Best new and updated Android apps in 2021 

The best Android apps are very difficult to find, in the event that you’ve recently got an Android phone, or need to get an approach to reinvigorate an old one, the new app will do the work, yet figuring the large numbers out there can be hard. 

There are a lot of new contributions released in 2021 so far that merit your time. Let’s take a gander at probably the most current Android apps that you should look at, in addition to a couple of major redoes of apps that warrant a second look.

We don’t simply adhere to the well-known apps either – we take a gander at Android camera apps, photograph editors, health apps for Android phones, and things to simply keep your phone more secure and safer than ever.

What’s more, if you need to customize your phone as well – we have you covered, with Android apps that can enormously help you change the way your cell phone looks from its original state. 

The list of these apps is continually refreshed with a combination of free and paid titles, so you know that there will not be any secret shocks and that it will be a beneficial buy in case you’re really going through genuine cash. 

Best new Android apps in 2021

In this article, we have chosen the most recent Android apps. We listed those apps that have recently got a significant update. So, let’s start it.

Glitch Lab

Glitch Lab is a photograph editor tool that gives you all almost digital glitch features. You’ve presumably seen apps like this previously, and the style of impacts offered will not engage everybody, except in the event that you like making your photos look a bit glitchy or retro, this is perhaps the most proficient and flexible approach to do it. 

There are more than 100 effects in this Android app, and a significant number of them are adaptable, guaranteeing that your glitches will not appear as though anybody else’s and it’s even conceivable for you to create a picture from scratch, adding various impacts and changes. 

There’s a lot here in any event, for nothing, yet to get the absolute the most out of Glitch Lab you’ll have to snatch the Pro IAP for $6.49/£5.99. This, at the hour of composing, adds 42 additional impacts, 37 new parameters for the free impacts, expands the yield quality, and that’s just the beginning.


Pixtica is the app that supplants your phone’s default camera app. Camera apps fluctuate a ton, and their prosperity generally relies upon your phone make and model, however, Pixtica is a nice alternative in case you’re searching for something new. 

It’s loaded with great highlights, including various filters, a GIF recorder, manual controls, and peculiarities like a ‘Planet’ mode, which packs pictures into a circle-like shape utilizing Pixtica’s “progressed stereographic projection calculation”. 

There is a wide range of different modes as well, regardless of whether you’re taking photographs or shooting video, and the app is spread out naturally. But, many features are free; but you have to pay for higher resolutions and to eliminate watermarks when utilizing filters.

The installment gets you different things as well, yet those are the basic things that make the buy near essential in the event that you intend to utilize Pixtica. Furthermore, that would be fine, aside from the app settles on a membership charge rather than being accessible as a one-off buy. 


MoodBites is a free food diary app that monitors your eating regimen, in addition to your food, digestion, and dietary patterns. Numerous individuals like to eat according to their mood. This app assists you with watching your mood, at that point track the sort of food you eat when you feel a specific way. 

The app is in this manner ideal for those battling with eating or stomach-related issues, heartburn, bulging issues, food issues, etc. 

When you log your rundown of indications, MoodBites discovers a relationship between’s what you eat and how you feel. This allows you to oversee your eating regimen structure and assists you with staying away from anything that isn’t ideal for your digestive system. 

Keep in your mind that MoodBites is certifiably not a medical app. While it assists you with monitoring your eating regimen, you will require your PCP to recommend the drug for any genuine conditions.


Scribbl is a photograph editor that allows you to add animations to your photos, by animations we mean fundamentally light path, yet there are different various ways they can be animated, various tones you can pick, and you can pick precisely where they show up on pictures and how huge they are. 

Basically, it’s an app that does only one thing but does that in a good manner. Whenever you’ve added animation to your picture you can save the results to your telephone’s gallery and share them with your friends.

