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Top 10 Best Free DVD Player Software For Windows 10 And Mac

Best Free DVD Player Software

Some people may find this hard to believe, but DVDs and Blu-rays are still viral forms of entertainment that bring in a lot of money for movie and TV show creators.

Many movie fans gather movies on DVD and Blu-ray as a craft. It’s possible that this is why it’s so important even though services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have become so popular in recent years.

DVD Player Software

There are DVD players that let you watch DVDs on a TV, but to play a DVD on a computer or laptop, you need special software. There are a lot of choices out there for DVD player software for Windows 10 and Mac users, which can be beneficial or frustrating for users.

There are so many options that users are bound to feel like they can’t choose just one. Thank goodness we’re here to help you out of this jam and make an informed choice about the type of DVD player software you want.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at some of the paid and free DVD player software you can find online. We’ll talk about their features and prices, and then you can choose which one to use or move on to another better one.

Following Is The List of Best Free DVD Player Software

#1) Leawo

This is the best free music player for Windows.

Best Free DVD Player Software

Before you even try out Leawo’s act, the way it looks and feels like the future is what draws you in. However, once you try it, you understand what a robust media player you have.

Leawo has a massive amount of power and can easily play Blu-ray, DVD, or any other video or music disc or file. It can play a 4k or 1080p movie with stunning clarity.

There are also a lot of easy-to-use tools built into Leawo that help users get the most out of the power their DVD player is using. It’s also very flexible, letting you change the skin, language, and background to suit your needs. It also has a virtual panel that makes it easy to manage all of the tool’s features.


  • Six-in-one media player
  • Dashboard in the cloud
  • Can play UHD files
  • Flexible and adaptable

Verdict: Leawo is beautiful to look at and a beast when playing DVDs and Blu-rays. The virtual dashboard makes it easy to move around in a clean interface, and you can enjoy a wide range of high-quality materials without any problems.

Price: It’s free.

Website: Leawo

#2) WinX DVD Ripper

It’s the quickest method of ripping DVDs without sacrificing the quality of the source material.

Best Free DVD Player Software

You can rip DVDs to MP4 with WinX DVD Ripper. You can change an ISO file or a DVD to WMV, FLV, MOV, MP4, MP3, MPEG, and more. It has more than 350 categories. You can save DVDs to a hard drive, a USB drive, a network-attached storage (NAS), or Plex.

You can watch the ripped file on your computer, HDTV, iPhone, Android, Xbox One S, PS4, and other devices. The unique technology is used to process the movie. WinX DVD Ripper can rip DVDs quickly while keeping the quality of the source video.


  • Because of the way its title check works, WinX DVD Ripper can’t work with any DVD, whether it’s new, old, broken, or something else.
  • There is level-3 hardware acceleration in this DVD ripper.
  • It can output MPEG4/H.264/HEVC files optimized for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, game systems, tablets, and more.
  • It has over 210 movie and music codecs.

Verdict: WinX DVD Ripper is a DVD-ripping program that works with Windows. It can save an exact digital copy on a hard drive, which will be helpful when you want to burn something again. Any DVD can be played on it, even ones that are scratched or not.

Price: WinX DVD Ripper comes in two versions: the free one and the Platinum one. You can buy WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for $39.95. You can also try WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for free.

Website: WinX DVD Ripper

#3) Cyberlink PowerDVD 20 Ultra

The best and highest quality playback of files.

Best Free DVD Player Software

PowerDVD 20 Ultra is a media player that can play movies and TV shows. It’s an all-in-one platform with a premium video app that lets you keep your files in order. You will be able to view your media library whenever you want.

You can utilize its file-sharing capabilities. Anything will let you watch your TV shows, movies, and photos. You can quickly search your media by genre or year it came out.


  • The tool has features that will let you play without any problems.
  • You can watch it anywhere.
  • You can watch your films and TV series on any platform, like a PC, TV, casting device, phone, or tablet.
  • It has video and sound clarity that can’t be beat.

Verdict: PowerDVD 20 Ultra has both a web player and a mobile app so that you can stream from anywhere, at any time, on any platform. With this tool, you can enjoy playing that doesn’t skip. TrueTheater improvements give it the best video and sound quality possible.

Price: You can get PowerDVD 20 Ultra for free by downloading it. It has both a membership plan and licenses that last forever. PowerDVD 20 Standard ($59.99) and PowerDVD 20 Ultra ($69.99) are licenses that last a lifetime. PowerDVD 365 ($54.99 per year) is a plan that you pay for every year. The platform comes with a 30-day money-back promise.

Website: CyberLink PowerDVD 20 Ultra

#4) VideoLan VLC Media Player

The best free DVD player for Mac and Windows 10.

Best Free DVD Player Software

At this point in its long and happy life, VLC doesn’t need an official welcome from us. It is, after all, one of the most popular video players you can get today. It’s easy to play almost any DVD file.

The program is simple to use and automatically plays any DVD you insert. It also has many valuable features, such as the ability to sync audio, capture the screen, add subtitles, and more. Customers love how well the software works with all kinds of devices and think it’s one of the best media players, let alone a good DVD player.


  • It can play almost all formats without any codec packs.
  • Works on every device and operating system
  • Very easy to change
  • No cost at all to use

Verdict: VLC media player is a great way to play your DVDs because it works with almost all output types. It is also free and doesn’t bother users with useless ads, which makes it the clear winner when it comes to DVD player software.

Price: Free

Website: VideoLan VLC Media Player

#5) DVD Player-free

This is the best free DVD player for Windows 10.

