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Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

Benefits of Using Technology

Investment in new technology can be extremely helpful in a learning environment. The benefits of iPad’s, laptops and other devices are actually quite surprising and can make a huge difference to a student’s academic and personal growth. Here are some of the reasons why using technology in the classroom can enhance the learning experience.

Easier Collaboration

The ease of transferring information between devices means that sharing work and managing projects can be made far easier. Improved connectivity can also help students to collaborate on homework projects if required, teaching youngsters how to share ideas and learn from one another as well as their teacher, both in school and outside.

Increased Individual Support

As well as aiding in collaboration, technological devices can support individuals separately on their educational journey. In the past, educators were forced to settle on a single standard level and style of teaching for all of their students, with occasional reliance on teaching assistants, as this was the only practicable approach. However, new technology makes it easier for students to learn at their own pace, preventing individuals with different needs and learning styles from being left behind.

A Reflection of the Changing World

A major part of education is the preparation of young people for the adult world. Workplaces and homes are now filled with technology, and it’s important to ensure that students are able to easily use standard devices and systems in order to keep up.

Greater Access to Resources

The internet provides an endless supply of games, teaching tools, creative software and reference texts. It allows teachers to get creative and expand the horizons of their students endlessly. Educators can find inspiration for lesson plans and set tasks with greater flexibility, downloading apps and seeking out educational videos and worksheets without great expense or effort. In college and university settings, students can also use technology to seek support for matters outside the classroom, such as financial help and personal advice from academic intranet portals. Counsellors and advisors can provide information on matters such as mental health and the benefits of refinancing of student loans to save money and improve your finances.

Improved Engagement

Students are more likely to learn successfully when they feel interested and engaged. Technology is the obsession of recent generations, and giving young people access to tablets and other devices is more likely to inspire them than taking notes and poring over old reference books. Many resources on the internet are well-crafted, with information provided in concise, bite sized formats. This information is far easier for young minds to digest, and can help students to express themselves more easily.

Better Workload Management and Improved Teaching Tools

Teachers can also benefit from the use of technology to assist in their workload management. There are various workflow tools and platforms available online for free or cheap that will help to reduce the time they spend planning lessons. Marking work sent in electronic form can be easier and quicker, and makes it less likely that pieces will be lost. Screen-based learning also tends to be more environmentally friendly, as it reduces the need for paper.

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