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Best Language Learning Apps for Kids

Best Language Learning Apps for Kids

After the breakout of the global pandemic Covid-19 coronavirus, people are limited to their homes amid the strict lockdowns. This is time we are looking for ways to keep our kids on the right path, as many schools and institutions are closed. You can enjoy the time at home, but there must be something productive, and kids can use the time for learning. No one knows when things get back to normal and when school will open, but we have found the solution. With the innovation in technology and the arrival of the best language learning apps, you can easily teach pre-school and kindergarten kids.

Top 7 Best Language Learning Apps for Kids

Our experts have created a list of the best language learning apps for kids to get the best language lessons. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Montessori Preschool


 Montessori Preschool


Searching for some learning app that serves more than teaching alphabets? Montessori Preschool is there to meet your needs. It is a remarkable and fun learning app developed by Montessori teachers to provide you perfection. All you can do is select subjects such as Maths, English, Drawing, and even lessons on useful skills like knowing what time it is. This app also teaches you how to read out the calendar and much more, and you can use so many lessons for free without paying any fee. However, there are some other lessons which you can only access in the paid plan, which offers you a lot. If you don’t want to use the app for regular use and for fun only, a free plan is a decent option, but your kid can get the whole school environment for just $4.5/ month.

2. Khan Academy Kids


Khan Academy Kids


Khan Academy Kids is one of the best language learning apps for kids, which is launched in cooperation with Standford Graduate School of Education.  This app is incredible and has grabbed so many Parents’ Choice awards; just register an account on this app and start checking on your child’s progress. The language part in this app is very vast, and they use attractive video games to teach alphabets, words, vowels, and more. It also provides teachings on composing letters using interactive tracing, just like a paper.

If your kid doesn’t have any other useful activity, the drawing board can be the best activity to kill time. And what makes this app superior to others is it’s free; you don’t have to lose your pocket to use it, and doesn’t include advertisements or any other subscription.

3. Lingokids Play learning App


Lingokids Play learning App


This is one of the best language learning apps that draw content from Oxford university press to ensure quality education. The procedure is very simple first, and you need to register an account and choose the language skill level based on your kid’s intellect. It will automatically provide you customized English course according to your kid’s skill level. They test if your kid can check out private words, basic expressions or communicate instantly and provide you with all types of lessons. However, this app is premium and provides only a seven-day trial period; after that, you have to pay $15/monthly to use the app.

4. Learn English for Kids – First Words



We have seen kids learn a lot from their home surroundings, and they dont have much vocabulary understanding. This app solely focuses on vocabulary using games, sounds, animation, and flashcards to grab your kids’ attention. They offer different categories like classification, for example, animals, vehicles, and more to provide you ease. When you select some option from this list, it shows you a picture in the selected category and the pronunciation. After using this app, your kid will relate to most of the things in the surroundings and discover more quickly. However, this app’s downside is annoying banner ads at the bottom, which you can remove by paying $0.99 for one time.

5. Unuhi: Bilingual Books for Children


Unuhi: Bilingual Books for Children


The University of Oxford is the founder of one of the best language learning apps that use multilingual approaches in stories and flashcards to prepare kids. First, you install this app and then choose languages that you can change anytime and download stories to watch offline.

Another best thing about the app is it doesn’t require any online registration, but you have to buy most of the stories and flashcards to read them completely. If your kid is interested in listening to stories, there is a narration choice that pronounces sentences in both the picked languages without any hassle.

6. Learn English for kids


Learn English for kids


We still enjoy tests like quizzes; even after growing old, these tests have not lost their charm. Some kids also enjoy these activities, and this app brings a dozen of tests and games. There are so many video games, and they include sentence formation through the fill-in-the-blanks. Other games include guessing the word through an animated video and much more. The app offers two languages, English and Hindi, and is perfect for Indian-origin kids.

What makes it better is its weekly report system, which sends your kids’ reports worksheets on WhatsApp. The downside of this app is it requires your Indian Contact number to sign-up and use and is only compatible with Android OS.

7. Bolo




Bolo is the last name in our list of best language learning apps for Kids that you can download on your Android devices right now. This app is a voice-based app that is part of the Google family of applications and involves a tutor bot named “Diya.” The bot teacher provides you a complete teaching experience and allows you to read the sentence aloud and get real-time testing. It is a remarkable feature that gives your kid a lot of confidence to speak the language at times.

The app arrives with almost all Indian languages like  Hindi, Tamil, and more, but it also includes an option to prefer English. It provides plenty of interactive activities such as stories, jumble word video games, speed reading, and more. But this app is not for beginners who are starting with alphabets, but your kids can still understand words.


We have made a list of the best language learning apps for kids to keep them safe from other useless activities. These apps can serve parents as well, who are worried about this lockdown situation and want safe education. It is better to provide your kids with these apps, and you can suggest us other learning apps missing from our list. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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