Top 10 Hulu Alternatives in 2020 online Movies & TV Shows

It’s no doubt that the trend of video streaming sites and apps were high. This is why we now have hundreds of video streaming services on the internet. Some popular video streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, NetFlix, etc. lets you watch endless hours of video content.

Although Netflix is right now the best video streaming platform, it still doesn’t have an on-demand and Live TV feature. Another best media streaming platform, Hulu, solves this problem. For those who don’t know, Hulu is a popular website that offers TV shows and movies.


Hulu can be used for free, but with a limited content selection. Hulu does have premium plans, but they are expensive than most of its alternatives. Also, Hulu is available only for US users, and you can’t use it without a VPN. So, considering the high price and unavailability in major regions, it makes sense to look for its alternatives.

Best Hulu Alternatives in 2020

So, in this article, we have decided to share some of the best Hulu alternatives to watch movies and TV Shows in 2020. Some site requires premium membership, but you can avail the free trial to watch Movies & TV Shows for free. So, let’s check out the best Hulu alternatives in 2020.

1. Netflix

Compared to Hulu, Netflix has a far less expensive plan. the one issue that makes Netflix special from Hulu is its availability. It doesn’t depend in case you are living in India or in the U.S, you can access Netflix from anywhere. If we talk approximately the content material, the website has plenty of specific movies and TV Shows.

2. Vudu

Well, this is one of the great video streaming websites on the listing that you could visit in the place of Hulu. The good thing is that Walmart backs Vudu, and it has plenty of popular movies and tv shows to offer. Apart from subscribing to a monthly bundle,  you can purchase movies and TV Shows.

3. Crackle

Sony Crackle is every other nice Hulu alternative on the list which you can visit today. The good thing is that the web page is subsidized by Sony, which is a leading media organization. you may expect masses of popular titles on the website online like national Lampoon’s Van Wilder, District 9, and so on. Apart from that, it changed into the user interface that makes the website special from its competitors.

4. Stremio

Well, Stremio itself is not a media streaming site or service. Instead, it acts as a media aggregator. It simply collects and lists all popular Movies and TV Shows from different video streaming services like iTunes, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. So, it’s a media hub that organizes the popular and legit streams of the different streaming platforms.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Well, if you are searching for a perfect Hulu alternative that offers on-demand content at a relatively low monthly cost, then you need to consider Amazon Prime Video. Compared to every different video streaming sites, Amazon high has extra content. In fact, the monthly plans of Amazon Prime Video are much affordable compared to other streaming services.

6. iTunes

Apple’s iTunes is never known as a video streaming service, but it does have movies and tv shows you can rent movies and tv shows from the iTunes Library. However, iTunes is initially supposed for the iOS ecosystem, and it’s nice enjoyed on Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, and Mac. So, iTunes is every other fine Hulu alternatives in 2020 that you could take into account.

7. M-GO

It’s a site from where you can either rent or buy the newest releases. From Movies, Documentaries to TV Shows, the site covers everything. There were over 1000+ titles on the site. Apart from that, it was the user interface that makes the site stand out from the crowd.

8. YouTube

Well, YouTube is the best video streaming site available. The website lets you lease movies and TV Shows for some days at a minimal fee. now and again, you’ll additionally find movies and tv shows uploaded through the users, which you could watch for free. So, YouTube is a goldmine for video and also you simply want to discover the platform to locate famous titles.

9. Hotstar

Well, if you are living in India and searching for the best Hulu alternatives, then Hotstar might be the best pick for you. Guess what? Hotstar is right now the best video streaming site in India. On this site, you can watch TV Serials, Web Series, Movies, etc. Not only that, but Hotstar also lets you stream live sports as well.

10. Flipps

This site is pretty much similar to the Stremio that had been listed above. It’s a media hub that organizes the popular and legit streams of the different streaming platforms. It grabs popular and trending video contents from various sources like Sony, YouTube, etc. and presents you in a clean interface. So, Flipps is one of those sites which could help you you discover new movies to watch.


So, these are the ten best Hulu alternatives in 2020 that you can consider. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.


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