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Top 7 Best Rhythm Video Games in 2020

Best Rhythm Video Games

When rhythm video games come to thoughts, you probably think about Guitar Hero and dance mats for Dance Revolution. And while those games are a chuckle, having to use special peripherals is annoying. Particularly due to the space required. Fortunately, there are a few best rhythm video games that you could play without anything extra than an ordinary controller. So here are the best rhythm video games you could play with only a controller, saving you from having to purchase for and keep stressful plastic peripherals.

Top 7 Best Rhythm Video Games

1. Superbeat

In case you’re looking for the best rhythm video games with an extensive kind of music, Superbeat is a high-quality preference. It capabilities over 50 tracks across genres like indie pop, digital, or even steel.

The game initially released on PlayStation Vita and allow you to take the benefit of the device’s touchscreen. However, it’s now to be had on all current consoles with a controller guide. You’ll should faucet the right buttons in time with the notes in 3 degrees of issue: four TRAX, 6 TRAX, and 6 TRAX FX.

  1. 4 TRAX most effective uses 4 buttons (plus control sticks) for the notes, making it remarkable for beginners.
  2. 6 TRAX adds an extra button on each side of the controller, while 6 TRAX FX takes it further with the aid of including the shoulder buttons. You may exchange the rate at which the notes appear and even upload handicaps to in addition regulate the assignment.

As you play, you’ll release demanding situations in the world tour mode to check your talents and liberate extra content. There’s additionally DLC available for purchase in case you need to pay for greater tracks.

2. Persona Dancing Series

The character collection has obtained a number of spin-off titles, with characters 3, 4, and 5 every getting their own dancing sport. Each one may be very similar: use the face buttons and manage sticks to hit the beats in time with the music. You may customize your character’s outfit and pick from some of the remixed tracks from each sport.

Be warned that because they every take place after the memories of their respective personality titles, playing them will spoil the mainline video games. So if you have any interest within the personality collection, play a game earlier than you soar into its Dancing counterpart.

These games are definitely made for fanatics of the collection, but rhythm video game lovers will nonetheless have fun with them. In case you don’t care about persona, which Dancing recreation you must play comes down to the music you want excellent. And you could supply the soundtracks a listen on YouTube to discover.

Substantially, persona four Dancing has a proper story mode; the others are extra barebones. Unfortunately, character 4 Dancing isn’t available as a standalone download on PS4. The handiest manner to get it on PlayStation 4 is to buy the personality Dancing: limitless night series, which includes all three games.

3. Thumper

Thumper is among the best rhythm video games beast; the developers name it a “rhythm violence game.” In it, you manual a beetle down a song and have to use the right button inputs to keep away from chance. This includes leaping over limitations and turning to navigate sharp bends.

If you like rhythm video games, however, want something a little extraordinary, this is one to attempt.

4. Rythym Heaven MegaMix

Rhythm Heaven is a lesser-acknowledged Nintendo franchise that makes a specialty of the best rhythm video games. It’s made from mini-games wherein you operate the buttons (or touchscreen) to maintain the motion flowing together with the song.

As an example, Ringside task you with responding to a reporter’s questions after a wrestling attack. You need to hit the button a certain variety of times relying on what she asks. Every game has its personal guidelines, but they’re all guided by way of track. Rhythm Heaven is made with the aid of the same team in the back of the WarioWare collection so that they percentage an unusual sense of humor.

The maximum recent entry is Rhythm Heaven Megamix, which serves as a compilation of the best rhythm video games from past titles together with a few freshmen. It’s accordingly an exceptional starting point in case you’re new to the series.

5. Voez

VOEZ was originally launched on smartphone devices earlier than coming to the switch quickly after release. Due to its roots, you could play the video game totally on a touchscreen. It additionally works with a controller, but this isn’t the best way to play.

It’s easy and on the best rhythm video games experienced. Notes drop from the pinnacle of the display and also you ought to faucet, maintain, swipe, and carry out other movements on them in time with the theme. The cultured is smooth, and the video game capabilities three-level degrees so that you can play at your preferred skill level.

Appreciably, VOEZ on transfer packs in all of the tracks bought separately within the cell version. With over a hundred songs and a tale to discover, there’s plenty to experience right here. The track favors digital and pop track from East Asia, so there’s now not as many varieties as there is with Superbeat, even though.

6. Crypt of the NecroDancer

Crypt of the NecroDancer is frequently a roguelike recreation. However, it has ample rhythm factors that make it an ought to-play for each person inquisitive about both genres. In it, you’ll crawl via dungeons containing all forms of enemies, traps, and upgrades.

What sets this game aside is that you need to flow to the beat of the music for the nice results. If you misstep, you’ll lose your bet multiplier, which has several terrible consequences.

Crypt of the NecroDancer features punishing difficulty; you need to restart from the beginning of the stage if you die, and it’ll take you dozens of tries to analyze enemy behaviors and the best techniques to succeed. Because it’s randomly generated, you can’t simply memorize dungeon layouts, either.

In case you don’t mind a project, you’ll experience exploring the game’s crypts as you pass to the beat. The game’s soundtrack is tremendous and lets you to replace several remixes in diverse genres.

7. Cytus Alpha

Cytus comes from Rayark, the same developer as VOEZ. The game was initially launched as an Android game and iOS, where you can also play the sequel. Cytus Alpha is a transfer remake of the unique title.

The gameplay revolves around a horizontal line that movements up and down the display screen. You’ll want to input a faucet, keep, or drag as the line passes over each be aware; the coloration determines whether or not you need to hit it on the upswing or downswing. Like VOEZ, you may use the touchscreen or controllers to play.

Similarly to over 200 songs, Cytus Alpha packs in a tale mode in addition to online battles, so there’s plenty to do. However, that is also among the best rhythm video games at the list, getting in at $50. You need to attempt one of the mobile versions first to scrutinize if you like it enough to grab the definitive transfer version.

Concluding Remarks

We’ve checked out numerous best rhythm video games that don’t require any special peripherals or a whole lot of area. Allowing you to simply play using a well-known controller. So whether you need to tap buttons in rhythm with the track or see how every other genre crosses over with rhythm elements. The best rhythm video game will get you tapping your feet.

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