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Top 15 Best AdSense Alternatives in 2022

Despite being a well-known choice, Google AdSense is not the only way to monetize your website or blog with adverts. There are a lot of alternatives to Adsense that you might want to consider.

Numerous alternative advertising services offer amazing features and enable you to generate additional revenue from your website, whether you haven’t yet set up an AdSense account, are having difficulties getting it approved, or would like to diversify your income.

Google Adsense: What is it?

In case you weren’t aware, Google maintains an Adsense advertising scheme. It was first created in 2003 and is now one of the most popular online advertising networks for bloggers and webmasters looking to monetize their blogs. They probably exist everywhere on the internet.

Which Website Type Works Best for Adsense?

Google AdSense can be used on any kind of website. However, some websites more suited to having Adsense advertisements displayed on them.

Let’s quickly review the types of websites that work well for Adsense:

  • Blogs: one of the most typical examples. Ads may be a terrific way to monetize your material if you’re a blogger and routinely provide high-quality content to an audience.
  • Forums: Forums are a terrific alternative to blogs for people to discuss a subject while also earning some Adsense money.
  • Free Online Tool: Ads are one approach to cover costs if you run a website with a free tool or service.

The lesson here is that Adsense works well for any website that receives consistent visitors.

What if you decide against using Adsense advertisements on your website?

Why Should I Look for Adsense Alternatives?

For many years, one of the most popular ways for bloggers to monetize their websites was through Google Adsense. In truth, your site can make a respectable amount of money if it has the correct audience, engaging material, and the right niche.

However, that does not imply that it is your only option. There are numerous possibilities (21 in all) and good reasons to search for different advertising platforms. Even if you already have an Adsense account, you might want to broaden your sources of income.

Or perhaps you want to continue running Adsense advertisements while adding some more streams. Again, it’s possible that you want to use your ad space to generate more revenue than you do now via Adsense.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Let’s investigate these in greater detail.


The huge ad network PropellerAds can reach one billion users. It offers different kinds of ads, such as banners, sponsored links, and push notifications. The self-service platform is easy to use and has a streamlined ad builder that makes it simple to start campaigns.

With a variety of targeting options and real-time performance tracking, you can make improvements to your campaigns before they happen. It also has automated ad optimization, which means that AI changes your settings to get the best conversion rate for each ad without you having to do anything.

2. PropellerAds


One billion users can be reached through the huge ad network PropellerAds, which provides a variety of advertisements, including banners, sponsored links, and push notifications. The platform is simple to use and contains a streamlined ad builder that makes it easy to launch campaigns.

Many kinds of targeting choices and real-time performance monitoring, your campaigns may be improved proactively. It also has automated ad optimization, where AI adjusts your settings to give you the optimum conversion rate for each ad without needing to make human adjustments.

3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

For years, bloggers and other website owners have used Amazon’s affiliate programme to supplement their income. However, Amazon Native Shopping Ads provide another lucrative opportunity to monetise your website. Amazon Native Shopping Ads are contextual, similar to AdSense ads, and show appropriate products depending on the content and keywords of the page.

You receive a commission from each sale that happens as a result of a user clicking on the advertisement, whether or not that sale involves the item that was clicked on. Amazon is the most popular e-commerce site in the world, and they have a conversion rate that is significantly higher than almost all of their rivals.

4. Adversal


Adversal is a self-service advertising platform where you can put up your adverts in minutes. You can start, stop, and pause campaigns utilising its intelligent design, which also makes it easy to use.

After setting everything up, you can let it operate independently. Notably, in order for your website to qualify for Adversal, it must have its own domain name, receive at least 50,000 monthly visitors, and have no login limitations.

5. Sovrn //Commerce

Sovrn //Commerce

Sovrn /Commerce generates revenue for publishers through content-driven commerce by combining automation, intelligence, and leverage. Due of the competition that monetization technologies encourage among advertisers for your visitors, you can bargain for the best price.

In-depth analytics show you which products and advertising generate the most income so you can maximise your performance. You can focus on creating amazing content rather than keeping track of affiliate sales because the process is automated.

6. Skimlinks


Skimlinks enables you to concentrate on managing your website by automating the affiliate marketing for your commercial content. This solution may enhance all of your e-commerce activities, including website, mobile, social media, and email, by automatically adding affiliate connections to your e-commerce material.

Skimlinks gives you direct access to a network of 48,500 merchants and 50 demand partners around the world. You can also find stores that pay high commissions to Skimlinks publishers through the VIP and Preferred Partner Program.

7. Monumetric


Monumetric, a full-service ad revenue partner that was formerly known as The Blogger Network, enables you to boost your site’s revenue while maintaining the finest user experience for your visitors. You are compensated for each impression because they employ CPM rather than CPC, and their pay rates are among the highest for CPM campaigns.

