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10 Best HR Analytics Software For Actionable Workforce Data [2022]

HR Analytics Software

It has been demonstrated that a well-functioning HR management team improves business performance, but how can you demonstrate and sustain that value to your organization? One method to achieve this is through HR analytics software.

In order to forecast future trends and make the right hires, your team can collect data on things like performance, attendance, workforce costs, and labour demands using HR analytics software. Multiple HR operations, including hiring, training, talent management, turnover, and performance management, can be aided by a complete analytics solution.

Discover the top HR analytics solutions in my evaluation, along with a brief explanation of why I selected these systems over their rivals. In order to assist you to decide which tool is best for your needs, my evaluation contains a brief summary of each piece of software, along with screenshots and a helpful comparison table.

The Best HR Analytics Software

The list of the top HR analytics tools that I’ll discuss in this article is provided below.

  • Papaya Global
  • PerformYard
  • intelliHR
  • Sage HR
  • Visier People
  • Qualtrics People Analytics
  • Leapsome
  • Lattice
  • IBM Workforce Planning
  • ChartHop

Comparison Criteria

  • User Interface (UI): Your HR team should be able to fulfil their duties without becoming lost in menus and should be able to easily navigate the programme.
  • Usability: After a brief onboarding phase, your HR team should be able to use the tool’s basic features with little instruction and comprehend its more complicated features.
  • Integrations: I look for products that can be used in conjunction with your primary HR software as well as anything you use for project planning, payroll, compensation, and benefits administration.
  • Value for $: In order to obtain a high return on your investment, I look for systems that provide numerous useful functions for HR staff.

Software for HR Analytics: Key Features

  • Workforce analytics: Because it enables them to gather information for performance measurement, workforce analytics is an essential element for HR departments.
  • Employee turnover forecasting: Your HR department should use the analytics tool to track staff churn rates in order to prepare the company for impending departures better.
  • Recruitment analytics: The channels that offer quality applicants and strong recruiting rates should be able to be identified by HR staff.
  • Actionable insights: Based on the data it gathers, a solid HR analytics solution should provide your team with insights that can be put to use.
  • Reporting: On the basis of the information the software gathers, your team should be able to produce unique reports.

Overviews Of The 10 Best HR Analytics Software

Here is a quick summary of each HR analytics software product, along with a list of notable features and screenshots showing the user interfaces for each tool’s finest use cases.

1. Papaya Global

Papaya Global

An automated SaaS platform called Papaya Worldwide offers a complete global workforce management solution with cross-border payments in more than 160 nations. The software integrates your global workforce data into a single view for your complete multinational team and supports all employee alternatives (payroll, EoR, contractors).

Additionally, Papaya Global provides an in-depth analysis of your workforce spending, connects with well-known solutions for labour administration, and uses cutting-edge technology to guarantee compliance and eliminate mistakes. Papaya Global develops a highly visible approach for monitoring payroll expenses and comprehending the total cost of employee employment, including all related charges.

2. PerformYard


The performance management software from PerformYard offers configurable HR capabilities while streamlining the employment experience for your staff. Their platform gives HR teams the resources they need to establish any strategy for performance management and swiftly analyse performance trends to identify employee development avenues.

Plans for performance improvement and instruments for finding possibilities for advancement or successors are important components. Their performance management system supports cascade goals, project-based evaluations, ongoing feedback, and 360-degree feedback.

3. intelliHR


A human capital management (HCM) solution called IntelliHR can assist medium and big businesses in creating meaningful reports regarding the performance and satisfaction indicators of their staff members. The program provides a broad selection of analytics tools that can help your HR team coordinate its work with the company’s strategic business goals.

The people and analytics module of intelliHR provides a range of data collecting options, including polls for employee wellness, employee net promoter score, and employee happiness (NPS). Self-evaluation, peer assessment, and task completion statistics can all be used to gather information on performance and productivity.

4. Sage HR

Sage HR

For small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to monitor their team’s performance and individual contributions to the accomplishment of strategic goals, Sage HR is an excellent HR solution. Most users of the software will be able to use its fundamental features without any training because of its straightforward design and quick navigation.

