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11 Best Airtel Xstream Alternatives For Online Movie Streaming in 2022

Best Airtel Xstream Alternatives
Best Airtel Xstream Alternatives

What is Airtel Xstream?

Airtel Xstream is a platform that connects all of your streaming services. You can download the Airtel Xstream app or stream videos from the Airtel Xstream website. Both are user-friendly. You can view current and classic television shows and motion pictures for the exact cost.
It’s simple to use and comprehend Airtel Xstream. Go to the website or the app whenever you want to view a new or old TV show or movie. Because you may use Airtel Xstream without signing up for their community or paying a monthly or yearly charge, it differs from other streaming services. Searching for something on Airtel Xstream will return results that are relevant to what you want to watch. A drama or movie’s purchase or rental options and further details are displayed when you tap on it in the results list. Utilizing Airtel Xstream is simple.


  • Remote controlled by voice and powered by Google Assistant.
  • Use your TV to access over 5000 apps.
  • assistance from the Smart Remote App
  • Cast your preferred entertainment via the built-in Chromecast to your TV in 4K resolution for stunning clarity and lifelike colors.
  • Android 9.0 Pie-based


  • Smart TV with apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Sony Life, Amazon Prime, Voot, etc., can be created from a basic TV with an HDMI connector.
  • DTH and intelligent applications on the same box: not cluttered
  • There is no need to switch from HDMI port 1 to HDMI port 2.
  • Platform based on Android TV that receives frequent Play Store app updates
  • The ability of 4K boxes for both DTH & Android applications.
  • Price is reasonably fair when compared to skills.


  • If DTH is not recharged, streaming apps won’t function, which defeats the purpose.
  • Airtel’s sluggish interface is improving with updates.
  • Poor hardware specifications, particularly an old processor, were utilized.
  • Amazon Prime applications have a Dolby sound issue.
  • A 2mbps internet connection is required to use the apps.

11 Best Airtel Xstream Alternatives

1. SolarMovie:


SolarMovie has a fantastic user experience that provides the idea that it is a premium subscription service for movies and TV shows. The movie names are logically categorized into genres and categories. Using the filter option, you can also search for films depending on their type, caliber, genre, release country, and year.
Although there are some distinctions in the availability of movies and shows, the site is conceptualized similarly to Putlocker. Putlocker should occasionally be substituted for SolarMovie if you want to use it as an Airtel Xstream alternative.

2. AZ Movies:

Best AZ Movies Alternatives

AZ Movies

AZ movies is a good Airtel Xstream alternatives if you want to watch your favorite movie in HD with as few interruptions will be possible. Bollywood, Hollywood, and other all forms of entertainment are all available for viewing. Some movies have best features, while others have multilegal captions.
The high library at AZ Movies features both recent and classic films and series. It canot charge to watch or download anything or require a subscription.

3. Soap2Day:


If Vumoo and MoviesJoy canot work for you or aren’t available where you live, take into account Soap2Day, an actual Airtel Xstream replacement. This website offers some of the best free movie streaming options. High HD versions of sports, TV shows, and movies are all accessible here. Another advantage is the absence of pop-ups and advertisements.
There are no limitations on the movies you can see, yes. similar to watching a movie, vumoo. Additionally, it provides all of MoviesJoy’s features, including easy access to lists of popular and suggested films.It provides every quality you really expect from one of the top website with free movies. I also mentioned how your best friend will be watching movies online for free without having to download anything.

4. SeeHD:


The names of the movies and TV shows are categorized and grouped alphabetically. There are no particular tabs or features on this website. Compared to the other Airtel Xstream alternatives, See HD’s user interface is more straightforward, making it simpler to navigate. As the name suggests, the movies/episodes can be seen in high definition. You can modify the video quality using a function in the video player. The lack of adverts on this website makes it perfect for continuous movie viewing.

5. Tubi:


Free legal resources are available on Tubi. Without registering an account, you can find many titles and satisfy your urge for pleasure. The films and television shows are all authorized. You might see ads when you watch the videos. These commercials are minimal in number, though, and they stop once the rerun starts.
There are numerous genre subcategories available. You can easily browse popular content using predefined options like recently added, featured, and most popular. Download the app on your selected device to sate your appetite, and be ready to be astounded by an abundance of unique options.

6. SockShare:


Compared to Airtel Xstream, Sockshare offers a significantly better customer experience and a much wider variety of the most recent high-definition content. Sockshare is the method if you want to watch materialistic. You must search the website on your device for your preferred content, thanks to solid and dynamic URLs and a sizable collection of TV shows and movies from various sources.

7. Putlocker:


Putlocker, a well-known website for media and entertainment, specialising in streaming movies and TV shows. The website does not require membership.
It gives the finest video quality with the fewest ads. As a result, you’ll be able to view your preferred entertainment without interruption. Its attractiveness is influenced by how easy it is to use and how many HD movies and TV series are available. You can browse the categories quickly and search for your preferred movie or TV program.
The website is accessible from any device. It is dynamic and functions great on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop PCs. It is the top website to replace Airtel Xstream.

8. FMovies:


Fmovies is an excellent replacement for Airtel Xstream. There are so many movies and TV shows on the internet. The website provides something for them no matter what genre they are interested in. You can find works in horror, science-fiction, romance, thriller, action, and adventure.
The content can be viewed without watching anything. To see all your options, you have to turn on your laptop and visit the website. You have the option of viewing the film in several video quality settings. It offers all available possibilities, from CAM print to 720p HD.
Depending on the device and internet speed you have, you can choose any alternative. Visit the website to view various films and television programs with your loved ones.

9. MovieNinja:


All your favorite movies can be purchased from MovieNinja in HD resolution, not SD. The most current films are first shown during browsing, followed by more established films, and then classics. You also receive a list of the week’s most well-liked films. Because of this, when you start using this site to watch movies, it will automatically suggest movies in the genre you like. It is the top website to replace Airtel Xstream.

10. Vumoo:


Another excellent substitute for Airtel Xstream is Vumoo.It provides a first-rate streaming experience and a tonne of exciting stuff without charging extra. It’s a common misconception that data is always correct. Every month, about three million users utilise Vumoo.
Moviegoers widely recognize it. You can discover a wide range of options on this website. You can discover anything to suit your mood, whether you want to watch horror, thrills, adventure. Watch your preferred movie or TV show by simply visiting the website on your device.

11. Yify TV:


A great Airtel Xstream replacement that provides high-quality video content is YifyTV. Most web content users believe this website to be a reliable source, offering a thorough list of the best Torrent connections. You could spend all day binge-watching the high-quality stuff in the many categories.
The site is easy to navigate because the movies are arranged by name, genre, and year. Here, you can even create your own “watch later” list. New movie-related data is continuously added to the database. There is only one catch—you must first register for a free membership.


These are among the best online alternatives to Airtel Xstream. You are receiving all of these free online movie streams because, as you are aware, most of the websites mentioned above are not allowed to provide streaming content unless they also own the copyright to it. These Airtel Xstream substitutes might be dropped at any time, but we’ll do our best to keep this list of additional choices as fresh and updated as we can.

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