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10 Best Application Server Software In 2022

Application Server Software

For users, IT providers, large and small businesses, and organizations of all sizes, an application server facilitates the installation, administration, and hosting of various online applications. It links multiple databases and networks. If you want to learn more about the finest application server software, read this page.

Working with several computing components to conduct specific activities that must cooperate to power numerous web-based software and applications is frequently a challenging operation.

The role of application server software is now clear. Application servers act as a link between a server’s main web-based servers and its back-end tier. Additionally, it facilitates the use of numerous protocols and APIs (APIs).

Application servers can be categorized in a variety of ways, including:

  • Web servers,
  • The database application server, and
  • General-purpose or enterprise application servers.

Due to their adaptability, a web application server can be created by combining two or more application server software. Let’s first examine why an application server is necessary before talking about the top 10 application servers.

Why Use an Application Server?

What is the benefit of having an application server? Is that what you have in mind when I say that application servers function best when they must be integrated with other servers and databases?

Without an application server, several versions of the same program may be created within the business, causing issues with compatibility and lack of integrity.

The application servers serve as an additional security layer by standing between the company’s database and the web pages, defending your site from SQL cyberattacks.

10 Best Application Servers

It is crucial to pick the best application server software to host your web application because there are many of them available. To assist you in choosing from the greatest application server software, we’ve included our top 10 picks in this blog:

1. IBM WebSphere Application Server

IBM WebSphere Application Server

Java-based web applications are hosted by IBM WebSphere Application Server, also known as WAS. It has the ability to deploy fault-tolerant, distributed, and multi-tier Java software and is regarded as the most dependable and secure Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) server.

To administer all the apps, they offer a run-time environment and administration interface. Cloud apps and microservices are hosted by WebSphere, a scalable application server, for businesses of all sizes.



Unlike the NGINX Plus, NGINX is a standalone dynamic application server. It may change configuration settings without affecting the services, supports JSON APIs, and runs all apps created using various languages and frameworks.

The application server has numerous other functions as well, including a reverse proxy, cache, load balancer, and web server. Compared to other application servers, it offers higher performance and stability.

3. Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat

Tomcat, created by Apache, is a well-known open-source application program used for Java Servlet implementation and is an HTTP web server that runs “pure Java.” The application server has been improved and made easier to use by Apache by adding new elements including the cluster, web application, and high availability.

Many experts contend that Tomcat is a web server and not an application server. But over time, Tomcat has emerged as the top application server for hosting a number of crucial applications.

4. Jetty


All versions of Java are supported by the free and open-source application server Jetty. It is made with flexibility, performance, and lightness in mind. Jetty is among the top application servers for HTTP requests for any Java program thanks to these features.

Multiple platforms, frameworks, application servers, and clusters are supported by Jetty. Numerous well-known products, including Zimbra, Liferay, Ubuntu, Apache Geronimo, Google App Engine, and Eclipse, use the application server.

5. Zope


The Python programming language was used to create the application server known as Zope. This open-source application server aids in the development and administration of both dynamic and static web applications, including intranet and online portals.

Dynamic Template Markup Language (DTML) and Zope Page Template are the two techniques that Zope employs for HTML templating (ZPT). Additionally, it offers a built-in security system in addition to Python’s powerful features. Additionally, it is renowned for its strong customer service and helpful news updates.

6. Oracle WebLogic

Oracle WebLogic

Java EE and Jakarta EE are used to build web applications on the quick, effective, and scalable Oracle WebLogic Server. It is a runtime platform that gives web operations a rapid and rich interface.

Across all cloud environments, WebLogic is the most used application server in the world. When it comes to creating cloud apps, it is the most capable platform.

7. LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server

The fourth most used web server, LiteSpeed Web Server, was created and is owned exclusively by LiteSpeed Technologies. This application server has a reputation for being highly effective and scalable.

Without altering any of the applications’ scripts, an existing Apache server can be replaced with the application server. The LiteSpeed web server aids in solving all issues with the web hosting infrastructure.

8. GlassFish


The greatest web applications are provided by GlassFish, an open-source application server for Java EE implementation that uses a structured framework. GlassFish offers a structured procedure that aids in the development of reliable and compliant application servers.

The servlet container used by this application server to serve web content is a variant of Apache Tomcat. It supports dynamic languages like Groovy, Jython, and Ruby on Rails.

9. JBoss


JBoss is a J2EE-certified platform that aids in the development of web portals and Java-based applications. Clustering, caching, and durability are this application server’s three key features.

The Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, which is intended to offer a condensed Java programming model, are supported by the application server. It is an open-source project and one of the most popular application servers.

10. Apache Geronimo

Apache Geronimo

Apache Geronimo was created by the Apache Software Foundation and is distributed under the Apache License. It is a JEE 5.0 compatible open-source application server.

Apache Geronimo comes with one of the two web containers, Tomcat or Jetty, and enables the installation of Geronimo Eclipse plugins that support the earlier iterations of this application server (backward compatibility)


Software that offers application programs is known as an application server. Large distributed systems, data services, load balancing, cybersecurity, and many other things can all be managed with its aid.

It is crucial to have an application server in your business setting since they add additional security and technical assistance. Additionally, when it comes to creating cloud-based apps, application servers perform well.

Apache Tomcat and IBM WebSpace are the two most effective and highly suggested application servers. You may always choose Jetty if you want a smaller footprint. Make sure you choose the greatest application server before deciding which one to use for your company.

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