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Best Employee Survey Software (Updated List 2022)

Best Employee Survey Software

This tool tracks employee experiences during their employment with the company. Numerous facets of the employee experience can be examined, including NPS and satisfaction scores, onboarding questionnaires, review planning, and more. And how is this knowledge useful? It will assist you in streamlining your company workflow by allowing you to identify potential problems and enhance employee perceptions of your company.

Best Employee Survey Software


Utilize our employee survey tool to get real-time feedback from your staff on their attitudes, ideas, and opinions. Keep an eye on what your employees are saying and use current knowledge to make reasonable decisions.

This employee survey software immediately engages your employee in the business and fosters a productive workplace environment. Over 20,000 businesses all over the world have confidence in Connecteam. By creating feedback forms and surveys specific to the business’s needs, you can implement workplace improvements.


QuestionPro is a top employee engagement tool for gauging the health of your staff and developing winners within your workforce. To guarantee that you create a work culture that is productive, efficient, and profitable, it helps to identify the primary staff drivers. It provides tailored surveys and keeps track of your workforce’s lifecycle. Due to the software portal’s complete customizability enables you to achieve excellence in efficient business operations and high productivity.


With the data-driven insights you learn from the employee survey programs offered by Zenefits, you can raise employee morale and satisfaction. You can simplify the employee engagement process using this software. Then, you may decide how to empower your people in a practical way. With the use of this employee engagement software, surveys can be created, communicated, learned from, and shared.

By using our employee survey software, you can reduce your HR headaches and devote more time, resources, and energy to growing your company’s sales, revenues, and profits.


Utilizing the digital tools provided by ClearCompany for employee management, you can encourage and reward staff members for fostering a positive workplace environment and teamwork. It aids in raising employee morale and productivity. Peer restructuring is possible publicly thanks to ClearCompany’s digital tools for staff management, especially for those who have excelled. The accomplishments are shown in the news stream.


With the best employee survey tools from SurveySparrow, you can conduct in-depth research and analysis for your staff and flourish in the ecosystem of your business. Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can still collect employee information.

Additionally, this employee engagement software provides offline questionnaires that allow for distant data collection. With the help of the SurveySparrow API integration tool, it is simple to integrate the data that was obtained from the employee surveys with your regular web apps.


When you wish to add an emotional component to your employee engagement plan, Inpulse is thought to be the best employee survey software. Its industry-leading dashboard gives you the feeling of being in a true working collaboration, and it is renowned for its distinctive, gold standard methodology. As a result, you can produce analytics reports on your employees’ emotional states.

With the help of this tool, you can improve engagement, improve employee performance, and change the workplace culture of your business. The entire procedure is made simple, convenient, and user-friendly for multi-level users from management to staff thanks to Inpulse software’s training films for its capabilities.

SnapComms Surveys

SnapComms is a powerful employee survey tool that may help you assess and manage the experiences of your staff at work. Your dashboard, which is completely user-friendly, allows you to verify the survey results right away, improving staff morale and how they interact with you.

With the help of this program, you can also assess your employees’ involvement. This software enables you to make decisions that have an impact. The software’s varied questionnaire options and automated reminders to complete the surveys ensure 100% accuracy in responses.


SurveyMonkey is a leader in providing the best employee survey tools for small and large businesses. The software has unique survey formats that professionals created. The outcomes are entirely data-driven and can help you alter the working environment you provide for your staff around-the-clock.

Using this employee engagement survey software can increase employee job satisfaction and build a more productive staff. Employee voice surveys from SurveyMonkey are a terrific choice if you’re seeking for new viewpoints from your staff as well as useful information.


Do you want to give your employees a platform to communicate with you about their experiences? If so, WorkTango’s employee surveying tools can be useful. They will offer practical advice to help you guarantee that your business fosters an environment that is welcoming to employees. This brand’s personalized surveys, data-driven analytics, and potent technologies can help your business improve its employee lifecycle.

The software is completely interoperable with the majority of smart devices, making use on any desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or browser effortless.

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