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Best Eco-Friendly Phone Cases – to help the Planet

If you’re careful about sustainability, then you must shield your phone with a good case to keep it fit and long-lasting use. But mostly phone cases are not eco-friendly.

Ideally, the phone case you pick up should be made from recycled materials; it must be compostable /biodegradable so you can keep using it.

Picking up the best eco-friendly phone case is a very difficult task. So, below we’ve listed all the best possible eco-friendly phone cases for you.


 When you’re searching eco-friendly phone case in the market, you’re bound to use Pela. Pela is an exceptional brand delivering manageable phone cases.

Pela is compostable/biodegradable cases for iPhone, Samsung, and Google telephones users. It is accessible in an extraordinary range of colors or designs. Sometimes, its conveyance times run long, yet Pela every product (phone case) makes from bioplastic or flax straw materials, making it compostable and sturdy. 

Its Sea Turtle Case for iPhone 11 is very good. You can also look over 18 different designs, different spotted colors, and even wallet design hone cases too. 

A Good Company

Situated in Sweden, a Good Company plans to make supportable regular products without giving up incredible design. Every single phone case from A Good Company is completely compostable. What’s more, four percent of each buy is utilized to actualize eco-friendly activities across the globe. 

A Good Company gives over twelve unique designs for Samsung phone cases and more than two dozen iPhone case designs. These range from pop to leopard print to plain dark. If you become weary of your phone case, you can generally reuse it and get a discount on your substitution. 

Leafy Green Phone Case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 users could serve twofold time as a fantastic embellishment and a token of your economical buy. Not all these phone cases are compostable, however A Good Company plants a tree for every one sold.


Each telephone case from MMORE is handmade and produced using recyclable, feasible materials. Far superior to that, you can decide to incorporate coffee, lavender, jasmine, and other natural materials in the development to make your phone case unique. 

Users state the smells from these phone cases are relaxing without being excessively serious. Aside by the wonderful smell, these cases likewise prove themselves to be strong and defensive. 

The Organic Coffee Case is especially famous, who doesn’t like the coffee smell?, and it’s accessible for a wide range of iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei phones. You can even add a customized etching to make these eco-friendly phone cases significantly more extraordinary.


Phone cases from POPSICASE are 100% reused. Slide the aluminum handle down from the back to improve grip on your iPhone. It’s ideal for FaceTime or watching movies when you’ve just got one free hand. 

The case produced by using deserted fishing nets, while its handle is produced using scrap aluminum. At the point when you’re done with your phone case, return it to POPSICASE to have it reused into another one. POPSICASE additionally helps the planet by making up for CO2 emission through delivery and contributing benefits towards sea protection. 

Shockingly, POPSICASE’s reused phone cases are just accessible for the iPhone, however in any event there are a lot of designs to browse. Its sea life design Mediterranean Sea POPSICASE is very loveable; you can likewise get a naked model of a similar design if you like it without the handle.


With wood and elastic design, REVEAL gives probably the most in vogue eco-friendly iPhone cases available. You can find many cases that are made of cork, pecan, bamboo, and different woods, realizing they’re reasonably sourced at every possible opportunity. 

Sadly, REVEAL makes no description of where the elastic comes from. But, the organization makes up for this by offering to non-profit associations and planting a tree for each buy. 

It only offers eco-friendly phone cases for iPhone users. But, you can likewise purchase the same designed headphones, remote chargers, and travel speakers that work with any telephone. 

The Izu Cork iPhone Case has a relaxing sunset design on the back. Sit and accept that cork is economically sourced, and its elastic guard will shield your iPhone from drops.

Loam & Lore

Phone cases from Loam and Lore Company are produced using plant-based materials, making them 100% compostable. At the point when you’re finished with your phone case, stick it in the fertilizer container at home, and it will totally break down inside two years. 

Surprisingly Loam & Lore utilizes recyclable bundling; its whole product offering is totally waste-free. This organization likewise gives 10% of its profit to the Amazon Conservation Team. 

Loam & Lore gives Eco-Friendly iPhone 11 Case Samsung and Huawei cases in mint green, pink, or dark colors. Each case includes an inconspicuous etching on the back, giving the case a tad of surface, and they all give drop insurance also.

Any Used Phone Case

The most eco-friendly phone case accessible is the one you effectively own. If you already using a case for your phone, you should not purchase another one except if you truly need one. Regardless of whether you need to have a biodegradable phone case, you’ve already bought the first one, so you should utilize it. 

All things considered, this normally isn’t an alternative when you get another phone. Furthermore, it’s very a smart thought to get a type of case to shield your new phone from harm. Rather than going to purchase a new phone case, consider the already used phone case market instead. Regardless of whether these phone cases aren’t biodegradable or eco-friendly, so it makes sense to use them as much as possible.

Try to Make Your Phone as Eco-Friendly as possible

Purchasing an eco-friendly case for your phone is an incredible choice to live more economically. It’s critical to make shrewd buys this way, yet those aren’t the only moves you can make to help the planet. 

If you need to realize where to begin, look at these eco-friendly phone cases that can assist you with getting it. With an eco-friendly phone case, your iPhone will be physically eco-friendly.

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