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Apple could give the iPhone an iPad Pro-style makeover, report claims

The 2020 iPhone range will take style tips from Apple’s latest iPad Pro models, according to a new report.

In 2018, Apple introduced a new look for the iPad Pro − with slim bezels, a tiny frame, sharp edges and a flat back the orders of the day. Could the iPhone be about to go the same way?

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Japanese publication Mac Otakara reports that Apple’s next iPhone releases may have “the same new body design as the iPad Pro”.

The report, frustratingly, doesn’t go into much depth beyond this, though it goes on to say the 2020 models could measure in at “more or less” 7.4mm thick, and that the bezel surrounding the display will be 2mm thick.

The 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros are a little thinner than this, at 5.9mm thick, and the thinnest iPhone model in Apple’s current line up is the iPhone 8, which is 7.3mm thick.

However, a 7.4mm iPhone would be slimmer than all of the other iPhone models listed on Apple’s website:

  • iPhone 8 Plus − 7.5mm
  • iPhone XR − 8.3mm
  • iPhone 11 − 8.3mm
  • iPhone 11 Pro − 8.1mm
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max − 8.1mm

If this information is accurate, it suggests that Apple may decide to sacrifice battery capacity for slimness, which is something we’ve seen from plenty of phone manufacturers in the recent past − and it’s almost always gone down badly. In this case, hopefully this isn’t the case.

A mockup image that accompanies the report | Image Credit: Mac Otakara

Mac Otakara’s report adds that there will be a new iPhone with a 6.1-inch display, but it will be shorter than the iPhone 11 (150.9mm long), which also has a 6.1-inch screen. However, the new model will be longer than the iPhone 11 Pro (144mm long), which has a 5.8-inch screen.

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Similarly, there will reportedly also be a new 6.7-inch iPhone with a triple camera, which will be taller than the iPhone 11 Pro Max (158mm long).

The report adds that there will be a new 5.4-inch iPhone too, which will be somewhere between the iPhone SE and iPhone 8, in terms of length.

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We’ve come across a lot of iPhone-related reports over the past couple of months, and unfortunately many of them have been as meandering as the one you’ve just read.

The general consensus does, however, seem to be that Apple will launch four new iPhones this year − three high-end models, including an iPhone 12 with 5G support, in September, and one mid-range model in the first half of the year.

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