This is a fantastic option to boost your passive income because revenue is frequently estimated to be significantly larger than AdSense. There is a 99% setup cost for sites with between 10k and 80k views, and the minimum traffic requirement is 10k monthly views, so you must be certain that you can generate enough traffic to justify the expenditure.

8. InfoLinks


A global advertising platform called Infolinks tries to communicate brand messages to interested users. The ads can be completely customised and have a special location to increase click-through rates without detracting from the website’s aesthetic appeal.

They can send relevant adverts at advantageous times by employing a clever algorithm to ascertain relevance and intent. Infolinks may be quickly integrated into a website and supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites running in 128 nations.

9. ylliX


For greater compensation rates, some people search for Google AdSense substitutes, and ylliX unquestionably fills the bill. Various ad formats, including popunder ads, mobile redirection, sliders, layer ads, and full-page ads, are available through this advertising network for desktop and mobile users.

In addition to 100% fill rates, daily payouts, fair rates, detailed reports, and rapid account approval, it also provides precise campaign targeting and a self-serve platform that allows you total control over your campaigns. Publishers don’t pay anything to use ylliX; traffic comes from verified sources to guarantee quality and boost conversions.

10. Evadav


The advertising network Evadav specializes on push notifications, but they also offer a wide range of ad formats, such as banners, video sliders, and native ads for desktop and mobile devices. When a user signs up for your push notification system, they stay connected to your account and you continue to get daily payments as a result of their subscription.

Additionally, Evadav has a referral program that pays you 5% of the sales generated by publishers you promote, allowing you to generate even more passive income with little effort. You gain from highly qualified visitors and reliable advertisements because all websites are authorized to ensure that advertisements are brand-safe.

11. PopCash


A popunder network with 850 million monthly visits and 50,000 active publishers, PopCash provides global coverage. Your campaigns can start right away with just a $5 investment and speedy approval. You are able to continuously enhance the performance of your adverts thanks to specific analytics and targeting options.

Publishers only need to add the popunder code to the targeted sites and submit their domain for approval to begin generating extra income in a short amount of time. PopCash can be used in conjunction with AdSense or other advertising choices to maximize the revenue-generating potential of your website.

12. PopAds


As the name implies, PopAds specializes in distributing popunder advertisements and bills itself as the highest-paying ad network for this particular ad kind. They provide a referral program for both publishers and advertisers, and their network comprises advertisers from more than 50 nations.

You have complete control over the amount you wish to spend and a wide range of targeting choices to help you optimize your campaigns. With its cutting-edge bidding system, you may decide how much you wish to spend for each popunder. You’ll receive fewer traffic the lower your bid is. To make sure they adhere to a set of quality standards, human beings inspect every publisher site.

13. RevContent


Through technology and alliances with some of the biggest media companies in the planet, RevContent enables advertisers to take advantage of a highly engaged audience. You may be confident that your traffic is of the best calibre and most engaged because our Native Ads Network provides some of the top-quality advertisements and approval procedures in the business.

The advertising mix in perfectly with your website, provide little interruption to your design, and increase clickthrough rates because they just look like relevant articles. They have a fantastic click-through rate, and their referral program also works to your advantage. In fact, Revcontent will approve you more quickly and pay you more if you register via a referral link.

14. Adsterra


Publishers and advertisers can try an alternative strategy that is independent of Google thanks to Adsterra’s excellent advertising possibilities. It is a well-known and rapidly expanding network that generates more than 10 billion impressions monthly.

Adsterra is one of the top digital advertising firms in the globe because of how simple it is to monetise your website visitors thanks to its user-friendly platform. Along with conventional advertisements like display banners, it also provides cutting-edge ad formats for desktop and mobile, including popunders, pre-roll videos, and push notifications.

15. SHE Media

SHE Media

The partner network of SHE Media focuses on generating revenue from blogs and websites with a female readership. The SHE Media Partner Network, which was founded by and for women, receives more than 50 million unique visitors each month, giving publishers a large audience.

The network seeks to establish a community of high-quality content for women of all ages and stages of life through its flagship websites, such as and #BlogHer, and important initiatives, such as #Femvertising and Voices of the Year.

Which Alternative to Adsense Is Best?

Which Adsense substitute is therefore ideal for your blog or website?

The answer, then, is that it depends. But you might want to think about Mediavine if you want to maximise your ad earnings. A private AdSense substitute called Mediavine only allows top-notch websites with at least 25,000 monthly sessions or 30,000 monthly pageviews.

They take care of your ad server management, assisting you in ad placement optimization, improving price controls, cutting out intermediaries, and corresponding directly with advertisers on your behalf. Because they don’t just accept anyone, they are able to negotiate better terms, and most websites earn more money through Mediavine than AdSense.


One of the most well-known ways to monetize your website is possibly with AdSense. However, if you’re not satisfied with the results or want to diversify your income sources, you should give some of the Google AdSense alternatives a shot.

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  • Improvement with our integrated Application Performance Monitoring.

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