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Best 5 USB C Headphones In 2021

Today we briefly discuss about the 5 best USB C best headphones, with a wide range out there we often overlook a set of USB C headphones, but in fact they are an absolute must-have for a large number of devices, particularly smart products.

Despite USB C having all the potential for a good connection, early items released soon after the concept were rather lacking, with few living up to their hype. This rapidly earned them a reputation as an inferior choice.

There is often call for their needs though, with many devices opting to go without a 3.5mm mini jack for headphones, and when your hand is forced you better know what to search out for in a decent set.

Best 5 USB C Headphones

KUPOISHE USB C Digital Earphones. Pixel 2

The first set we settled on with a USB C connection and compatibility with the most of android devices is this digital set developed for use in conjunction with Pixel 2.

They are in affordable priced, have an excellent frequency response to cover a decent range and offer full stereo sound.

They have their own all-important digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and support high resolution sound. They respond, and the bass has some presence which keeps the mix rich.

They have also an integrated microphone and have in-line controls for convenient operation.

They are also well made from a thermoplastic polymer which is streamlined for a comfier fit.

Key Features:

  • Great range of compatibility.
  • Integrated mic.
  • Rich high-res mix.
  • Comfy.

 Mijiaer USB Type C Earbuds

Another affordable alternative with merits would be the earbuds by Mijiaer. They are widely compatible, accommodating for a number of well known android products, which really is key with many of us using various devices as we go about our day.

The buds are very light in weight and crafted from skin-friendly materials and once again and has an ergonomically shaped tip.

The combination drivers produce hi-fidelity audio with highs and lows dynamically functioning to make a proportionately balanced blend.

The bass has been enhanced wit towards the lower response. They have a current DAC chip enabling them to give truer signal clarity.

They have also a simple multi-functional in-line control for easy command.

Key Features:

  • Affordable price.
  • Highly fidelity stereo sound.
  • Great compatibility.
  • No audio loss.

Mindorlen USB C Digital Earphones. Type C

The next set has competitively priced a buck below the average so far. They are a no-frills set of earbuds which sit easily inside the mouth of your ear canal directing sound in a more isolated manner, but thanks to their miniature directional grilles.

They support highresolution sound and have a great frequency response and give balanced audio which has great depth and clear highs.

The driver performance is attractive, the components work efficiently and they are all packed in a durable alloy shell.

They have their own DAC and sport easy to use in-line controls which gives for voice cal activation at the touch of a button through their built-in mic.

Key Features:

  • Great res audio.
  • Deep bass.
  • Durable shell.
  • Complete compatibility.

Aukey B60 Wireless Earbuds

We have reserved the last two spots for a set of convertible headphones which serve as an excellent answer to the entire USB C debacle.

First up is the B60 model from the Audio Key series which have some fantastic mod-cons. They are compact in ear buds which are magnetically impressed, and when snapped together they automatically switch off and when separated engage.

They are designed and feature in-ear sport hook-like tension lock, which assist it sit within the auricle of the ear and stay in place throughout high pace workout.

They are also waterproofed to an IPX-6 level of certification and made from hypoallergenic materials.

The sound is also colorful, the drivers are capable of high-performance, they are bestowed with Bluetooth 5.90 connectivity making them a versatile, and most importantly they contain a DAC chip and come with a USB C cord which can be connected easily through a concealed terminal.

Key Features:

  • Stress locks.
  • Easily fit.
  • IPX-6 certified.
  • Great audio.
  • Sports model.

Aukey B80 Wireless Headphones

This second set from Aukeys great series we will probably leave quite short and sweet as they are bestowed with the same advantageous assets as the pair reviewed above.

Where they are different is actually in design and headphone style only. They forgo the magnetic snap on or off system as a security measure for if they slip and instead incorporate sturdy but pliable over ear hooks to make them greatly suited for more rigorous activities.

They also have the same up to date DAC chip and multi-functionality required for USB C use with their hybrid drivers, they are very comfy to wear and well-manufactured.

Key Features:

  • Weighted duty sports option.
  • Excellent audio.
  • Hybrid drivers.
  • Fabulous audio.
  • Compatibility with USB.

What should you Look For When Buying USB C Headphones?

Your main concern should be wide compatibility, there are various sets which are exclusive to the device they are intended for, or solely for products make by a specific brand which is no good.

The onboard DAC chips should be very fresh as in their short history the tech has been tweaked and refreshed frequently.

Next, you require selecting your preferred style of headphone, with hooks or without, which is purely subjective and particularly down to personal comfort.

The driver capabilities at these tiny proportions actually very little from product to product and it is only by comparison they differ at all.

Ultimately you should search for a set with the best audio delivery your budget can allow for.


Though it’s been foisted on us somewhat, accepting that a USB C set is a necessity is the first step in finding a sensible solution.

They are also capable of more efficient workloads and we are on the brink of the technology finally beginning to outperform it’s jacked up and wireless competitors.

There are various options out there on the market but with the smaller space accessible in a headphone for diaphragms dimensions you will want to source a high performance set of drivers with an up to date chip that supports high resolution audio.

We hope our discussion and detailed buyers guide will have helped you in on all the relevant info needed to source an awesome set of USB C headphones.

Expert Tip

If you don’t want to sacrifice on sound or want better suited to outdoor pursuits we say search yourself a pair with more bells and whistles like the Aukey sets we have discuses that are capable of USB-connection.

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