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11 Best App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools In 2022

App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools

Our audience supports Techinweb. We might receive commissions from affiliates who use our links to make purchases. App publishers may rank their programs in the app stores, get more downloads, and have fantastic reviews and ratings using good App Store Optimization (ASO) software.

No matter what sector you work in, competition is fierce today. Therefore, you need efficient app store optimization if you want to stay ahead of the competition and have a greater return on your investment (ROI). An ASO tool can assist you with this. Let’s examine what ASO tools are and their purposes.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Mobile applications can be optimized through a technique called app store optimization (ASO) to improve their visibility in different app stores, boost conversion rates, and boost download volumes. Simply defined, ASO seeks to increase app discovery and ranking in app stores so that more users will learn about and download your program, which boosts business profitability.

The title of the program, pictures, previews, etc. are optimized to achieve this. In order to promote applications in app stores, one needs to possess professional SEO and digital marketing skills. As a result, it appears higher in search results, making it simple for users to locate them when typing in relevant terms. Your applications’ page traffic will increase, and their rankings will be improved with the use of the proper optimization strategies and approaches. This will increase app usage and result in more downloads.

The main components of ASO are:

  • On-meta factors: On-meta groups are entities entirely under the control of the application’s publisher. These components can improve your keyword ranks, conversion rates, and app store visibility. Included in the elements are the app title, subtitle, descriptions, promotional text, keyword field, app icon, screenshots, and video samples, among others.
  • Off-meta factors: Off-metadata aspects are components that the publisher has no control over. These are the results of your optimization tactics and are unaffected. These components may include user feedback and ratings, installation data, download speed, software size, problems, mistakes, etc.

How Does Optimization For The App Store Work?

Results from app store optimization won’t happen immediately. While you are still at it, you will need to exercise patience. To stay ahead of the competition, you must continually optimize it and raise your ranks. The steps to optimize your application for app stores are listed below.

Market Research

Performing extensive market research is the first stage in ASO. Similar to several other organizational processes, conducting marketing research will assist you in learning important insights so that you can comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of your company, enhance your strategies, and keep tabs on what your rivals are doing. Additionally, it will assist you in understanding how you stack up against your rivals and the market so you can develop a strong ASO roadmap.

Keyword Optimization

The development of a successful ASO strategy heavily relies on optimizing your keywords for the target app store. By concentrating on increasing your app’s visibility, you can achieve this. This method is a cycle that you must keep repeating until you get the outcomes you want. It is not a one-time deal.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is the following phase of ASO. You must develop techniques for optimizing your conversion rates after successfully raising awareness of your app. If you complete this step correctly, you will increase your download revenue. Through your efforts to optimize your keywords, your app may appear higher in user search results. Here is where you form your initial opinion.

They have three options: download your software, ignore it, or give it a close look. You must optimize your app’s creatives, such as the title, screenshots, video preview, promotional language, descriptions, number of downloads, app icon, ratings, and reviews, in order to encourage consumers to download your app.

The Importance of ASO Systems for App Owners

The advantages of employing such a tool are as follows:

1. Improve Visibility

Your applications will be more visible if you use an ASO service. Your app will rank better in the app stores with the appropriate keyword approach, making it easier for your target audience to find and download it.

2. Get More Downloads

With the help of an ASO tool, you may increase your conversion rates and see an increase in downloads and installations. It will assist you in optimizing your app’s title, subtitles, descriptions, URLs, and other aspects to enhance the information and aesthetics so that users will be interested in viewing and downloading your app.

3. Attract Valuable Customers

By improving your app’s availability and appearance in the app store, you can draw in more users from all around the world as well as your immediate area. Additionally, it is a great strategy to encourage more users to utilize your app if you are targeting international users.

4. Lower Costs

ASO tools can help you refine your strategies and reduce the cost of paid advertising. With organic traffic, your app will be more visible and attract more downloads. For developers and new enterprises without adequate marketing budgets, this will be a huge relief.

5. Boost Revenue

You may increase your revenue by using the tool to implement efficient ASO techniques that result in more downloads and consumers. Check out these ASO solutions if you wish to receive these advantages.

1. App Radar

App Radar

With App Radar, you can improve organic downloads for your app, streamline processes, and gather insightful data. It provides physical servers, end-to-end encryption, secure transmission, clear disclosures, and authorized permissions.

