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Best 15 YouTube Alternatives in 2021

youtube Alternative; youtube Alternatives

YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest platform to share and watch videos. There are videos available on almost all topics on YouTube and are equally loved and shared by people worldwide. Numerous content creators have made their YouTube channels and are earning through them. But everything comes with some flaws and drawbacks. Although YouTube is the first option that comes to the users’ minds when it comes to streaming shows online or watching other videos, it has some flaws. Despite the 2 billion active users, YouTube has received several unnecessary ads, useless bans, and aggressive policies. So, if you are someone who is looking for sites like YouTube or YouTube alternatives, there is nothing wrong in it. In fact, we have come up with some of the best YouTube Alternatives after thorough research. Let us have a look at these Video Platforms that are YouTube Alternative.


If you are looking for a Video Website that is a YouTube competitor, Vimeo needs to be your pick. Let me first give you a brief introduction to what is Vimeo? Vimeo is an online video sharing platform that has a more mature and responsible audience as compared to YouTube. It has 250 Million+ active users. The number of users is relatively less than YouTube, but you know its quality over quantity. You must have seen a bunch of useless content on YouTube. Actually, anyone with a camera can post content on YouTube, but that’s not the case with Vimeo. It has the most positive and constructive audience as well as content creators. The content- videos posted on Vimeo are hand-picked and receive constructive comments and positive criticism that helps in the creators’ growth and their content, and it helps the platform grow. So, if you are bored with the traffic on YouTube and love to work in a positive and constructive environment, Vimeo is the best platform for you.


What is Twitch? It is an online video streaming platform that offers the live streaming of games, music, cooking shows, and everything like that. But if you want to know the one thing twitch is known for, the answer would be games. Twitch is heaven for game lovers. The live streaming of the matches gets stored in it for the users to watch later in their leisure time. This makes it one of the best websites, like YouTube and a great YouTube alternative.

The creators earn money through twitch in a whole different way. There is no money from ads and stuff like that. Twitch has introduced a new method in which the creators can accept donations from the viewers. This will make the viewers get more involved in the game and help their favorite player.


IGTV is also known as Instagram Video. Let us first have a look at what IGTV is? Instagram Video, or IGTV, is a new feature introduced by Instagram for sharing videos. Who is not aware of Instagram in this age? It is one of the most-used apps with active users of more than a billion. This enables Instagram to compete with YouTube and surpass it. To overcome YouTube when it comes to Video Sharing Sites, Instagram had introduced the IGTV thing back in 2018.

YouTube is a fantastic site but the videos available on its support landscape mode, which is inconvenient sometimes, especially when you view the content on your smartphone. This is not the case with IGTV. The videos shared on IGTV support the portrait mode or the vertical mode. Another thing that makes IGTV better than YouTube is the kind of videos it promotes. The most frequently shared videos on IGTV are behind the scenes and small promotion videos. These kinds of videos are usually not seen on YouTube. All these features make IGTV the best Alternative to YouTube.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch, as the name suggests, is the video-sharing site associated with Facebook. Most of us spend a significant part of our daily routine on Facebook. Having a video sharing feature on the same app will minimize the burden of handling more apps and make it convenient for us to watch content and manage our business. Facebook has always offered the feature to watch several videos, but it never really focused on the videos only. As time proceeds, Facebook owners realized the importance of introducing a separate database for videos and came up with a Facebook watch.

Facebook’s monetization policy is pretty much similar to YouTube, except that it is more convenient. Facebook Watch gives a certain percentage of the revenue from ads to the creators. If you want to switch to some other video sharing website Facebook Watch is the best pick.


There would rarely be a person who is not aware of what Dailymotion is. Dailymotion is the best alternative to YouTube because of several reasons. The audience traffic on Dailymotion does not match YouTube in any way but trust me, it doesn’t make much difference. The audience on Dailymotion is more loyal to this platform than the audience on YouTube. This will help you access a targeted audience. Moreover, there is no need to sign up on Dailymotion in order to watch videos. This is an excellent thing as you don’t need to face all that hassle of registering yourself just for watching a video for a few minutes.

Dailymotion is not the best option for creators as the copyright policy is not healthy. If you are a viewer, always consider viewing content on Dailymotion as it’s a great YouTube alternative.


If you wonder what DTube is, let me give you a brief introduction to this Video Platform. DTube is a relatively new site, and the user traffic on this platform is not even the passing of that on YouTube. Despite this fact, there are many features of DTube that make it the best Alternative to YouTube.