The basic app is totally free, yet for a monthly membership, you can eliminate ads and open extra customization features, with getting the capacity to eliminate the Scribbl watermark from your creations. In the event that you like the app, this merits paying for, however, you can get a decent taste of it without spending anything.


NeuroNation is a remarkable logical mind training app that assists you with improving your everyday brain working. Sitting with this app for a couple of moments daily assists you with fortifying your memory, empowers you to focus all the more strongly, and upgrades your power of thinking and allowance. 

The app expects you to think contrastingly for every one of its different games and exercises. It at that point plays out a thorough examination of your qualities and the zones you need to improve. With 27 activities and 250 levels, your mind will appreciate different kinds of training to cover a huge array of mental activities.


Your phone may have an amazing camera; however, the risks are it doesn’t accompany much in the way of photograph editing tools. Luckily, PhotoDirector is an Android app that can fill in the holes. 

This app allows you to change the tone, saturation, and shades of photographs you’ve recently taken, just as adding filters and impacts, which you can change the strength of and apply to all or simply part of a picture. You can likewise add text, stickers, outlines, mirror the picture, cut segments, and significantly more. There are loads of instruments, however, PhotoDirector is not difficult to explore and you can generally undo your changes, so you’re safe to analyze. 

What’s more, that is only the editing part of the app. There’s likewise an underlying camera, which allows you to shoot new photographs with different impacts and see life through the viewfinder what they will mean for the picture. 

PhotoDirector is free, however, if you need to direct to your best, there’s a premium version that costs £2.59 each month, with discounts in the event that you submit for a quarter of a year or a year. This opens extra features, betters the outcome quality, and eliminates ads.

Focus Plant

Do you experience a lack of focus, frequently forget about your examinations, or effectively get diverted by your phone? In the event that any of these depict you, Focus Plant is something to attempt. 

This app introduces itself as a game however bends over as a study timer, making it ideal for students. It assists you with managing phone addiction, hence improving general profitability, self-control, and focus during study or work.
You can utilize the app without help from anyone else, or sync time with Google Fit, to appreciate the app alongside other focus arrangements like Flora, Study Blue, Eggzy, and so more. 

Focus Plant keeps a record of the time you have focused on your undertakings and even rewards you as consolation to remain focused.

Photo Watermark

Photo Watermark does precisely what the name proposes, it allows you to add watermarks to photographs but the kinds of watermarks you can add very fluctuate. 

Not only you would be able to add custom content as a watermark style, you can likewise utilize your signature as a watermark on the screen. 

You can likewise apply stickers, a timestamp, an area, a mosaic impact, or graffiti (which lets you wild on your pictures with an advanced paintbrush). If you want to secure your photograph or simply log when and where it was taken, at that point there this tool especially for you. 

Photo Watermark is free; however, it’s very weighty on ads. For $0.99/£0.89 each month you can dispose of them, however except if you’re adding watermarks to a huge load of pictures it’s presumably not worth it.


Dashlane is a password manager app that goes a long way past dealing with your passwords. This helpful device remembers your delicate login data, yet in addition deals with your installment information, making them open at whatever point you need them. 

Dashlane permits you to store a limitless number of passwords, consistently sync your information across each gadget, make secure passwords with its password generator highlight, and import passwords from Chrome and different sources. It additionally includes an implicit VPN for more secure browsing, cautions about possible hacks, and the second layer of insurance with two-factor confirmation. 

Dashlane’s most recent update incorporates a recently upgraded password changer, accessible in beta. This element assists you with changing your passwords and would now be able to explore through 2FA codes and CAPTCHAs while keeping up complete security and protection. 

The password generator has gone through some changes also. The framework likewise demonstrates how solid or powerless your password is. 

Last thoughts – The search goes on

The Play Store sees a particularly gigantic convergence of Android apps consistently that it turns out to be practically difficult to monitor them all. Presently you know the absolute best Android apps to release in 2021 up until now, alongside the greatest updates that make others worth returning to.

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