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15 Best AirScreen Alternatives In 2022


In this article, the top and most demanding AirScreen alternatives will be discussed. AirScreen is one of the best applications for Android smartphones and tablets since it provides extensive support for a wide range of wireless transmission protocol receivers. The AirScreen app has an intuitive user interface and a rapid response time.

With the aid of this app, smartphone users can connect to their friends and family’s local networks to enjoy streaming media on a big screen. AirScreen additionally supports the screen sharing mechanism. After sharing the screen, users of smartphones and tablets can start sharing and streaming a variety of multimedia content over huge screens.

It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and supports a number of wireless transmission protocols. In addition to many other features, the programme has a screen recording system, encrypted communication, and setting customization choices. Additionally, it supports lots of apps.

what is AirScreen?

With the help of the simple-to-use app AirScreen, you may utilise your Android handset as a Chromecast. Without purchasing a Chromecast, it’s a quick and efficient method to cast media from your device.

First, join the same WiFi network with all of your devices, then launch AirScreen. Once you’ve found the material you want to cast, double-check that Chromecast is compatible with it. Select media from HBO, Netflix, YouTube, and other sources. Finally, pick AirScreen from the cast menu on your Android to begin playing the media immediately.

The goal of AirScreen is to make it simple to cast media to TVs and other Android devices. To cast material to a TV and watch your favourite shows on the big screen, simply connect your Android to the TV.

Users of AirScreen can even modify the settings to provide their device with the best, highest-quality playback experience. AirScreen is a wonderful substitute if you’re considering purchasing a Chromecast but also want to save some time and money.

15 Best AirScreen Alternatives In 2022

Here are the 15 Best AirScreen Alternatives. Let’s dive in!

1. AirWire


Users can connect to any network-capable tablet or smartphone with the highly developed programme AirWire. To play any multimedia file, just select the necessary file and press the play button. If you’ve created any playlists on your device, you may quickly start listening to multimedia content, such as movies, music, TV shows, and even images, on a big screen TV, PC, laptops, gaming consoles, and many other devices with AirWire.

Also, look into alternatives to Toloka The programme merely has to be installed on any tablet or smartphone you may own. Using AirWire is quite simple because there are just a few steps required. You only need to connect the tablet or phone to the network once before you may select a file.

2. My nScreen

My nScreen

This application deploys cloud technology, which subsequently offers a system of connectivity and interoperability between smartphones and smart TVs. It is a multi-screen interaction programme that offers media sharing, remote control, and a variety of other programmes.

Another option for an airscreen is this. Based on a media sharing system, users of this programme can easily share any multimedia files with friends and family members from their smartphones to a smart TV. The remote-controlling function of My nScreen allows users to operate their smart TVs and transform their smartphones into remote controls.

3. All Screen

All Screen

Using our proprietary video syndication method, which works with a variety of devices, the premium content is effectively provided to the target consumers across several screens at once. The main advantage of the All Screen app is that it connects consumers to engaging content across several devices.

Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Kodi, sometimes known as XBMC, Android TV, smart TVs with DLNA and UPNP capabilities, and many more devices are compatible with the All Screen software. The UPNP library, Google Plus Photos, Dropbox, Google Drive, and a few other places are just a handful of the areas where users of the All Screen software can access media assets.

4. CastBox


A novel method of casting web videos to Chromecast devices is provided by CastBox. As a result, you can uninterruptedly view movies. The ability for users to control their video stream while casting their videos is one of CastBox’s key features. With the help of this simple tool, smartphone users may stream media files from their Android devices to any Chromecast.

Whenever you want, you can use the app to stream videos, music, movies, and even photos from an Android phone to a TV. CastBox can open a variety of file types, including MPEG and MP4. It makes it possible to broadcast videos and movies to the TV from any device. The app supports tens of thousands of radio stations, podcasts, audiobooks, talk shows, and much more all in one place.

5. Gallery Cast

Gallery Cast

On the Windows operating system and smart TV, images and videos from smartphones are displayed for free using Gallery Cast. It has a tonne of cutting-edge features and functions, such as a zooming system and the ability to utilise Android phones to control Windows or smartTV video playback. The app assists in making Android devices capable of remote control.

also, look for firms that automate robotic processes It supports the majority of RAW file types in addition to a wide variety of multimedia file types. This software uses AirPlay, Google Cast, DLNA, or UPNP to communicate with other devices including Blu-ray players, smart TVs, PCs, and even media centres. Another option for an airscreen is this.

6. RaysCast For Chromecast

RaysCast For Chromecast

Using the RaysCast For Chromecast software, you can easily cast your chosen multimedia files from your smartphones or tablets to the Chromecast, smart TV, and other devices. Users of Rays Cast For Chromecast can cast their preferred films, movies, music, and photos from websites thanks to this program’s brand-new webcasting feature.

