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10 Best Financial Analytics Software to Use in 2022

Best Financial Analytics Software

Finance teams at major businesses frequently use financial analytics software to examine their organization’s investments across asset classes. These services gather all investment portfolio data, analyze it, and provide recommendations for changes.

CFOs can evaluate financial analytics software’s reports on potential investment opportunities. Financial analytics software frequently offers customizable tagging options that let users organize their data any way they see fit. Financial analytics software is increasingly frequently used to evaluate past investment choices, monitor present assets, and create better investment plans.

What is Financial Analytics Software?

Financial analytics software is used by investors and fund managers to create reports, find possible investment possibilities, and evaluate those options. Software for financial analytics frequently has user-customizable tagging options that let users tag and store data any way they see fit. Investment professionals use these solutions to assess previous investment choices, keep an eye on their existing holdings, and plan for future investments.

The ecosystem of financial services software includes tools for financial analytics. These programs frequently incorporate investment data from outside sources.

  • A product must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Financial Analytics category:
  • Have the ability to aggregate financial data
  • construct investment portfolio reports
  • Track the performance of your investment portfolio using segmented filtering.
  • Provide functionality for investment attribution

Best Financial Analytics Software for 2022

Techinweb brings you the list of the best financial analytics software; let’s have a look at the names given below.

1. Asset-Map


Asset-Map is a Software-as-a-Process tool for managing investments and assets. Asset- Map allows analysts to build highly personalized, design-focused presentations that aid in the improvement of their financial judgment. Thousands of professionals worldwide use Asset- Map, which has mapped over 1 million people and $1.4 trillion in financial assets.

2. eMoney


Financial advisers are empowered by eMoney’s comprehensive and scalable technology platform and services to satisfy a variety of financial planning demands for their clients.

Our packages, which are built on our planning-centric platform, are designed to correspond with the kind of planning that advisors give and increase client engagement.

Our planning tool aids in planning across the client lifecycle, client engagement, practice management, technology streamlining, and business expansion.

3. ReadyRatios


You may quickly assess your company’s financial health by using the ReadyRatios SaaS solution and the required account statements. Businesses merely need to enter the system with financial reports produced in line with UG GAAP or IFRS in order to obtain real-time analysis. Because it calculates and describes more than 40 rates and factors, organizations can know their actual financial status. The multiple-choice conditional text module in ReadyRatios maintains the uniqueness of each report even when assertions are founded on the same set of data.

4. Fathom


Fathom is a straightforward piece of financial management software designed to handle all of your business’s reporting and financial analysis requirements. Users can use this tool to understand precisely how their organization works and advance spot trends, and identify areas for improvement. It offers a number of in-depth analytics indicators. To give consumers granular dashboards and perceptive insights, Fathom software seamlessly integrates MYOB, Excel, QuickBooks, and Xero.

5. RightCapital


RightCapital, a financial planning tool with the greatest levels of satisfaction among financial advisers, was created in 2015 and is one of the fastest-growing financial planning tools. Because of its cutting-edge and convenient features, financial planning has become simple. It streamlines financial planning so that everyone can learn how to better plan for the future, from tax-efficient distributions to interactive retirement scenarios, student loan management, insurance evaluation, and estate preparation.

6. Qvinci


The business intelligence, and reporting capabilities of Qvinci can be useful to the multi-unit, nonprofit, franchising, and banking industries. Real-time actionable data provided by the platform can be used by individual users in the same way. It is actively connected to Xero, Excel, MYOB, QuickBooks, and other programs through accounting software. Qvinci may provide a number of reports, including cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheets. Multiple reports can be combined into one PDF document.

7. Pepper


The infrastructure of investment managers’ decision-making is getting power by Pepper, a cloud-based solution for investment data. With its comprehensive collection of capabilities, investment managers may provide a single, invaluable source of data for all of their operational requirements, investor reporting, compliance reporting, and analytics. This state-of-the-art digital data platform supports fund managers in carrying out transactions with confidence, speed, and accuracy.

8. Altvia Answers

Altvia Answers

In order to effectively compete for funding and deals, private equity (PE) firms must acquire an advantage in information and use timing. It is simple to conduct complex analysis at any time with Altvia Answers, Without IT, Altvia Answers offers data analytics to entrepreneurs so they may find the answers to the questions they currently know they have and those they haven’t yet thought of.

9. Runway


A tool for cash planning called the runway helps businesses more effectively identify, manage, and extend their business-relevant financial runway. It enables businesses to get a precise view of their cash flow. Users of Runway can nonetheless comprehend how their expenses have affected the company’s cash burn even if they are unable to deal with spreadsheets. The application allows for the quick creation of aesthetically appealing charts.

10. IndustryCFO


IndustryCFO is a financial analytics program that provides its users with great business intelligence solutions. And guarantees the success of their commercial endeavors. Business owners and company executives alike have access to the platform’s intuitive expertise addition to business experts. Additionally, it offers insightful research, reports, and recommendations. And KPIs that are simple to understand to aid in the expansion of enterprises. The application includes a Business Performance Scoreboard that displays a company’s financial health and suggests ways to strengthen it.

Final Thoughts:

Financial analysis will better understand your company’s financial situation and enable you to estimate your company’s creditworthiness, profitability, and revenue potential. It will also give you a deeper understanding of how well your company operates on the inside.

Financial analytics software can play a role in cost reduction when the appropriate technology is there. By implementing the right tool, businesses may accurately visualize the best course of action from the current information to data management, predictions, and future decisions.

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