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Best Lock Screen Replacement Apps For Android

Lock Screen Replacement Apps

The lock screen of Android has developed many times throughout the long term. There are different techniques to unlock the screen. For reasons unknown, there are likewise many apps to lock phone screens in the Play Store that can do significantly more. Nowadays, for these purposes individuals simply utilize a fingerprint scanner to sidestep the screen altogether, if you do not want that then it’s ok, for you we listed the best replacement apps for your Android! 

Note that these apps are somewhat of a withering variety. Most biometric security measures sidestep the lock screen completely and many individuals don’t take a gander at it any longer besides perhaps checking a warning or the time. We don’t see a ton of new improvement in these lock screen apps. Hence, we included this rundown of what not many great lock screen apps stay in dynamic improvement alongside a couple of old top choices that may not see dynamic advancement once more.


AcDisplay is the app to get in the event that you like things insignificant. The app acquires you warnings an exceptionally intuitive interface and you can leap to apps straightforwardly from the screen. Additionally, you get different alternate routes on the notifications, similar to what you would in the notice community. It likewise incorporates an Active Mode, like Android’s Ambient Display, which distinguishes when the gadget is pick up or taken from a pocket and shows you your notices. 

Different highlights of the app incorporate the capacity to blacklist apps from sending warnings to bolt screen, dynamic background, low need notices, and then some. The app is accessible for nothing and like most lock screen apps, there are a ton of customization choices.

Solo Locker

Solo Locker is a famous app for unlocking your Android screen. It offers huge loads of custom wallpapers, different unlocking choices, and gadgets. A fascinating component is the Photo Passcode that allows you to set custom pictures for each circle on the pattern to open for a closer feel. 

Furthermore, clients can apply movable haze impact over the wallpaper, modify time and date, or utilize other custom content. App easy routes are accessible with custom shading overlay. Generally, it’s a decent app however you will get a few ads on the screen.

Floatify Lock screen

Floatify is a basic Android tool that transforms notifications into custom spring-up messages on the screen, without obstructing the view of shutting another open app. In a spring-up window, you will see a symbol of the app that sends the notification (for instance, a social network or email customer), and you can peruse the whole message. 

You can choose where the spring up will show up on the screen, and you can open or shut the pop-up utilizing a gesture. The framework works a similar route for incoming calls: you’ll be notified of the incoming calls in a spring-up window, where you can pick if to answer the call by just moving the notification left or right. None of the active processes will be shut. 

This is a decent method to answer messages promptly or play out some other snappy or earnest activities, as you can generally see the notifications in any event, when your phone is bolted.

Hi Locker

Hi Locker is an app for Android from the AppPlus studio. A significant segment of this app is that the appearance and usefulness of the screen, which means that the app will impeccably combine with the stage and will offer extra highlights. 

In this way, it contains clock gadgets, climate, and date information. Apps messages are shown as cards that can be opened or shut with simple moves, underneath there is a little spot. At the point when you click on it a little board shows up, where you can set 4 most loved apps for speedy access. Concerning the extra settings, you can likewise set the programmed change of background, change the appearance of the additional panel, and some different boundaries. 

Overall, Hi Locker looks classy and, won’t ruin the presence of the working framework. It will permit you to see all your business without opening, just as get brisk admittance to the projects you need. 

Always on AMOLED

Continuously on Display is a superior component, for the most part, found on lead gadgets with AMOLED display, yet imagine you can get similar usefulness on any Android gadget. Indeed, with this app, you can change your screen with its display. The app is marvelous because you can modify the watch face, change the brilliance of the app display, add climate data, and so more. The best thing about this app is that you can even change its background. 

Aside from that, you can alter edge flow for new notices, empower raise to wake if your phone doesn’t uphold it, and control music from the AoD screen itself. Astonishing, isn’t that so? However, there is something else entirely to unload. With the Pro form, you can rapidly take notes from the AoD and set programmed rules regarding how AoD will carry on while charging, during the evening, at low battery, etc. Thinking about all the focuses, I can say that the Always on AMOLED app is a strong substitution for the default lock screen, and the individuals who need AoD on their cell phone can’t turn out badly with this app.

