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Best Chrome Extension for Screenshot – You Must Try (2020)

While browsing the Internet, there are many things when we want to save some significant data. Indeed, there is an approach to bookmark those pages for later reference. Other than, you won’t be fit for seeing those pages offline or utilizing those particular bits of substance for your business related purposes. However, that is decisively where the requirement for Best Screen Capture Tools or Chrome Screenshot Extensions shows up, which causes users to photographs, takes screen captures of texts, and even records the screens. 

You may be asking why not utilize the outdated technique (PrtScn button) on Mac to catch screens, on Windows or (CMD + SHIFT + 4). Yet, they unavoidably do not have the capacities to take full-page screen captures, grab scrolling website pages, include annotations, and some more. 

So Following is the list of Best Free Screen Capture Tools and Chrome Extensions. 

These some Screenshot Chrome Plugins that you can consider utilizing are recorded beneath


Lightshot is excellent Google Chrome extension in the list which gives users a wide scope of highlights. This is likewise one of the simple and powerful screen capture extension for Chrome browser. Which Makes Lightshot more interesting is that it permits clients to edit the screenshot before saving? With Lightshot, users can add borders, text, blur out content.


Screenpresso is highly powerful screenshoot Chrome extension that lets you save pictures in different file format. This plug in helps you catch your desktop screens and HD videos that can be utilized for making training documents, collaborative configuration work and some more. Its additionally includes a built in photograph editor and sharing choice.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder 

One of the most complex screenshot Chrome extensions, Nimbus lets you snatch record screencasts, whole web pages, edit and explain them with no issues. In this way, what makes Nimbus stand apart from other free screenshot extensions is it’s the capacity to snatch all screenshot of a website page with a delay. Also, it accompanies all the basic highlights that help users to save their time, from taking ideal screens to making great visual media; Nimbus does all the errands for you rapidly.

Webpage Screenshot

If you are looking for the fastest way to grab screenshots, maybe it is the entire page or just a unique window, then use Webpage Screenshot. However, this chrome extension for screenshots is an open-source extension and works quite well to grab full screen from both sides the horizontally and vertically. Additionally, you can share the captured Screenshot directly to any social media network from the same place.


Clipular is a camera or collection tool that lets you see all your favorites in an organized way without cluttering your folder. Along these, you can easily share and group any snapshots in Chrome. When you capture anything on the web, it automatically captures the page title, texts, and its links. From a flash game screenshot to IM chat, strings of comments on Facebook or blog, map or Google street view, and YouTube screen capture, you can take a snapshot of all these.

Moreover, the Clipular extension updates every week. So if you want to stay always updated, you need to use the latest version of Chrome.


Most importantly, qSnap is a lightweight screenshot plugin for Chrome that permits you to capture single as well as multiple web pages. 

It is a browser-based, cross-platform screenshoot extension that consolidates multiple captures into a single document. Additionally, you can enhance your image by adding in-line note boxes and callouts with its built-in annotation tools. You can easily circle, highlight, or crop the snapshot screen. 

It allows you to save your screenshots inside your device. You can get access to their hosting service for saving your snapshots for free.

Besides, you can either capture the entire page or just the require part as per your need.


Another most well known screenshot Chrome extension is Blipshot. 

Using Blipshot, you can easily capture a screenshot with just a click. The file is created, and you can then save it wherever you want. One great thing about it is that when you save the screenshot, it automatically notes the page name, date, and time as well. Thus, you can easily find the file in your system through history. 

What’s more interesting, in the latest Chrome version, you will be able to screenshot Flash content as well. 

Keep in your mind one thing that when you install the extension, don’t forget to reload a page before trying to screenshot it. 

One-Click Full Page Screenshot 

One-Click Full Page Screenshot permits you to take a screenshot of the entire website by merely pressing Alt+Shift+S. It gives you one of the quick ways to capture a screenshot, saving you time. 

This extension yet straightforward screenshot plugin for Chrome saves you a screenshot in png format. 

The great part is that the extension is open source, and there is no bloat or any fancy post-processing. 

Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture is one of the top-rated screenshot extensions for Chrome. It is very simple and quite easy to use. With just one click, it permits you to capture the entire web page. 

It gives an advanced capture technology that enables you to screenshot complex pages that have inner scrollable elements and embedded frames. In case of any problem, you can report it via the customer support flag. They try to solve the problems immediately. 

Additionally, you can save your results in various file formats, including PNG, JPEG, or different PDF paper sizes.


Another best screenshot extension for Chrome is Fireshot. Fireshot is just like any other screenshot extension with some extra features. For starters, it has a built-in image editor that you can use to edit your screenshots immediately after taking them. In reality, it is also simple to add some quick text annotations. 

What’s more, it permits you to capture screenshots of the web pages entirely or selected areas. You can also pick a screenshot only the visible part of a web page. You just require one click, and you can capture all open tabs. 

Additionally, you can save the screenshots in different file formats, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.


In this article, we get to know about 10 google chrome extensions. All the above mentioned extensions have their different qualities and features which attract the people. But you should be alert about reality. There are some extensions that can slow down the browser. That’s why you need to decide you’re final and stick choice about taking any chrome extension. But most of the extensions are free and there is no harm, you should try it at least once time.

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