is extremely important for business. To be sure that the money you spend on advertising work for you in the best way you have to know the latest digital marketing trends. Studying marketing, I needed to get essay help for confidential about the most significant tendencies in the space of social media advertising.

Top 5 important tendencies in digital marketing in 2018

Let’s take a look through the major changes in the field. Here are five main points you should consider about current digital marketing situation.

Security of data requirements.

Running a business, you should be aware of new General Data Protection Regulation policies. European Union provides a law that guarantees their citizens more control and security of their data. Now the companies should prepare new policies of privacy, giving their users more transparent explanation which of their data is going to be used and for what purposes. GDPR also guarantee the users the right to erase their data. GDPR is applicable for the collection of data of any European Citizen, so it may concern your company even if it is running its business outside the EU. There are significant fines up to 23 millions of dollars that may be applied to the company in case of breaking the regulations.

Accent on video content

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has made a statement that video is a “mega trend” and promised to invest more in video content, turning Facebook to the predominantly-video platform. It gives a course for advertising to create more videos of good quality. The platforms and technical progress give a lot of opportunities in this field: from short “stories” videos to 360 degrees video capture and the videos made from GoPro cameras. The video is demanded not only on Facebook, but the other platforms like Twitter and Instagram are also encouraging to concentrate mostly on video content. The information from visual content is much easier perceived by consumers.


The development of AI pushes ahead the space of social media chatbot marketing. Organizing the customers support using chatbots will be a great contribution to the development of your business in 2018. According to the marketing researches, chatbots are frequently and successfully used mostly by Millennials. Majority of the respondents are positive or neutral about their experience of using chatbots, but some are worried about the accuracy and privacy. Introducing a chatbot, you should choose the platform wisely, considering the effectiveness and security. It is better to introduce the chatbot on the platform that is used by the most of your customers.


Short video pieces that are about to be vanished in some period of time fascinated the world of social media. Most of the popular platforms introduced the option of posting “stories.” This option definitely should be considered in marketing strategy. Stories can be used as a sneak-peek to some processes of the company, as a teaser of the upcoming video or to get some feedback from the consumers. It is a great way to easily get a consumer’s attention and to remind about the company. Also, the concept of disappearing of the story after some time creates a FOMO effect.


Mind the Influencers

Influencer marketing is developing rapidly, and the brands continue to improve their partnerships with the Influencers. Celebrities, famous bloggers and other popular in the social media people are gaining more influence on the consumers’ minds. That’s why many companies try to build good partner relationships with their Influencers. It is important to build organic, friendly relationships to assure the customers, that the collaboration is natural. It is easy to detect whether is the brand truly appreciated by Influencer, or it is just a paid advertisement ONMA.


To keep your company prosper and to lead the market, you should update your marketing strategy according to the current situation. It is always a good idea to understand the changing needs of your customers bringing them the most comfortable and satisfying solutions for communication with your brand.

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