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Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Best KissCartoon Alternatives

We have seen people saying that cartoon entertainment is disappearing and suffering in the present time. However, I think differently from others, and the cartoon industry is still growing.  Looking at our childhood, no one can deny the love we had for caroons and how magically stimulating they are. Cartoons taught us essential lessons in a fun way, and they still impact our memories.

Kiss cartoon is one of the best websites to offer free streaming for cartoons anime online. The best thing about this website is it provides high-quality content without any cost. You will find plenty of U.S. cartoons, movies and, animes in Kisscartoon.

You can access this website on any device and offers the most reliable streaming of your favorite cartoons and animes on a single platform. So cartoon lovers find it pretty friendly and entertaining when it comes to the content and interface.

This website went down in 2017, leaving its users sad around the world. It was such shocking news for all the cartoon lovers since KissCartoon was their favorite platform.  DMCA caught it violating copyright laws and demolished this website. KissCartoon was famous for excellent audio and video quality, but it was closed and didn’t exist anymore.

List of Best KissCartoon Alternatives

We know cartoon fans are disappointed and disheartened, but they don’t need to worry. Our article experts have compiled a list of the best KissCartoon alternatives based on the quality of content and website accessibility. Just go through our list of best KissCartoon alternatives to keep enjoying cartoons and anime for free.

1. Kisscartoon.Info



Kisscartoon.Info is at the top of our list of alternatives which is a popular cartoon website. You can see plenty of content on this site like The Simpsons, Justice League, The Jetsons, Haikyuu, Transformers series, and much more. It is very easy to use and includes all the stuff that one needs on a cartoon site.

The best feature about this site is you dont have to lose your pocket to watch your favorite series. Just visit Kisscartoon.Info if you are looking to kill time in the best way.


  • Websites come with the inbuilt player
  • Includes High-quality videos
  • Enormous database
  • Available on almost every platform

2. CartoonExtra



If you want to watch cartoons and anime on a single platform, CartoonExtra is here to serve you. The website has a huge database of cartoon collections to keep its viewers entertained. You will find cartoons like Dora and her adventures, Sponge bob square pants, Loony Toons, and so on. It is heaven for kids, just write the name of your favorite cartoons in search, and it will display within seconds. We placed it in the list of best KissCartoon alternatives because of its huge fan base.


  • Tremendous content
  • Includes video player
  • High definition videos
  • Available on almost every device

3.  AnimeToon




AnimeToon is another website that can give you the same experience as KissCartoon. It includes a massive collection of cartoons, and in every episode, Ben10, Tom and Jerry, American Dad, Pokemon are available. You can also access dubbed anime, and it gives you a complete experience of movies.

Not only for kids, but adults can also enjoy using this entertainment site. All the videos are offered in excellent quality, and the interface is friendly as well.


  •  Video player is included
  • Massive collection
  • Easy to use interface
  • Access it on any device

4.  KissAnime




This website is exclusively designed for anime lovers, and you can’t miss out on that. It provides anime lovers with high quality and rich content like Spirited away, Weathering with you, the famous Naruto series, and others.

If you dont want to spend money, this is the right platform for you. This website is completely free and user-friendly; it even offers dubbed content. This is amongst those best KissCartoon alternatives that allow you to download anime episodes.


  • Original video player
  • Video quality is incredible
  • Massive database collection
  • Accessible on any device

5. is another replacement to KissCartoon for cartoon lovers. Every user can use this website as it is very easy to navigate and is accessible. It offers you a wide range of cartoon packs for all cartoon enthusiasts worldwide.

Talking about the quality of the video, it’s fantastic without any doubt. You can browse this website easily, and so many features are offered. The drawback of this website is annoying ads that may pop up to disrupt your experience.


  • video player is built-in
  • HQ videos
  • Large database
  • Quickly accessible



The website is a duplicate of and still one of the best KissCatoon alternatives. There’s a broad range of cartoon stock such as teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and, Scooby-Doo. All it requires is a click of your mouse to reach these. Now you can watch your favorite cartoons in a straightforward and efficient way utilizing this site.


  • Video player is embedded in the website
  • Excellent content
  • HD videos
  • Use it on every device

7.  9Anime




9Anime is a gift for die heart fans of anime, and they can look at it to watch anime. It is a decent website with a friendly user interface with different categories of anime. The database of this website is enormous, and they update it on a daily basis to keep their users intact. Dont worry about your device; it is compatible with all the systems.


