Best Parallel Space Alternatives For Android In 2021

At present, we see many people joining and taking an interest in social media platforms, which is growing massively.  Things dont stop there; people nowadays have more than one social media accounts. You can make as many accounts as you want since there are no restrictions; it is neither immoral nor prohibited, but managing multiple accounts can be challenging.

If you talk about other instant messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, users cannot sometimes be contented with one account. Android users are aware some apps like WhatsApp don’t provide users a ‘log out’ option.

It is then evident that you need a separate application every time if you want to use another account.

Android users are very lucky in this regard, as they have the luxury of app cloners to provide them a solution. You can find tons of app cloners easily available on the Google play store, which allows you to run multiple accounts on the same application concurrently. One example is Parallel Space, but the drawback of this application is that it drains your battery, so it is not recommended. Though you can make multiple accounts using Parallel Space, however, to save your battery and for a better result, there are some best Parallel Space alternatives available.

Best Parallel Space Alternatives For Android In 2021

This article will share a list of the best parallel space alternatives that you can use to clone android apps easily. Let us have a look at our list of best Parallel Space alternatives for Android given below.

DO Multiple Accounts


DO Multiple Accounts is a perfect replacement to Parallel Space that can clone your android apps anytime you need. This app’s unique feature is that you can create more than two pretty exceptional spaces. It allows you to run three instances of the same app, and you can create multiple accounts for your favorite chat application or manage multiplied cases of social media accounts like Facebook. Many users adore the feature that it provides you with complete control over the cloned apps, and even if you want to keep an app hidden, you can turn off notifications for that app.

It also arrives with a  built-in app locker and allows you to hide the cloned applications behind the passcode. The application is not heavy, and it is light and harmless; it doesn’t reduce the battery as promptly as Parallel Space. Some other unique features include support for Google Play Services, multiple game accounts, one-tap swathing between spaces, and more.DO Multiple Accounts is enormous, and it’s one of the best Parallel Space alternatives that you can use to manage multiple social media accounts.

Clone App


As the name suggests, Clone App is another best Parallel Space alternative that you can use right now to clone apps. The most amazing fact about this app which makes it better than others, is it doesn’t show any ads. Apart from standard features, if you are using a free variant of this app, there are no ads to destroy your adventure. Clone App is similar to Parallel Space and allows you to control multiple accounts on the same smartphone. It also provides exceptional support for WhatsApp and enables you to apply colorful skins that make it animated and better than others.

This app is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit apps, so you have the facility to clone all kinds of apps. There’s a built-in VPN embedded in the app to give you a better privacy experience. Though the VPN is not up to the mark, it still saves your time of installing a separate VPN app and can perform minor jobs. Some prominent features are its supports for space themes, emoticons, and more, and this is an excellent Parallel space replacement for cloning your chat and social media apps. Based on user reviews, we can say that it doesn’t work well with the games.



Island is one of the oldest and competent apps that can prove the best Parallel space alternative. Oasis Feng designed it; also, Greenify (free) is a popular power and resource control application for Android users.  The creator put a lot of emphasis on privacy and security, and you dont need to worry about the data; it is always in safe hands. It is known as the only clone app with tons of features that you cant expect from a cloning app. For example, it allows you to separate apps for privacy protection, clone apps for managing multiple accounts, and block apps to completely block their background adjustments.

This is one of the best Parallel Space alternatives that you can use to make multiple instances of the same apps and safeguard your data. Unlike Parallel Space, it is not going to harm your battery. It uses the built-in work profile feature of Android to produce space. So you can have all the privacy protection using passwords to hide the cloned applications. There’s also an option to use vault, and it allows you to practice an app locking app to produce a vault yourself. It is also considered the best option for running cloned apps while preserving data privacy.



Dr.Clone works like other cloning apps and enables you to register two accounts of a single application. The feature that adds importance to this app cloner is the private space facility to protect your cloned apps. Those who dont want to lose their pocket must know that this app is free to use, and it won’t display any ads. You can even prevent or allow apps in the separate space to show notifications. So based on its features, we can regard it as one of the best Parallel Space alternatives.

 Water Clone


Last but not least, Water Clone is the android app that allows you to clone applications and login to multiple accounts concurrently. Like another app cloner, Water Clone will enable you to run various versions of the same app together. The feature which gives it an edge is that it allows you to lock the original apps’ cloned variant.


With the growing number of social media and messaging apps’ needs and usage, user requirements increase.  They require multiple accounts for domestic and professional purposes. So we found this topic of best Parallel Space alternatives quite exciting and decided to write an article on this. We hope we provided you some good details and helped you pick the correct application for you. Our article didn’t cover all the best Parallel Space alternatives, so readers may also suggest us. Read enjoy and choose the right option; good luck.


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