DTube is made on blockchain technology, and this is the most promising feature of DTube. As all the cards and authorities are not in a single hand, there is no risk of getting kicked out of the platform. Another best thing about DTube is that it helps the creators earn based on the received likes and comments.

The major drawback is that if you have posted a video on DTube, you will not remove it. So, be very cautious before posting something. DTube is also decentralized, so no one is responsible for keeping a check and balance on the quality and kind of content. Because of that, it becomes the responsibility of the users to keep it clean. 

9Gag Video

What is 9Gag Video? It is not a video hosting platform like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. But there are many good things about 9Gag Video that make it one of its kind. If you are someone who hates looking for useful videos and gets irritated when you have to search for them from numerous videos, 9Gag Video is here at your service. It is based on entertainment purely and contains memes, GIGs, and most viral videos. So, get started with 9Gag Video to find the most exciting content. There are several age-restricted videos on this platform, too, so kids need to stay away. Otherwise, it is a great YouTube Alternative.


Another fantastic alternative to YouTube to consider is Metacafe. This platform was founded far before YouTube and contained content on almost all the topics. Metacafe’s privacy policy is not very strong compared to YouTube, so it may not be the right choice for the people who create content. Still, for the viewers and the audience, Metacafe is the most convenient Video Website. It saves the users from going through all the hassle of signing up and registering. The user can watch the videos without creating an account.

Metacafe’s significant flaw is that it has all kinds of content and even the range you probably are not comfortable with. So, please think twice before using it in front of others.


Veoh is one of the best competitors of YouTube in the market. It comes with several incredible features, and all these features make it one of its kind. Veoh is an Israel based video platform and is very user friendly. You can find millions of videos on Veoh and can stream them in the best quality.

If you love to have separate applications for all the platforms, Veoh is the best pick for you. Moreover, Veoh’s content is all in HD Quality and is easy to stream all across the globe. A feature of Veoh that makes it better than YouTube is that it allows the user to download the videos and watch them later. This is one feature in which YouTube lacks. 


Who is not aware of TED? It’s a fantastic platform where experts and analysts of different fields share their experiences and play their part in building a progressive world. TED is a video streaming site and currently can stream more than 3000 videos. If you love to learn something new and want to spend your leisure time on a trustworthy platform that promises to teach something, TED needs to be your pick.

TED’s content belongs to various fields and highlights numerous aspects, whether it be social issues, global warming, community building, or anything else. So, enrich yourself with the fantastic experience on TED.

Internet Archive

What is the Internet Archive? If you want to know the answer to this question, keep on reading. Internet Archive is a video platform where you can find all the old videos and dramas you cannot find on any other platform. 

It is a public domain and is the best pick for you if you love the old legendary movies. Internet Archive lacks the latest content, and the viral videos take a lot of time to get on this website. But this thing cannot dominate the user-friendly outlook of the Internet Archive, where everything is divided into categories. Moreover, the download of the videos is straightforward. All these incredible features make it a great competitor of YouTube.


Uscreen is another excellent YouTube Alternative. The features that Uscreen offers are very much similar to YouTube. But there are some features in which Uscreen is better than YouTube. Like all other platforms, it allows the creator to create, share, and monetize the content. In addition to this, it offers various packages to buy subscriptions and watching hours. The subscription charges are reasonable and help the users to grow their business with time. Recently the feature of live streaming was also added in Uscreen.

Sprout Video

What is Sprout Video? Let us have a look at the answer to this frequently asked question. Sprout Video is a Video Website and is the Best YouTube Alternative. It has several fantastic features, including a user-friendly interface, fantastic analytics tools, and much more. Sprout Video surpasses YouTube for the fact that it has an excellent monitoring system and provides you with the analytics of your content. The privacy policy of Sprout Video is impressive and enables the creator to restrict the content.


If you want your content to be entertaining and funny, TikTok is the go-to for you. It is the best platform to spend your leisure time and make an earning. There is no age restriction in it. Children, adults, males, females, everyone can use it and keep themselves and others happy. The user traffic on TikTok is very high, and it’s easy to get views and subscribers on this platform. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app right now and enjoy!


What is Kapwing? Let me give a brief introduction to this platform for a better understanding. It is not only a video hosting site but comes with the best editing tools. This feature alone is enough to make it a great alternative to YouTube. In addition to that, it makes the entire process of uploading quite convenient. Kapwing supports nearly all the formats under the sun. For a better experience, you can buy a plan in a reasonable price.

Final Words

We have listed the best alternatives to YouTube. Now it’s over to you to use the platform that suits you the best but always consider using more than one site for a better experience. Best of Luck!


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