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Benefits of Automated Website Archiving for Corporations

The internet is a limitless well of human knowledge that anyone with a computing device can access and learn. Anyone with considerable experience of using the internet knows too well that there’s too much stuff that exists online to ever browse through. 

There’s also the fact that the internet is constantly changing and there’s no assurance that its current content will remain relevant in the future. Even domain dames are open to change. 

To tackle this problem, private and national organizations across the world are spending heavily on developing the appropriate tools to support their web archiving needs. So what does the process of web archiving entail?

What is Web Archiving

Web archiving involves preserving websites and the data contained in those sites from the World Wide Web within a website archive. The process is the same as the traditional archiving of files or documents containing information that can be made available to people. 

Client-side archiving is the most popular method of web archiving because it is easy, cheap, can be done remotely, is well suited to a client-server environment, and can capture web pages made on Ajax or Javascript frameworks. Other methods usually take a long time archiving javascript-loaded content.

Companies usually use certain tools and processes to archive their web content. You’ll find that these companies will either develop their own tools or will choose to pay for web archiving software. 

Here are some of the benefits corporates can enjoy through web archiving.

1. Having a Private and Centralized Website Archive 

A business or organization can archive their website on a set schedule where only they can access the archive. The archive can be accessed through a portal that provides users with the tools to search and filter archives from certain dates and times. 

2. Provides a Solution To the Potential Risk of Losing Digital Assets

The truth is, digital assets are vulnerable to time. Not because the files are going to expire but because the pace at which people are creating and posting digital assets online does not match the current considerations for long-term data preservation. 

For instance, in 2019, MySpace experienced tremendous data loss of all content uploaded to the platform before 2016. It may not be a big social media channel but millions of pictures and videos were lost. With web archiving, organizations don’t have to experience such data losses. 

3. Get a Better Understanding of Website User Experience

By creating a website archive across a period of time, companies can use the information collected to better understand how users interact with their websites. This insight helps the companies create simpler and more engaging multi-sign up processes to better their conversion rates.  

This gives companies the ability to decide what Ajax-loaded content is displayed after a particular event on the website by the user. 

Website Archiving is Necessary for Organization Development

The web is tremendous in size thanks to the hundreds of billions of publicly available web pages, and it continues to grow each day. 

Taking screen captures of the website or storing them as PDF just won’t work. It’s non-interactive and doesn’t work for assets such as videos. There’s also the fact that an archived website can be restored to its former state at the particular time it was archived.    

Therefore, preserving web content is more than ‘good’ corporate practice. The digital assets archived can help inspire marketing campaigns in the future thus allowing the companies to benefit from investing in web archives. 

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