Managers and HR specialists may get a clear overview of the program, and the performance module stores and analyses employee data. The tool can be used to assess employee productivity, monitor absence rates, and identify team members who contributed to the company’s accomplishments.

5. Visier People

Visier People

With the use of the analytics tool Visier, medium and big businesses can gain a general understanding of their workforce. HR professionals may follow hiring, firing, and turnover patterns thanks to the software’s data collection, analysis, and presentation in the form of thorough reports.

The platform’s user interface is tidy, vibrant, and welcoming to non-technical users. The onboarding procedure is quick, and Visier provides assistance through eLearning courses, a knowledge base, discussion boards, and customer care representatives.

6. Qualtrics People Analytics

Qualtrics People Analytics

Software for managing human resources called Qualtrics People Analytics is ideal for medium-sized and large businesses. Even those who are not tech savvy can easily use the HR system. It offers a simple UI that is straightforward to use, and it organizes the gathered HR indicators into digestible graphs and reports.

This tool’s surveys component, which can be used to gather self-reported worker data regarding culture and performance, is one of its best features. Employee satisfaction surveys and departure interviews are just two examples of the types of questionnaires that HR teams might design, distribute, and analyse the data.

7. Leapsome


Leapsome is an analytics solution that can be customized for companies of various sizes. Human resource management teams may track employee performance, development, and engagement using the software’s many features.

Leapsome’s engagement analysis function is what I appreciate about it the most. With the aid of templates or from scratch, you may create employee engagement surveys using this function. The programme analyses the comments and determines the factors that influence engagement, engagement levels, and the sentiment of the responses.

8. Lattice


For medium-sized and large businesses, there is a human resource management (HRM) system called Lattice. Whether anonymously or not, the tool is excellent for providing and receiving work feedback. It provides easy navigation and has an approachable layout.

By automating review cycles for regular performance tracking, Lattice helps HR departments save time. HR professionals can design unique templates and plan when to distribute them for weekly, monthly, or quarterly reviews.

9. IBM Workforce Planning

IBM Workforce Planning 

For medium-sized and big businesses, IBM Workforce Planning is a reliable method for managing human resources. The workforce planning and forecasting assistance provided by the analytics programme is helpful and generates insights that are simple to understand.

This tool’s ability to let teams compile HR data sets from various sources and evaluate them as they see appropriate is one of the features I enjoyed the most. You may easily build forecast insights by slicing and dicing the reports’ data.

10. ChartHop


A data analytics solution that is appropriate for companies of all sizes is ChartHop. This tool offers a simple, user-friendly interface. Its features can, among other things, enable your team to spend less time completing SMART goals and peer evaluations.

The organizational chart of this application is one of its best features. For both managers and employers, the data is consolidated in the chart view. Goals may be monitored, feedback can be obtained, and contacts can be identified when certain issues need to be resolved.

Need Expert Help Selecting The Right Analytics Software?

For your convenience, People Managing People has partnered with the software comparison website to help you select the product that best suits your requirements. Crozdesk’s Analytics Software advisers can compile a customized shortlist of software options with objective suggestions to assist you in choosing the options that best meet your company’s requirements. You have free access to their personalized software selection assistance as a result of our agreement, saving you time and trouble when doing your search.

Why Do We Need HR analytics?

Organizations can use HR analytics to track employee performance and base decisions on pertinent information. HR professionals may demonstrate to management how human capital assets affect overall business success by tracking various KPIs. Analytics solutions aid HR departments in lowering attrition, increasing employee productivity, and preserving a positive workplace environment.

Without the use of spreadsheets, human resource information systems (HRIS) allow HR professionals to gather and analyse workforce data. They make it simple to plan operations, monitor the lifecycle of an employee, and judge a new hire’s aptitude.

Know A Better HCM Analytics Software? 

What is your experience like with the HR analytics programmes I listed? Do you use any additional tools that I ought to have included? Comment below and let me know.

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