App Radar can assist you at every stage, whether you want your app to expand or just get started with App Store Marketing. With App Radar, you can directly update your listing while tracking app discovery. AI can also be used to optimize your app for the most popular keywords.

2. Store Mockups

Store Mockups

By portraying your software as a million-dollar app, Store Mockups can triple your application store conversions. Your revenue will increase, your downloads will increase, and your advertising costs will be reduced.

Use pre-built, highly effective templates to launch your application quickly, save time, and increase downloads to increase income. Use the built-in editor in Store Mockups to bring your ideas to life. You can also use the Live Mockup tool to create 3D mockups or prebuilt templates to save time.

3. Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower

With Sensor Tower, you can get comprehensive competitor information and create a stronger base for your app store. Its App Intelligence precisely assesses the success of organic users to improve the focus on paid acquisition.

The platform values important keywords, which uses them to promote downloads for you. You may improve search campaigns by researching possible keywords and evaluating their performance to find new chances like comparable terms and translation.

4. Checkaso


Utilize Checkaso’s ASO tools to increase organic installs, optimize your app page with the help of useful data, and raise the visibility and conversion rate of your application. You can monitor your application ranks and research pertinent keywords to make the best judgments possible at the appropriate moments.

Receive from Checkaso auto ideas, a keyword starter pack, ranking history, and the most recent keyword data. With each update, expand your audience. Use the text editor to cover different keywords on the app page and localize it for different languages.

5. Storemaven


To increase your organic and paid installs, Storemaven provides ASO management and advisory solutions. The company’s ASO consultants analyze the installation funnels to determine the best prospects for obtaining additional installs and to spot any leakage.

You obtain data to study and analysis, which you may use to create original plans and promote more growth. Get a strong roadmap to help you rank your top opportunities. You will receive the best possible product pages for each funnel that Storemaven develops. These pages actually convert and bring in more money.

6. AppTweak


Purchase AppTweak for your app store to boost development with its simple interface and useful information. Your application will rank at the top of the search results thanks to its sophisticated ASO, monitoring, and keyword research features.

Create distinctive user acquisition techniques using data from social media advertising and distinctive search ads. You may assess how well your app is performing in comparison to rivals and find greater chances to expand into other markets and attract new users.

7. MobileAction


With MobileAction, you may get a comprehensive platform for application marketing intelligence. By typing the publisher or app name into the search toolbar, it provides instant insights.

Unlock the information on more than 3 million keywords and crucial ASO tools to give your app greater visibility. Find the income projections and trustworthy download numbers for different apps, then watch the trend to make smarter choices.

8. AppFollow


Get AppFollow to increase conversion rates by 11% during organic user acquisition. It will help you develop a solid strategy to increase your organic traffic by 490 per cent and increase weekly impressions by five times on average.

You can organize your strategy based on the most recent Android 10 and iOS 13.6 sources by using precise keywords and more than 20 factors. Follow ASO KPIs and app performance from your account to gauge the success of your plan.

9. Asodesk


To expand your app store and Google Play business, arm your team with comprehensive ASO, marketing, customer care automation, and product management tools.

In order to improve your game’s or app’s ratings, Asodesk enables you to study and track user reviews in the Google Play and App Store. Respond to every review to understand the motivations of the customers and to keep track of every conversion, organic remarketing, the effect of advertising traffic, ASO performance, and viral traffic.

10. Appfigures


With Appfigures, which provides ASO tools, app intelligence, and analytics to improve organic downloads, you may get the resources you need for your app store. To make smarter judgments based on the patterns, keep track of income, downloads, and performance for all the apps in one location.

To improve app views, find new keywords and track keyword rankings. By examining revenue, installed SDKs, organic keywords, download trends, and other data, you may gain ideal insights that will help you find more downloads and develop a better growth strategy.

11. Meatti


Meatti, which offers the power of artificial intelligence, will increase your downloads. This AI-powered platform offers free keywords to improve how quickly and efficiently your program downloads. Additionally, you receive optimization reports for performance analysis.

To improve your techniques and obtain better rankings and reviews, you can compare your application to the top 100 apps in the desired app store. The tool provides automated suggestions to help you improve your keyword and app listing tactics.


Your software needs to be noticeable and regularly downloaded from the app stores if you want to enhance your ROI and profitability. You may improve your strategy with the use of the ASO tools mentioned above, which will help your software rank higher in app stores and attract more downloads.

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