Best Free DVD Player Software

DVD Player is a great tool just because it is easy to use. The company knows that all people want from a DVD player is software that can easily find and play any DVD file. This is one area where DVD Player shines.

There is a clean, modern design on the tool, and it also has a powerful media engine that lets you play any DVD on Windows 10. Besides this, the program can also play VCD and Blu-ray discs.

It also makes it incredibly simple to choose a video, audio, or caption track. It’s also straightforward to get subtitles from somewhere else and add them to the DVD material that this tool plays.


  • Use for free
  • The user experience is clean and modern.
  • plays any material with perfect ease
  • Access the ISO disc image file
  • Pick a track for video, sound, or subtitles.

Verdict: DVD Player will play your DVD disc along with other CDs and outputs in other formats without any major problems. It is the best free DVD player for Windows 10 that people could have hoped for.

Price: It’s free.

Website: DVD Player – Free

#6) 5K Player

The best way to play Ultra HD discs.

Best Free DVD Player Software

With its strong interface and even more powerful media engine, 5K Player is a sign of the future of software for playing media. The fact that the tool can play UHD discs is the cherry on top of being able to play media files in almost any format.

Apart from that, 5K Player offers a complete experience with extra features such as a Video editor, the ability to rip and burn DVDs, screen recording, and a video downloader.

Like a DVD player, a 5K Player lets you watch or listen to your favorite movies and music in 4K, 1080p, and 360 forms.


  • You can play UHD, 4K, and 1080p files.
  • Clean look and feel
  • Editor of Videos
  • How to get videos
  • Burn and rip DVDs

Verdict: 5K Player is a DVD Player that looks like a full-featured video editing tool. That being said, a 5K player will be great if you want something more than just a DVD player.

Price: it’s free

Website: 5K Player

#7) PotPlayer

The best way to watch 3D video at home on Windows.

Best Free DVD Player Software

PotPlayer stands out from the others on this list right away because it has a tool that lets people watch 3D content online. There are some movie DVDs that let you watch them in 3D. This software makes it possible to play these movies at home very well.

Another nice thing about PotPlayer is that it looks great and has a simple, clean user interface. Pot Player lets users play different kinds of material in HD or stream, not just 3D.

Pot Player can be made to look more like you by adding features like taking screenshots, changing videos, and customising the skins.


  • It can play 3D DVDs.
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Hardware that works faster
  • Editor of Videos

Verdict: PotPlayer is a great program for watching 3D movies on a Windows computer or laptop. Besides this, the tool is also a pretty good DVD player for Windows 10.

Price: It’s free

Website: PotPlayer

#8) KM Player

The best way to watch HD movies on Mac and Windows.

Best Free DVD Player Software

This program is written in Korean and is the best all-in-one tool. It also plays DVDs very well. Videos with resolutions up to 8k are supported, with flexible playback layouts. Just because of this, the tool is worth a try. But this place has a lot more to offer.

The design is clean, and you can use as many skins as you want to make it your own. You can also theoretically change the video that is playing by adding subtitles, changing the audio, changing the speed, taking pictures, and a lot more.

The list of things that KM Player can do is endless. It can play HD and 3D videos and has a fun interface that will make your watching experience better.


  • It is easy to play 3D and HD movies.
  • Easy to use options for subtitles
  • Clean design for users
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Strong audio player

Verdict: KM Player was made for people who want more from their media players. Besides being a great DVD player, it’s also a great media player in general. It is definitely worth a shot.

Price: It’s free

Website: KM Player

#9) RealPlayer

The best for advanced and easy-to-use movie players.

Best Free DVD Player Software

RealPlayer is a great programme that stands out for all the right reasons. It can play any kind of UHD content and download content from famous sites like YouTube and TikTok. It can also help you organise your media files into a library that you can play without any problems.

One thing that really makes it stand out from other tools of its kind, though, is that it can amazingly find celebs in a video that is playing on its interface with just one click on their face.

What an amazing speed at which you can find all the online information about the celebrity you saw in the movie. For this reason alone, the program is worth a look.


  • Watch vids online
  • Play discs and media files in a number of different forms
  • A function that makes it easy to recognize famous faces with just one click
  • Set up a library of video files and organize them.

Verdict: RealPlayer is lightning-fast and incredibly smart software that you should get just for being able to recognize famous faces. It does, however, make a great DVD player, which is why it belongs on this list.

Price: It’s free

Website: RealPlayer

#10) Kodi

Best for a video player that is open source.

Best Free DVD Player Software

The main thing that Kodi is is a free media player that lets people stream material online and off. People today want to watch as many TV shows and movies as they want for free, and this is one of the best tools for that.

It works well with all kinds of media, including DVDs and all the other disc types out there. Additionally, it gives users a great way to arrange their media library by type, artist name, or title.


  • Easily changeable skins
  • Free and open source
  • Sort and arrange your material gallery.
  • Connect to your smart TV

Verdict: Kodi should be enough for people who still have DVDs and want to watch videos on their computer every once in a while. But it’s mostly a free streaming tool, so keep that in mind before you decide to only use it to play DVDs.

Price: It’s free.

Website: Kodi


Even though DVDs may seem like an old technology, there are still movie and TV fans who use them to keep their favourite shows and movies stored physically. This list of the best DVD player software is just a small part of the bigger market for tools like these. Each one gives its people something different.

We think the very popular VLC media player is the best choice if you want a simple DVD player that can play almost anything. If you want software that can do more than just play DVDs, like editing, getting videos, etc., choose 5K Player instead.

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