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Best Language Learning App for Kids in Android or iPhone

Learning another language can be troublesome. It’s an entirely different set of vocabulary, punctuation, and culture to learn. There are a variety of tools that can support the process. We can’t teach you an entirely different language; however we can assist you to find a few tools that ideally make the process simpler. Here are the best language learning app for Android! Look at the lower part of the article for a total rundown of our language learning app for specific languages! We additionally have a massive list of translator applications that you can discover by clicking here!


50Languages is a developer on Google Play with a huge amount of language learning app. Actually, 50 languages isn’t a misnomer. You can learn many languages with the official application. Also, the developers have individual applications for a large portion of its languages. It teaches basic sentences and vocabulary. The UI is sufficient and it worked fine during our testing. It’s a decent beginning spot for frequent travelers or those hoping to start a language. It’s additionally moderately reasonable contrasted with most different applications like these.


Duolingo made a major sprinkle. Its focal reason is that language learning should be free. Hence, the entirety of the languages it supports is accessible for free from start to finish. It utilizes a gaming idea where you learn new languages by playing little games that shows you new vocabulary and language structure. It doesn’t sound that genuine, but the developer’s state those 34 hours of playing is about equal to a semester in school. It’s a great place to begin for learners on a budget. It’s unquestionably one of the must-attempt language learning app. The $9.99 every month membership is totally discretionary and awards you some little additional highlights that don’t influence functionality much.

Google Translate

Google Translate is an excellent tool. As the name suggests, the application supports a variety of languages into different languages. It has support for many of them. It’s an incredible method to check and see what words mean in different languages. Furthermore, the application incorporates a camera include that lets you interpret words by pointing your camera at them. You can even talk with the application and it’ll translate the words for you. It’s a powerful application that is important for travelers, but it can be utilized by those learning languages as well. Microsoft Translate is also a brilliant interpreter that can assist individuals with learning languages. You can go with possibly one.

Language Drops 

Language Drops is a developer on Google Play with a lot of language learning app. Every language has its own application and the developer supports many languages. Some are rather hard to track down in different applications. Drops utilize a simple thinking. It centers on vocabulary with basically no emphasis on grammer. Along these lines, you learn conversational language and vocabulary rapidly with punctuation only sort of filling itself in as you go. This is also one of few language applications with a single price, whether it is kind of costly.


Memrise is one of the most well known and amazing language learning app. The application accompanies both a free and a pay version. The free form offers some essential exercises. That allows you to try it out. The pro version is a subscription that also opens up the entirety of different exercises. The application has a variety of exercise types, including games, vocabulary, and grammer, and even a social network learning component. The application supports many languages too, including some that are normally hard to find.


Mondly is another large language learning stage. It supports around three dozen languages. This stage focuses a lot on conversational learning rather than repetitive vocabulary stuff. You first learn how to converse with individuals first, and afterward you learn out how to really talk in the language. Furthermore, it accompanies with decent speech recognition for vocal practice, a phrasebook, and Google ARCore uphold. It’s a bit costly, but only slightly more so than Memrise and different contenders.

MosaLingua Crea applications

MosaLingua Crea is a developer on Google Play with a lot of language learning app. It utilizes a flashcard system. The premium version of the applications cost $4.99 and come over more than 3,000 flash sheets. It’s a great study app. We probably won’t suggest this as a primary language learning source. However,this with something like Duolingo make for a decent one-two punch. These are among the most extensive flash sheet applications for languages.


Quizlet can be a significant tool for those learning another language. It doesn’t teach anything all alone. But, you can utilize it to assist you with memorizing new data. It’s basically a great flashcards sheets application with more highlights. Alongside flash sheets, you can make tests and games to test your aptitudes. You can even incorporate picture and video components in the event that you need to. This is an amazing decision when went with other language learning app. You can download it for free to look at it if you’re interested. The free form incorporates boundless flash sheets and Flickr pictures. The premium version adds the capacity to upload your own pictures, remove ads, and gives you unlimited groups.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the most famous language learning app. It’s has been decades at this point. The focal application upholds around two dozen languages altogether. It incorporates Rosetta Stone’s learning strategies which are like Mondly’s. It focus on conversational learning with included grammar and vocabulary exercises. It’s a reliable technique. However, it’s also one of the top expensive applications. Every language costs every month or every year and the costs are higher than most contenders. There are single cost choices also and they are costly as well.

Tandem and HelloTalk

Tandem and HelloTalk are two remarkable language learning app. They depend on community input. You pair up with another person. They teach you the languages that they know and you teach them the languages you know. The application sets two individuals together dependent on what languages they need to learn. The applications both component well more than 100 languages, video and voice calls, instant messages, picture messages, and sound messages. Both two are excellent at what they do. The better one will rely upon your own preferences.

Final words

These languages learning app through games are enjoyable without getting tired and bored. These apps vary from each other from Basic English learning skills to language. So, you can try all of them and create a list of most favorite’s apps.

Well mixing and matching up this app will make a fantastic schedule for you for learning other languages. But choose the right one app is up to you and on your choice!


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