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7 Best HDD Format Tools That You Can Use In 2021

7 Best HDD Format Tools That You Can Use In 2021

This article discusses HDD Format Tools that will be useful in 2021. Hard drive and external hard drive formatting is usually a simple operation. Formatting applications are included in both the most popular operating systems, Windows and Mac OS, making formatting external drives even easier.

However, given the variety of hard drive manufacturers, interfaces, and other compatibility and formatting concerns, employing specialised formatting tools and utilities is sometimes the best solution. Windows users may quickly format and partition external discs using the Windows Disk Management function (seen above).

However, there are situations when it simply does not function. The drive you’re trying to format, for example, might not be detected by the tool, or it might be greyed out and unclickable. If you can’t properly format or partition a hard disc using Microsoft’s or Apple’s built-in programmes, your next option might be to format the drive using the command line.

If a hard disc isn’t formatting, partitioning, or otherwise making things easier, you might want to try utilising a specialised hard drive formatting programme.
In many circumstances, these utilities are more effective than Windows and OS X’s built-in choices.

7 Best HDD Format Tools – Hard Drive Disk Format Tools

1. MiniTool Partition Wizard


MiniTool Partition Wizard Free is a freeware disc partitioning and formatting application that is simple to use and effective. The software excels at making complex formatting options simple, thanks to its basic interface.

In Windows 10, it supports nearly every file system format, as well as UEFI and EFI boot, MBR and GPT discs, RAID storage, and SSDs. It can be used to increase the size of your system partition, move your operating system from a normal hard drive to an SSD, convert file systems, and much more.

2. HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool


HDD Low Level Format Tool is a software designed specifically for formatting low-level hard disc drives. nAfter using this low-level format tool, the entire disc surface will be erased. Data restoration is impossible as a result of using this utility!
The speed of this HDD Low Level Format utility is limited to 80GB per hour or 50 MB/s, despite the fact that it is free for personal/home use. For a low-level format, this is the sole disc format tool available.

3. EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition


EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition is an excellent tool for managing partitions, copying partitions, and even creating boot drives. The lightweight Windows tool is a little more user-friendly than the built-in Windows Disk Management function, and it comes with a few extra options and functions.

As a result, it’s now one of the most popular hard disc utilities on a variety of websites. Partitions can be resized or moved, partitions can be checked, partitions can be merged, partitions can be wiped, partitions may be formatted, and labels can be changed. You must upgrade to the commercial edition if you wish to execute more complicated activities, such as converting or cloning the partition.

4. AOMEI Partition Assistant


The final suggested partition manager is AOMEI Partition Assistant. It contains nearly all of the same capabilities as the other programmes listed above, and it is also available as a shareware version. It is also updated on a regular basis and is compatible with Windows 10.

Some settings will be available in the free version, while others will require a paid version purchase. This is true for all of the programmes listed above.  If you only need to complete a particular task and one programme fails to meet your needs, I recommend trying another before buying.

5. Windows Disk Management


You can use Windows Disk Management without needing to download it because it is a free Windows built-in function. It comes in handy when trying to format a drive that doesn’t show up in File Explorer. It’s also useful for formatting storage devices that have problems, such as file system corruption, not formatted errors, and not being accessible, among other things. It is compatible with all versions of Windows.

6. Paragon Partition Manager Free


Paragon Partition Manager free is another wonderful little programme that supports Windows 10 and has a lot of functions. Backup and recovery, partition management, disc cleaning, and drive copy are the four main features. The fact that each software function has its own wizard is one of my favourite features of Paragon.

The programme does a wonderful job of guiding you through the procedure if you are apprehensive to make such modifications. A premium version with greater features and support for larger drives is also available.

7. HP Disk Storage Format Utility


The other programme on this list, on the other hand, concentrates on external hard drive formatting; the HP Disk Storage Formatter, on the other hand, focuses on USB devices like flash drives. Only a few settings are available in this ultra-simple formatting tool, but it works effectively and has garnered great comments.

Overall, the formatting applications included with Windows and OS X will format hard drives; but, they may fail to format a hard drive successfully in some instances. The command line is the next step, although it is more difficult and not suitable for everyone. However, with the hard disc formatting and partitioning utilities described in this post, you should have no trouble formatting hard drives or even USB flash drives. Enjoy!

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