Users may cast practically any type of multimedia content to smart TVs and a range of other Chromecast-compatible devices with the RaysCast For Chromecast Android app. The ability for anyone to cast streaming of a range of media files at any time is one of this application’s main benefits.

7. T-Cast


Another option for an airscreen is this. A simple programme called T-Cast makes it possible to use a smartphone as a remote control to access a smartTV. Users of this smart TV application can control their TV using a smartphone. One of the unique features and abilities of this programme is the use of the smartphone to control the smart TV.

Users can cast the newest films and TV episodes to the big screen as well as exchange photographs, music, videos, and other multimedia content from their smartphones to the smartTV. For the readers’ information, your TV and your smartphone must be on the same WLAN for a connection to work.

8. Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV

Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV

Users of the Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV app on smartphones may quickly cast their HD videos from a wide range of sources, including local material on tablets and smartphones, to a variety of devices, such as smart TVs, Fire TV, Chromecast, DLNA receivers, Apple TV, and game consoles.

Windows media players, Chromecast, smart TVs, Roku, and numerous more streaming devices are supported by the Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV in the main. It’s crucial to remember that Roku users will only get so much support in this situation. However, users of various devices and platforms will be able to completely access all of this program’s features and functionalities.

9. TCL nScreen Pro

TCL nScreen Pro

Free software called TCL nScreen Pro uses WiFi to connect Android devices to smart TVs and then shows all of the multimedia content on those TVs. You may instantly broadcast information from your smartphone to a big screen using this app. Another option for an airscreen is this.

Once connected, the user-friendly app on your smartphone will function as a remote control for the linked smartTV. The TCL nScreen Pro app will allow you to fully enjoy the TV’s expansive screen and superior sound quality.

10. Castaway Free

Castaway Free

Castaway Free is a simple and user-friendly programme that allows Android smartphone users to send local films, photos, and Facebook and Google+ material via Chromecast. Castaway Free is a piece of software that is accessible for free but also contains advertisements.

The free edition of Castaway Free only offers a few features and functions. If you want access to more features and functionalities, you must buy the app’s premium edition. The premium edition of Castaway Free will first get rid of the adverts before offering you extra features and capabilities.

11. Nero Streaming Player

Nero Streaming Player

A top-notch streaming tool that lets you stream, move, and play multimedia files across a variety of devices is Nero Streaming Player. This is an excellent tool for you if you enjoy using your smartphone to play music, watch videos, or watch movies on a big screen with speakers. To broadcast your entertainment to numerous devices, including smart TVs, use the Nero Streaming Player application.

Using this programme, you may quickly and easily play your multimedia files on other smart devices, smart TVs, game consoles, and many other gadgets linked to your home network. Nero Streaming Player enables you to broadcast a wide range of multimedia from one device to another.

12. AirPlay/DLNA Receiver

AirPlay/DLNA Receiver

Users can broadcast media files from Android and iOS smartphones to a variety of other compatible devices by using the AirPlay/DLNA Receiver app. The application is free to use and supports gadgets without screen mirroring capabilities. Another option for an airscreen is this.

The most recent version of AirPlay/DLNA Receiver now works reliably, has more features, and offers a better user experience. It also supports iOS devices. Your Android tablet or smartphone can take the place of the AppleTV and receive wirelessly from a range of devices, including movies, images, music, and more.

13. AirPinCast


You may stream media files from your mobile devices to other devices as well as from DLNA and UPnP media servers with the simple-to-use software AirPinCast. AirPinCast can stream media files from a range of devices, including Android, as well as many other media servers, to UPnP or DLNA renders, such as gaming consoles and smart TVs.

It enables multi-language, picture rotation, loopback play mode, and ASS, SSA, and SRT subtitles when streaming videos via an AirPlay or DLNA receiver. Another option for an airscreen is this. Because of how straightforward and user-friendly AirPinCast’s UI is, you won’t have any issues at all.

14. PlayTo Chromecast

PlayTo Chromecast

PlayTo Chromecast is a fantastic choice for customers searching for a clever way to directly enjoy their films and movies over your big screens. If you are new to Chromecast, PlayTo Chromecast is a simple-to-use programme that will give you complete command and control over all of your streaming content.

With the help of this simple-to-use yet powerful tool, you can cast all of your favourite media and video from your tablet or smartphone directly to any casting device. The programme allows users to stream all of their audio, video, movie, and photo content from the most popular websites to their smartphone or other media server.

15. Videostream


You can stream the downloaded videos across numerous devices using a super-fast programme called Videostream. Even for its subscribers, it offers WiFi HD video streaming to the TV. You may download the Videostream app from the iOS, Android, and Chrome Web Stores. Another option for an airscreen is this.

An easy-to-use tool called Videostream offers remote access with the availability of dependable extensions and requires little setup to start working. It presents one of the most basic and uncomplicated ways to stream videos and much more from a PC to a smart TV or Chromecast. You can effortlessly manage all the information on smartphone devices with this fantastic solution.

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