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Best Marketing Tactics to Promote Your New App


Best Marketing Tactics to Promote Your New App

You’ve created a great app, put a lot of effort and time, invested money in its promotion before the launch to the market. And finally, it’s live on the AppStore or/and Google Play. Several weeks have passed and you have only 10 downloads per day. Why does this happen? You warmed up the audience and achieved high positions in the store rankings from the first days of launch. But the interest in the program can fade away if you don’t work on increasing its visibility after the release. 


App Store and Google Play’s search ranking algorithms consider various factors by which the application gets to the top of the search list. There are a lot of guesses on the web about how to get to the top. The most important factor is the number of downloads and uninstalls, as well as activity of launches on each device. Some of the rest are:


  1. User rating. The higher ratings the application has, as well as positive comments, the higher it is in the search results. Encourage customers to leave reviews and ratings for additional bonuses and awards.
  2. Download dynamics. If your app has even 5000 installations, it still can be lower in search results by the target keyword than the similar software with 3000 downloads. It happens because the stores also consider the dynamics of downloads over the past 2-5 days, as well as number of uninstalls after the first launch. 
  3. The activity of use. The products that are frequently launched get higher positions. You need to motivate your users to use the app more often. For example, you can build in push notifications, offer users points for daily login, which they can exchange for discounts on paid features or additional bonuses.


Best Marketing Strategies After the App Launch


People spend so much time with their mobile devices so that mobile ads will be in trend for a very long time. There are different types of digital ads such as display banners, video ads, social media ads, etc. It is better to run several test campaigns at the same time so you can compare achieved results and adjust your targeting setting for the highest ROI.


Reviews are an important part of mobile app marketing, both before and after the launch. Nowadays, customers want to know the pros and cons of programs before risking downloading them. To make your application more visible and popular, try to get reviews about it on specialized app review platforms. If your program is really something new and incredibly interesting, you might get reviews from the journalists and bloggers for free but in most cases, you will need to offer them something in return. Reviews should describe both good and bad sides of the product, contain screenshots, and more facts than descriptions in stores. It will generate more trust and interest towards your application.


The next part is the integration with social networks. The more people share your software in their social accounts, the more new customers you will receive. Build the ability to share achievements into the program. In order for users to agree to integrate their profile with the application, offer them some bonuses: free premium features, coins, and lives in games, or other things that you usually need to pay for. For example, if you have an app for learning languages, you can offer them to try premium features or get paid content for free. It is recommended to join relevant groups and discussions to share your expertise, provide tips, and promote your app at the same time.


If you want to make your app popular, promote it before and after the launch wisely. Analyze the success of marketing campaigns, get app reviews, be active in social media accounts, and you will get your app into the spotlight.

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