Best Instagram Alternatives

We are familiar with the most used social media website these days. Instagram is the used photo sharing & editing smartphone application attracting photo lovers worldwide. As we saw some internet reports, suggest Instagram has more than a billion monthly active users (MAUs), and more than 500 million users visit this application daily. If we look at the world’s population, these stats refer to every seventh person on Earth who downloaded this application. The most amazing fact is they created the app in the last decade, and it has grabbed more than a billion visitors in a shocking time. They launched the Android version of this app in 2021, nine years ago, and since then, it has never looked back.

Instagram and similar services are attractive platforms that provide users with new opportunities. These apps allow you to display your creativity and share your photos and videos with people worldwide. Allows you to meet and chat with new people. You can also use it to promote your business, generate unique content for your page, investigate new areas, and much more.

Looking at the traffic and ranking of Instagram, it leads the market, yer some alternatives allow similar functionality. We have written about the best Instagram alternatives in our article, so if you search for  Insta alternatives, look at our list.  This article can be helpful if you are looking to create your

Best Instagram Alternatives

After gathering a lot of data and information, we have compiled a list of the best Instagram alternatives to increase your experience. These apps are also grabbing the attention of users and allow different features. Let’s start reading about Best Instagram Alternatives in the list given below

1.  Retrica



Retrica is at the top of our list of best Instagram alternatives available for Android and iOS users. This application is well known for the selfie camera, but it also resembles Instagram in many features works regular pictures as well. It offers users a platform to share their photos and videos to buddies and community, send personal messages, and follow other users. There is that one feature that makes it better than Instagram and other apps.  With this application, you can apply filters to photos, even if they are made with a front camera before you take a shot.

Along with all other features, it enables its users to make GIFs from collages and movies. So you dont need to worry; if you are looking for the best Instagram alternative, Retrica is there to serve you.

2.  Flickr



Flickr is amongst the best Instagram alternatives and allows you to upload the photos from your camera roll to the cloud. You can edit them by cropping and applying filters, and share images of your choice with the community. Experts compare it with Instagram, but it offers some extra features like Flickr is great for organizing the photos. It allows users to create an album and works quicker than Instagram for various sizes and dimensions.  Summing up, we will say Flickr is one of the best Instagram alternatives and social media apps that you use right now.

3.  Discover Vero



Discover Vero is the most social and straightforward network site that doesn’t allow any ads, data mining, and algorithms. The significant difference between this social network and all posts displayed on its sequential feed-in order without any particular content ranked algorithm.  However, if you subscribe to its premium plan, it will not find any annoying ads within making it one of the best Instagram alternatives.

4.  Vigo Video



The other name of Vigo Video is Flipagram is like Instagram, which is created especially for online storytelling. It offers many interesting features to its subscribers, like short craft videos, by applying different filters. Other features include adding music, stickers, and other effects.

It is one of the best Instagram alternative social media that enables people to share videos online. You can also interact with other people and perfect replacement to Instagram but less effective in taking photos.

5.  Snapchat



Snapchat is a true competitor of Instagram; however, the photos and videos shared via Snapchat are short. It allows you to send photos and videos daily, and Snapchat automatically deletes your snaps after viewing them.  If you add some video to a story, it will last for a day, and you can make groups with your other Snapchat friends. Users can share their snaps to someone else’s story if they are found at a specific point. Besides, the application has many fun filters and lenses, chat, and a bunch of other functions. Although there’s no general interface or webpage yet, it is considered one of the best Instagram alternatives.

6.  Pinterest



Pinterest is the most underrated and amazing web service, which is also available for mobile users. This is the unique web setting that allows you to recreate creative ideas and inspiration about various things. And these things include events, traveling, ideas for photo or video, style and fashions, home interior, and several other subjects. You can start by making an account form and complete boards by certain topics and pin pictures to these strips. Pinterest is on the list of best Instagram alternatives because it’s a platform to inspire yourself to do something great.

7.  VSCO



VSCO is another best Instagram alternative that is available as an application for iOS and Android users. The features are similar to Instagram, like the registration step, making an account with your avatar, and the capability to post photos and videos.  The application includes the intelligent feature of photo processing. It enables you to post your pictures and improve them after, and you can make several changes to the picture. These options include the light, contrast, and colors of the pictures, adding some new elements to make them artistic and different.



We have mentioned all the best Instagram alternatives in our article to provide you with a variety of options. However, Instagram is still the best in this race, but some users keep asking for alternatives. Our list is not final, and you can send us suggestions anytime; now choose the best option and enjoy.

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