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12 Best Sites Like Alluc For Movie Streaming In 2022


What is Alluc? (pronounced “all-you-see”) was a user-generated online video directory and eventually a search engine for TV series, movies, music videos, sports, pornography, anime, and cartoons. Alluc did not host content or provide download links; instead, it offered connections to streaming video-sharing websites. Users placed links in the appropriate categories and published them to the site once administrators reviewed them. YouTube, Dailymotion, and Veoh, among others, were among the video hosting sites listed on Alluc. (en)


  • API for programmers
  • For websites, an embeddable widget is available.
  • Trends and recent searches to see what other people have been looking for.

12 Best Sites Like Alluc For Movie Streaming In 2022

1. LunchFlix:


The movie/episode catalogue isn’t as extensive as it is on sites like alluc. On this online free TV streaming platform, thrillers, horror, and fiction are the most popular genres. There are several animated films as well. On the video player, there are several adverts. Despite the small interruption, the movie will start with little to no buffering.

2. SolarMovie:


SolarMovie is another Alluc option. SolarMovie offers free online streaming of both series and movies. One of the best things about SolarMovie is that they provide HD movies for free, and users may rate and review the films. As a result, deciding on the most OK movie to watch is simple. I enjoy the way SolarMovie looks; it reminds me of the old Blockbuster stores I frequented as a kid. That is consoling.

In the “Hot” category, I like how they show you all of the current trending movies. You may also see the most popular titles today and those with the highest rating. All of these characteristics contribute to a more user-friendly environment.

3. FMovies:

The UX of FMovies is clean and straightforward to use. The only true disadvantage of FMovies is that they sometimes lag during busy periods. However, many streaming services are in the same boat. The service, like PopcornTime and the other streaming services on our list, is based on torrenting. As a result, you’ve become a cog in the wheel of copyright infringement. To get around this, ensure you’re always using a VPN, especially one that permits torrenting.

FMovies is mainly concerned with offering a user-friendly interface. You can easily search their entire site, access their old FMovies site, and check for new episodes and movies. The movies should start playing right away (if you are watching at off-peak times).

4. Showbox:


Showbox could be a suitable option if you like to install programs rather than stream directly from the web. Showbox used to be known as Moviebox, and it functions similarly. MovieBox is still available in various formats, which we’ll discuss later.

Showbox is an app for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), and PC. You can get it for free from their website. They also have a fantastic movie review app that connects you with unbiased movie reviews, so you don’t waste your time seeing a bad film. Their apps are simple to use and, as always, should be paired with a torrent-friendly VPN.

SkyHD is a self-contained app that is unaffiliated with the Sky TV corporation. SkyHD allows you to download movies and view them offline, which is ideal for traveling or when you’ll be in an area where you won’t have access to the internet. The SkyHD app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The software also enables live streaming so that you can watch live sports or concerts in high definition from your phone.

5. Moviebox:


Check out Moviebox if you’re looking for movies that load quickly. You will save time and space by not having to download the film to your device.

MovieBox APK, like most free movie streaming apps, isn’t available on the app stores. As a result, you must download through their internet URL. Moviebox is accessible for Chromecast, Apple TV, Kodi, Sony TV, Windows PCs, iOS, Android devices, and Windows PCs, iOS, and Android devices.

6. Movie4k:


I am looking for a free online movie streaming site that doesn’t require you to register? Movie4k. It can be a good choice for you. According to them,

However, keep in mind that accessing a free online movie streaming website is always safer when done using a VPN. When watching material, a VPN that provides an anonymous service and allows anonymous Bitcoin payments, such as ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or NordVPN, is an excellent alternative. They are both quick and secure and keep your device safe from infection.

Movies, like Alluc, organize their content under genres such as comedy, action, adventure, classic, and adult entertainment. Because the links on MovieK aren’t always the finest, it’s a good idea to sample a couple before settling down with your popcorn and ice cream.

7. PopcornTime Online:

PopcornTime Online is a free movie and television show database that you may access directly from their website. Their website has a user-friendly design (UX). One of the best things about PopcornTime Online is that its content is available in 44 languages, making its movies more accessible to a global audience. You must first download an app to watch the movies, which may be a turn-off for some. On the other hand, their app allows users instant access to the material.

If you’re going to utilize a service like PopcornTime, built on a torrenting foundation, you must use a VPN while streaming. This is because while streaming, you’ll be allowing access to others on the network. This can be risky in several ways, the most serious of which is the risk of sharing copyrighted content and exposing your computer to viruses.

8. 123Movies:


123Movies is another well-known movie streaming website. It has moved around a lot, like other free online streaming services (e.g., changed domain name and location). Their user interface is straightforward. I appreciate that you can sort the movies by category and country, which is helpful if you’re looking for a film released in a different part of the world.

123 Movies is a fast-loading website that delivers free HD movies online. Like the others on this list, you should utilize a high-quality VPN to secure yourself while streaming online. Otherwise, you risk copyright violation and exposing your computer to fraudsters. Choose a VPN not subject to the 14 Eyes jurisdiction and includes adblocking as part of the package.

9. PlayBox HD:


If you’d instead download an app and watch it on your phone, PlayBox HD is a terrific option. When you download the app, you can view HD episodes and movies. You must download them directly from their websites, just like other free movie apps, because GooglePlay and Apple AppStores do not generally offer this type of app. iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems are all supported by the apps (OS).

You can view movies on Playbox HD even if you don’t have Wi-Fi access, which you won’t be able to do while streaming directly online. You can watch movies later, even if you don’t have internet access, using the offline option, which allows you to download the film you wish to watch.

10. CartoonHD:


CartoonHD is a fantastic free app for watching HD movies. Most operating systems are supported, including Android, iOS, and Windows. CartoonHD may be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the CartoonHD website as an online APK.

CartoonHD is a site that allows you to explore and download high-definition cartoons (as the name suggests). They do, however, have some other series and flicks available. The shows can be downloaded and watched both online and offline.

11. MoviesJoy:


Even better than alluc, a feature-rich, commercial-free movie streaming platform. Whether or not you sign up is entirely up to you. MoviesJoy has a user-friendly layout with valuable features like a genre filter, a country filter, and an IMDB rating. You can also browse the most popular and well-liked movie collections with a single click. It offers a video filtering feature that appears to be more advanced than other sites like alluc.

From this menu, you may choose the type of media, the year of release, the genre, the quality, and the country. The video quality of the movies’ featured photographs is noticeably poor. By holding your cursor over a video, you may get all the information about it. It also keeps its film and television series library up to date with the latest releases. As a result, you’ll be able to find out when a new movie comes out here, but the quality will be poor.

12. YoMovies:


YoMovies is well-known among moviegoers for its selection of Bollywood films. They add new Bollywood movies as soon as they are available. As a result, YoMovies is the right choice for you if you appreciate viewing new releases and are looking for a solution. There’s no need to sign up for an account. You can view Hollywood films, Spanish films, Taiwanese films, Tamil and Telugu films, and so on, in addition to Bollywood films. You may also search for movies in alphabetical order.

Like those seen on other free movie sites like as alluc, ads are unquestionably there to annoy you. There are several categories to pick from, including genres and the film industry. You can look through this to see if you can find what you’re looking for.


There are many Alluc alternatives. However, their internet locations change frequently. Depending on your preferences, you can stream directly online or use an app. You can watch content both online and offline with most apps. When watching a movie for free, remember that you’ll need a high-quality VPN. Most free VPNs will not suffice, as they will not adequately safeguard your device or you and may even be dangerous. If you’re streaming movies for free online, pick one of the VPNs from the list above.

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