  • Video quality is fabulous
  • A huge pack of cartoons
  • Installed video player

8. Chia-Anime




A famous platform to stream your favorite cartoon and anime videos. The list of cartoons is never-ending, as it contains tons of anime and cartoon series. And things dont stop here; you also get to watch manga on this quite impressive site.

Like other best KissCartoon alternatives, it arrives with a simple interface. So make a maximum of your time and watch cartoons now on Chia-Anime.


  • Comes with an In-built video player
  • Accessible on all platforms
  • High-quality videos

9.  Cartoons.on




Sick of this lockdown? Looking for entertainment? Cartoons.on is waiting for your visit. People around the world adore this website because of the countless cartoon and anime series embedded in it. You will get content like Baby Loony Toons, the Flintstones to series such as Justice League, Ice Age, and others. Whether you are an adult or child, you will never stop watching once you enter this site.

Authors update this website on a daily basis with the latest and fresh content. The interface makes it even easier to bring laughter to your faces.


  • Built-in media player
  • Exceptional content quality
  • Supports all platforms

10. WatchCartoonOnline




WatchCartoonOnline is a big cartoon and anime website on the list of best KissCartoon alternatives. Whether you want to watch old cartoons or the latest episodes, you will get everything here. The amount of content offered is unbelievable, and that is available for free. Providing a simple and easy user interface and handling a huge amount of data makes it better than others.


  • Top-quality content
  • Originally installed video player
  • Video quality is exquisite
  • Great compatibility

11.  Crunchyroll




Crunchyroll is as appealing as its name and can be a good replacement to KissCartoon. There is a giant database of cartoons and anime for watchers worldwide. No complexity; just enter the website, navigate on the interface and view your desired cartoons.

This website also has a lot to offer to Manga fans as it involves a separate section completely dedicated to the beloved Japanese comics. No money, no worries, all the content here is for free.


  • Fast built-in video player
  • Remarkable content
  • Compatible with every available platform

12.  CartoonCrazy




CartoonCrazy, like its name, is made for crazy cartoon fans and kids looking to relax. It can be a source of joy in your free time and one of the best KissCartoon alternatives right now.

Visit this website if you want to watch cartoons without any disturbance and payment. Is there anything left now? CartoonCrazy is a paradise for your beloved cartoons.


  • In-built video player
  • High-quality content
  • Accessible on any platform

13.  B98.TV




This nostalgic site will definitely allow you to recall your childhood with all the shows from that period. B98.TV is a place for users born in the ’90s and offers different types of classic cartoons for free. Those cartoons include Batman and Robin, all the Scooby-Doo episodes, the Tom and Jerry Tales, and much more. The only drawback of this site is, content is not extensive like other cartoon providers. This site is uniquely designed for people who want to enjoy classic and old-time cartoons.


  • Built-in media player embedded already
  • Access it on any platform of your choice

14.  AinmeLab




AinmeLab pays attention to animes only, and attractive place for all the anime fanatics. It provides you with plenty of winning choices such as Naruto and Astro boy and many others. This website is a must-visit lab for anime fans, as they can register a free account to watch unlimited anime. Developers keep updating content on a regular basis to strengthen this one of the best KissCartoon alternatives. The accessibility of this site is enormous, as it is compatible with android, iOS, Windows, Chromecast, etc. However, the drawback is that this site is available in Australia and New Zealand only.


  • Video quality is fantastic
  • All in one builtin video player

15.  AnimePlanet



It is evident from its name, AnimePlanet is a separate planet for anime viewers. You will get a tremendous library of animes along with a wide variety of Manga available. It enables users to stream and contains almost every latest release. Users love this website as it doesn’t require any registration, just enter the address of this site in the browser, and here you go.  This is the last site in our list of best KissCartoon alternatives so dont forget to visit this.


  • Websites own video player installed
  • Accessible wherever you want


We will conclude our list of best Kisscartoon alternatives here, and you can see plenty of options. This article is dedicated to cartoon lovers, as they can choose any mentioned site to watch cartoons online. All of them are intense with tons of features and content, and you can pick the right one for you. GoodLuck!


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