DIY Locker

DIY Locker is a strange app for locking the screen with an immense arrangement of pictures. It’s an advantageous and valuable app that permits you to set your lock screen with a snazzy picture, password, or a real key. 

Start the app, select the lock strategy, select the foundation picture in HD resolution, and set the password. Likewise, you will actually want to put on the lock screen: climate, notes, some significant occasions, a news feed, etc. 

DIY Locker is a genuinely straightforward app, which isn’t hard to comprehend. For some individuals, the actual process of making a lock pattern will be a delight, in light of the fact that the designers have presented in the program numerous instruments for creation.

Gesture Lock Screen

Gesture is an incredible app that will assist you to bolt your phone with gestures, fingerprints, or a unique pin code and secure individual information from unapproved access! 

With the app, you can shield your personal data from viewing by outsiders. Also, opening the phone is pretty much as simple as locking it. You can add, change or erase gestures, utilize strong or transparent tones, do single or multi-way realistic drawings, utilize a bunch of numbers, letters, images, and so forth and make the screen special. 

The app will snap a photo of the gatecrasher, who will attempt to enter a password or append his finger to open the gadget, and upon fruitful opening, you will get a notice.

Lok Lok

LokLok is a free app, which not just permits you to draw on the screen, yet additionally automatically makes it accessible to your companions, family, or associates together. 

The possibility of LokLok is to permit various clients to have a similar screen, which can be altered as you wish. A gathering of users shares a similar lock screen, synchronized between every one of the clients. That is, any of the clients in the gathering can make changes to the screen, and at that point, it will be changed for all the other clients also. 

In this form of LokLok, to make shared works of art, you can draw and eradicate with your fingertips utilizing an assortment of instruments like brushes, erasers, and pencils in various sizes and tones. 

You likewise have the choice to set pictures from your phone as background to draw on. You can likewise basically introduce them without drawing anything – the decision is yours. 

Lok Lok is one of the cleverest Android tools to design the framework for you. You will open unlimited prospects after you begin to share with companions to utilize this program.

KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker

As the name proposes, it is an app for Android which allows you to make custom designs for the screen. You can mix it up of things and edit properties like content, textual style, size, shading, and so on exclusively for every one of these components. On the upper right squeezing the “+” symbol, you will get more components.

Other than the display clock gadget, notifications, the app can likewise incorporate shortcuts for any app introduced on your Android. 

While KLCK will allow you to assume full control for the layout of components on your Android cell phone’s lock screen, it doesn’t highlight any security choice and you’ll be subject to your phone’s predetermined lock system. Finally, you can buy the full form for more extensive help for presets, Buzz launcher integration, and to eliminate the ads. 


Semper is an advantageous app, which other than being a basic to lock Android’s screen, likewise causes you to improve your vocabulary or learn some new information each time you open the cell phone. Semper allows you to add download curated bundles for different popularly spoken languages. Other than languages, you can likewise add inquiries from subjects of general knowledge to the lock phone’s screen on your Android cell phone with Semper. 

 You can set up objectives for the right answers which you need to accomplish with Semper. The lock screen is a piece of the app, which you’ll need to download independently in the modules menu after you set up your Quizlet account select your inclinations for learning. You can either open the screen by swiping directly on the right answer out of the different choices or swipe left to challenge your brain with more inquiries. 

Other than offering training, Semper additionally includes the characteristics of a standard app. It allows you to set up four shortcut icons and change the foundation of the screen to a custom one, in spite of the fact that you’ll need to rely upon the inbuilt lock system for the security of your phone.

Last thoughts

These are unquestionably the best to lock screen ALTERNATIVE apps you can introduce on your Android cell phone right now. There are different other apps accessible for Android however many of them are bloated and some look awful. In this way, that is all from our side try out these substitution apps and let us know whether you know some other extraordinary app that has the right to be on our rundown. Sound off in the remarks segment underneath.

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