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Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android 2021 

Best Nintendo DS Emulators

With the passage of time, Nintendo DS Emulator is getting famous, and which is the monster of the gaming world and it is superior to the NDS console because you can play DS Emulator games on your phone itself. Assuming you are an Android user, you can download DS Emulators for Android from Google, because the Nintendo games are accessible in Google Play Store itself.

If you are looking for the top and best emulators For Android, so got the perfect spot for your inquiry, Download DS Emulators For Free. In this article, we will talk about the Nintendo DS Emulator and the best Emulator for your Android. 

What is Nintendo DS Emulator? 

You already know that Nintendo is the world’s popular video game creator organization; it makes some astounding games like Pokémon, Mario, the Legend of Zelda and so more. It is unimaginable to expect to play these games on your gadget directly. In any case, the Emulators make that to play the Nintendo games your Android gadget. Playing off this will give a great deal of amusement to each player. 

In this article, we composed a list of the best 10 Nintendo DS Emulators for your Android. These emulators are accessible with free expense from the Official Google Play store so you can download and introduce them on your Android gadget without any problem. 


  • Active internet connection
  • Good quality Android gadgets. 
  • Need extra room to download these Emulators. 
  • Need adequate RAM to run these Emulators with no slacking issues. 
  • Fresh Android versions. 

Best Nintendo DS Emulators on Android:

These are the Emulators which copy Nintendo games that imply NDS games on your gadgets like Android, iOS, and Windows; and so on in this article, we will discuss the Best NDS Emulators for your Android. 

Drastic DS Emulator 

Nintendo DS Emulators

Drastic DS Emulator is presumably perhaps the most popular Nintendo emulator out there. It includes some significant pitfalls of $5, yet taking a gander at the experience it gives, it is awesome. The Drastic emulator accompanies different ongoing gameplay options, staggering illustrations, many customizations, and a smooth UI. It even permits you to save your games on the Google Cloud. 

The emulator allows you to change the screening resolution, modify the dimensions, and highlights upgraded designs for the best insight. Moreover, it accompanies support for an outside controller that suits your gadget. Besides, you get a total database brimming with cheat codes, quick forward element, and save game advancement highlight.

NDS Boy! Emulator

Nintendo DS Emulators

NDS Boy! Is likewise the best android DS emulator that assists you with making the most of your favorite NDS games? 

An emulator is by definition very unoptimized by the way it gets things done. It was made by somebody like you or a mean lover who learned as they came, rather than somebody who had the essential mastery to do it. Emulating something is consistently power-serious. The DraStic designer said that NDS Boy! Was really founded on his past work on one of the emulations, which implies DraStic will probably be better yet not to the degree that you’re expecting. Of course, NDS Boy! Doesn’t keep organization with any ROMs. You’ll have the option to move the Nintendo DS ROMs from any one of the various pages that emphasize them. That said while the copycat is actually prepared to play files in various formats like .nds, .zip, .rar and so more.


Nintendo DS Emulators

This is a free and comprehensive emulator for your Nintendo Android games. Many kinds of Nintendo games are playable utilizing this emulator. By utilizing this stage you can play almost all your childhood Retro games. You can move controls freely or accurately. Games like Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS are playable utilizing this emulator. At the point when you pick in for this stage, you need introduce the individual frameworks in the emulator. You’ll need to the hotspot for the Nintendo DS core so you can. This is to empower it to work well overall. RetroArch upholds a ton of principal emulator highlights. This is an expansion to being perhaps the least difficult emulator to use in the market. At the point when you are downloading this emulator, realize that it doesn’t contain in-app ads or purchases.

AseDS Emulator


The following emulator in our list is the AseDS emulator which is considered extraordinary compared to other Nintendo DS Emulators for Android in 2021. It has some high-level capacities like a simple to-save stack, double touch screen, code breakers, and activity replay. Some different characteristics like a wireless control have made a lot of game oddities to cherish it definitely. This is the reason why online stats recommend it has accrued more than 1,000,000 downloads. Unluckily, this App isn’t accessible in the Google Play Store, however, you can look for it APK file that is effectively accessible on numerous sites. This emulator has an assortment of formats for your games and that too you can play straightforwardly on your Android. You likewise have the customization highlight in the settings menu. It additionally thinks of various choices and potential outcomes that you can get into.


