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Best Attendance Tracking Apps – for your organization employees

Attendance Tracking apps

In the past days employees in every organization have to manually mark their attendance on a register. With the passage of time now there are biometric machines on which employees can mark their attendance within seconds. Thanks to technology, now there are many options for the HR managers to select the best application for the employee attendance.

Finding which application would be best for your organization can be a difficult task. For this reason in this article we have listed the best 15 attendance tracking applications for your organization employee.

List of 15 Best attendance tracking Apps 

Edsys Timetable and Attendance Management

This application is for institutions like schools, colleges or organizations. It resolves confusion due to poor scheduling.  It helps you to make a timetable and mark the attendance of faculties and also the students.

It also maps the classes, and teacher’s details into the system. Picking up this Best attendance tracking applications for your employee improves data authenticity as it is not susceptible to manipulations and increases efficiency.


ezClocker is a simple to use time tracking and scheduling software for small businesses. If you have employees that are not tech-savvy then this app is a perfect fit for you and your team. Employees can clock in with a touch of a button using their phone. Employers can verify if the employee clocked in at the correct location by the GPS time stamp.

ezClocker offers a free plan for the first employee then their monthly subscription starts at $10/month up to 15 employees so if you have 2 or 15 employees you pay one low price of $10. The application is available on both iOS and Android app versions.

Time Clock Wizard:

 Use Time Clock Wizard application for scheduling, time tracking and managing tasks of your employees. The application is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can even schedule employees with changing workdays, pay rates and reimbursements. There are also customizable mobile and email alerts. Some of the famous clients of this attendance tracking application are Hallmark, Mercedes, Allstate, etc.

There are 3 different versions: Value, Pro, and Enterprise. The value version is for small businesses at the price of $14.95 per month. Pro has advanced features at the price of $29.95 per month and Enterprise has also advanced features at the price of $99.95 per month.

WiFi Attendance:

This attendance tracking applications works by using the Wifi for attendance marking. Employees who are within the Wifi range of office can easily mark their attendance. They can also view the calendar in the application.

It minimizes payroll errors and increases employee’s productivity. As it works only with office wifi, there is no chance of cheating. It also tracks employee working hours and you will be tension free.

Virtual Attendance

Virtual Attendance is an application to fulfill the employee attendance tracking needs of your organization. Whether you have a large scale company or a small institution, this application will enable you track all your employees or faculties by using a smartphone. It can create QR codes and will record their attendance. It is available on both Android and iOS applications. Some of its famous users are, University of Hawai’i, International Educations Services Inc and so more.

The application is free for up to 5 employees and 1 manager. For more employees, you have to buy at the price of $5 per month.

Aqua Teams

This application is very easy in use an online Human Resource Management System which can automate your employees into a smarter. The employees inform their supervisors when they are coming late, or leaving early. They can also ask for leaves, and get any notification from supervisor. It is also available as an Android Application and an iOS mobile application.

ZOHO People

Zoho is famous for offering employee management solutions. It provides many HR processes by their web portal like leave management, scheduling jobs, HR documentation and so more. For attendance, you have to plug it into the biometric system or employees can punch through web portal or Zoho application. In this application there are 4 different pricing plans such as Essential HR, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. The price varies from $0.83 to $4.16 per month. It is also available for the Android app and iOS platform.

 Time Station:

This application is very easy in use and very fast to set up employee attendance management system which can be use on smartphones and tablets. The employees can punch less than a second through Fast-Scan technology. The system runs in the cloud therefore it doesn’t need any maintaining servers. It is the best solution for small and large businesses. The TimeStation mobile Application works on smartphones and tablets running Google Android or Apple iOS such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The price is $19.95 per month for 20 employees and $59.95 a month for 200 employees.

This free in use attendance tracking application especially designed for educational institutions. It is a perfect application for tracking attendance online for any class. You can even use it for yoga class attendance, martial arts classes, child care facilities, employee attendance and so more. It is available on Android and an iOS.


Kronos stand at the top with good reputation in the time tracking technology due to the first patented microprocessor time clock to its credit. The company gives a complete set of HR solutions for medium and large companies. It is a solution based offering. Hence, you have to purchase a suit of solution for the company which may end up as an expensive investment. The application is available on both the iOS and Android app version.

When I Work

It is an application for employees scheduling and shift planning. By using this application, you can manage your employee’s schedule, manage their time cycle, manage their shifts, and manage a lot by using this application.

It has used by more than 100,000 organizations in more than 50 countries for scheduling shifts, tracking attendance, and many others tasks. It saves your nearly 8 hours per week on employees scheduling and attendance. It is available as  Android and iOS applications.

Time Intelligence by Replicon

By using this application you can easily track the expense and time related information of your employees. You can easily track running payroll, billing, reporting, and easy reimbursement. The users can also do a quick search or relevant projects, and enter time. It is available as both an Android and iOS application.


You can use this application for monitoring your employee’s attendance, tracking time projects, and so more. You can use this applicationon the web, tablet or on your smartphones. There is an attendance tracking system in this application with working time tracking and creating timesheets. There is also a time tracker to monitor how much time you spend on your activity, project, and tasks. This application has a Billing module for managing bills. It is used in more than 100 countries and it is present in more than 7 languages.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is used by more than 83,000 users. It has many highly customized features like time tracking, screenshots, powerful reports, tracking breaks and so more. You can even synchronize it with project management tools such as Asana, Trello, Slack, and so more. It is free for 14 days and then the price is $10 for per user per month.

Desk Time

Use Desk Time for increase the productivity of your team and keep your projects on track with this simple time tracking application. It is a real time automatic time tracking software for teams that can increase the productivity by 30%. It offers you features such as automatic time tracking, screenshots, URL and App tracking, and so more. It is available on Desktop or mobile. You can use it free for 14 days.

Where’s my staff?

Last in this list but not least; this application is available for both iOS and Android devices. Whether you are a professor want your students’ attendance, or run a small organization and want to track its employees’ hours of work, you just have to download the application individually on your smartphones and track.


The attendance tracking applications should be give productive, efficient, and viable results to the employee and employer both. These are the best attendance tracking applications that make the functioning of your offices smooth. Large or small Businesses can select from any of the attendance tracking software discussed above in this article. There are many other attendance tracking applications that you select for your organization employees.

We welcome your views about our list of best attendance tracking applications. Please feel free to comment about our article in below section. 


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