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A little step for businesses, a big step for sustainability

Electric cars

Electric cars

Autonomous vehicles are getting much more attention recently. These days, fleet managers want to get a competitive advantage, particularly regarding to reducing costs and limiting the environmental effect that vehicles might have. What’s the solution?

Turning to software development businesses is an option. IT outsourcing companies have the capacity to come up with new applications and can provide ways to decrease the costs and the environmental effects.

Another response might be the change to electrical way of transportation. Car rental companies, utility providers and carriers across the globe are making the transition to electric vehicles and therefore are benefiting from the advantages that they bring. At the European level, taxi businesses are increasingly purchasing electric vehicles. Amsterdam provides an example. Diesel vehicles were prohibited in the central region of the city and the so-called Low Emission Zone has been created. In this regard, 2,800 electrical charging stations were set up in town, and this amount will grow to 4000 shortly. Because of this, nearly 20 percent of the vehicles in Amsterdam are electric.

Which would be the advantages of switching to electric automobiles?

Why should you turn you fleet intro an electrical one? Among the biggest benefits is the price tag. As the gasoline and auto insurance prices grow, keeping the fleet on the road becomes more costly than ever. Taxi businesses will need to seek out creative ways to save, especially if confronted with competition from car-sharing services. Electric vehicles may be the response to this issue. Having the efficacy rate of 73%, compared to just 13 percent for traditional vehicles, electric vehicles are a lot better than their conventional counterparts at the efficient utilization of electricity, thus saving substantial amounts.

Electric vehicles are made to be durable. When compared with conventional vehicles, that have an internal combustion engine, electrical vehicles have considerably fewer moving parts, meaning less potential for damage and less repair required.

Replacing traditional vehicles with electric vehicles will bring many advantages to the fleet, both to the drivers and to the corporation. By switching to an electrical fleet, the image and general impression of a corporation may change considerably, particularly now, once the client base is provided by the young people.

A recent research has revealed that having an electric car reduces stress because of the absence of engine noise and the fewer fossil fuels help enhance physical wellbeing by halving the driver’s vulnerability to toxic emissions.

Electrical vehicles can save your company money, attract new clients, and enhance working conditions for your drivers. But if this change was a simple one, everybody would have done it by now.

What challenges await us?

A bigger price

While the price of keeping and utilizing an electric car is reduced, the original cost of purchase is higher in contrast to conventional vehicles. But if a company decides that it needs to undertake this change, it’s ideal to assess what incentives or programs have been made available by the authorities for the purchase of electric vehicles.


Though the initial costs of buying an electric car can be lessened through governmental programs, they’re of no help when there are not enough charging channels.

AROBS Transilvania Software supports shifting to electric cars

AROBS supports the environment. We have high-level expertise in the Automotive industry. Our colleagues working in the department deliver state-of-the-art solutions for the industry. We have automotive engineering in our DNA.

We believe that long term savings, both environmental and financial, make using electric cars a compelling alternative. What remains to be done would be to insist upon the introduction of applications that ease the purchase of electric vehicles as well as also the production of an infrastructure in this regard. Only by acting in this manner we can create an environment where we could flourish.

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