Nintendo DS Emulators

EmuBox is probably the best option out there for you in the event that you are searching for a cross-stage DS Emulator. In spite of the fact that this emulator is quite later, it is viable with a lot of gaming stages. Stages like SNES and PlayStation are usable utilizing this emulator. When contrasted with emulators, it is obvious and right to say that EmuBox has a Material Design. This is one of the characteristics of EmuBox that most game monstrosities love since it doesn’t influence its function by any means. In any case, at that point, some gamers who use cheat codes on the stage have discredited that they experience a few bugs. This is particularly valid for gamers who utilize great cheat codes. Likewise, these bugs can get undesirable materials like viruses and adware into your framework. This is the reason it is advisable to utilize the typical strategy suggested by the emulator’s engineers. This is one incredible stage to play your best Nintendo games. It is no big surprise that it has pulled in a huge load of positive appraisals on the Google Play Store. To add to its list of benefits, this emulator is totally free. Yet, you ought to get ready to experience ads. For the present, there is no paid variant for the emulators which may have helped to get rid of those irritating ads.


Nintendo DS Emulators

NDS4Droid is an emulator that it is still in its development stage, as of now it empowers you to play some PC games made by the notable Nintendo supported with reasonably incredible results. 

The major issue for most of the redirections is that the casings consistently tend to be generously less is charming, making the delight slower. Taking everything into account, this app as of now allows you to save your redirection whenever, and it supports sound and practical delivery with OpenGL. 

A champion in addition to other things about NDS4Droid is that the app is open-source, so anybody can download it without paying anything and even change its code. Stacking ROMs is really the comparable as it would be for certain other emulators. 

NDS4Droid supports some PC games, anyway not every one of them. Some work perfectly, while others experience trouble running on the emulator. Last Fantasy IV, for instance, works honorably anyway with a packaging rate that is less alluring. 

NDS4Droid is a Nintendo DS emulator that is incredible and broad. It doesn’t yet bolster the entire stock of amusements for Nintendo DS, yet you can even now play a good proportion of extraordinary titles.

SuperNDS Emulator

Nintendo DS Emulators

This emulator is an amazing emulator for Android because it’s good at its job. It has a super-cool UI, which makes it easy to use for everyone. Although it has adware that should not disturb you in your game. You will need a ROM to utilize it. You can even utilize NDS game documents like .nds, .zip, and so more. It is not difficult to utilize, you need to copy to an SD card or inside memory NDS game document. At that point load up the SuperNDS Emulator; here you are completely ready to play. This emulator likewise accompanies sound issues and slamming issues, it mostly occurs due to its loaded RAM, so try to free your RAM must solve this issue or its autosave highlight also will save you. It has incessant designer updates, thus, you can see new developments and features regularly. It likewise upholds scene and picture mode. 


Nintendo DS Emulators

GENPlusDroid is a mega drive emulator that will allow you to play the best recreations of the 16-bit time on your Android. Titles like Streets of Rage, and Street Fighter 2 will be available to you, to give a few models. 

Likewise similarly to some other Android emulators, GENPlusDroid does exclude the actual redirections. You’ll have to download the titles you need to play from another webpage that has such documents. At the point when you download the ROMs, it’s ideal to put them in the emulator organizer to get to them all more easily, regardless of the way that you can stack them from the downloads envelope, also. 

You can plan GENPlusDroid to use a flat or vertical screen and adjust your regulators. You can even play your most cherished diversions using a controller through Bluetooth. 

GENPlusDroid is an incredible mega drive emulator that occupies practically no room on your phone’s memory. It is acceptable with a monstrous summary of diversions that spreads for all intents, most of the colossal Sega list.

NDS Emulator – For Android 6

NDS Emulator is likewise a free open-source app with similar highlights as others. As the name recommends it is best for Android 6+ gadgets. It doesn’t give any Nintendo DS games; it is only an emulator to run Nintendo DS games.  The interesting thing about this App is that you can make changes in your game screen controls according to your interest, or you can even save game states or load game states.

It may have a simple design however includes over there is totally acceptable and the exhibition is very acceptable with this lightweight App.


Next on our list, we have the MegaNDS, another cool emulator to play all your #1 DS games. This emulator upholds a large portion of the Nintendo DS games without a very remarkable specialized issue. 

Besides, it upholds numerous file formats, which incorporate .zip, .rar, .nds, and so more which further expands the choice for you. Aside from that, it additionally upholds a different data set for cheat codes as well. The good thing about it is, it works very smoothly.

MegaNDS is exceptionally viable with the majority of Android gadgets. What’s more, with the new age phones, you will get magnificent speed, execution, and slack-free insight.

Last thoughts – Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android 2021 

We trust that this article is the solution to your inquiry regarding the best Android emulators. This list helps you settled on informed choices in the event that you are going to settle on a decision. Furthermore, they all will give you great exposure to increase your gaming experience. This is significant so you don’t settle on any mix-up while settling on a decision. We are certain that our rundown contains every one of the appropriate responses that you’ll have to settle on the correct decision. We have discussed the best highlights of them. So, pick up the one that fulfills our requirements the most. If you have any ideas if it’s not too much trouble, utilize the comment section underneath.

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