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15 Best Product Data Management Software Of 2022

Product Data Management Softwar

Under the umbrella phrase “product data management,” you can develop it whether you are picturing a new product or project and want to use a 3D model to make your vision a reality or track product information. Although it seems straightforward, there might be a number of difficulties with this idea.

Things can get complicated to handle and complex due to the volume of data, processes, and passing between team members. When building a product from scratch, PDM software will assist a team from across the firm in managing and making sense of the data.

Best Product Data Management Software

1. SolidWorks PDM

SolidWorks PDM

Utilizing their own platform 3DExperience, your company is able to develop new goods and services using VR technology. You can move from the creative stage of your vision to strategy and development. Utilize the robust platform of SolidWorks PDM to access real-time data on the design, production, and marketing of your product. Regardless, SolidWorks PDM offers a wide range of PDM solutions for any business owner, whether you want to go the VR road or not.

2. GrabCAD Workbench

GrabCAD Workbench 

PDM software that is hosted in the cloud supports team collaboration inside of your CAD system. The capacity to access data from any location is one of the main benefits of using the cloud. A PC is all you require. With the way the world is currently functioning on a large scale, you may easily keep in sync with your entire team with the press of a mouse. GrabCAD provides features including powerful FDM control, multi-printer control, CAD agnostics, scheduling, and 3D print preparation.

3. Epicor Kinetic

Epicor Kinetic

This robust cloud ERP was developed especially for the manufacturing sector. It will be simpler to integrate Kinetic as a module into your company if you utilize Epicor as your ERP. This strong business has been active in this industry for more than 30 years and is a significant force in the manufacturing sector.

4. PDXpert


PDXpert was developed and is managed by a team of engineers who consider product innovation during the manufacturing process. Their platform has modules for processing documents, electronic files, change forms, bills of materials (BoM), and workflow management. If you ever need assistance with their platform, they also provide “share my screen with an engineer,” where you can connect to one of their team members.

5. Synergies Software

Synergies Software

Utilize the robust toolkit from Synergies Software to integrate with AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MicroStation, Inventor, SolidEdge, Word, Excel, and more. Through web-based tools, collaborate in real-time with your team. one of the top engineers managing information on the planet. In terms of product management, Synergies Software has more than 30 years of experience.

6. Plytix


This user-friendly IU gives you a dashboard-wide overview of all your items and information. You can modify your platform’s view to display only the columns you want to pay attention to. Each user of the platform has access to their own perspective of the data if there are numerous users using it. The platform is perfect for merchants, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and companies who collaborate with a variety of suppliers.

7. Specright


This program offers exclusive technology to assist you in managing the components of your product. The Specright platform makes it possible to track and manage everything you need to manufacture a product, including the minute parts and pieces or components for a cake. They concentrate on handling up to 60,000 products to assist you in cost-cutting and supply chain digitization.

8. Syndigo


Utilize a single platform for all of your supply chain, logistics, and distribution requirements. They provide a variety of solutions, including content generation, product information management, and e-commerce analytics. They provide their “content experience hub,” a system that enables you to optimize your digital assets through syndication among their 12,000 worldwide brands, which distinguishes them from the competitors. This implies that you may effectively produce, maintain, and optimize your product data by utilizing Syndigo’s extensive network of product data.

9. Salsify


Create, analyze, and manage your product data on a single platform by combining all of your digital items. Any Head of department and its users can use the platform’s features thanks to the user interface’s ease of use. Drag-and-drop capabilities in their user interface let you handle product data and configure workflows as you see fit.

10. Catsy


Utilize Catsy’s platform to centralize, enhance, and publish both new and old items. Spreadsheet updates and maintenance can be time-consuming for product data, including photographs, descriptions, and statistics. Your data is automatically synced and maintained up to date to and from your database and storefront using the Catsy platform.

11. Akeneo


Akeneo, a leader in the field of product data management, promises to provide a seamless omnichannel product experience. Depending on your demands, they provide many platform editions. They provide a variety of interfaces, including ones with well-known e-commerce firms like Shopify, Salesforce, BigCommerce, Magento Commerce, etc.

12. aPriori


Establish your objectives, organize your deployment, and maintain long-term value across several departments. aPriori can assist you in organizing your everyday tasks while offering strategies for cost-cutting and resolving manufacturing-related challenges.

13. Delogue PLM

Delogue PLM

Delogue provides you with access to a web-based platform that assists you and your team in boosting productivity from concept to market. Designers and product developers use the platform to link your development team and vendors. Analysis, sample administration, procurement and cost management are a few of the crucial services they offer.

14. PTC


Utilize PTC Windchill’s software to remain on top of projects and keep up with manufacturers so that you can stay ahead of the constantly evolving technological landscape. PTC’s platform walks you through every design difficulty situation, from concept design to production.

15. Autodesk Vault

Autodesk Vault

a sizable international corporation that is a top supplier of PDM software. CAD software is one of the various products offered by Autodesk Vault. For those wishing to pursue a career in engineering, they also offer student discounts. More than 50 distinct products, including Up chain, and Cloud PDM, are offered by them.


Difference between PIM, PCM, PDM, and PLM?

Different acronyms can be used to refer to software that aids in managing the product management lifecycle for your company. PIM, PCM (Product Content Manager), PDM (Product Data Management), and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) are all tools that help in one way or another with the process of gathering and interpreting product data.

What is the future of Product Data Management Software?

In the modern world, PDM can be a constrictive tool, particularly in fields unrelated to technology, engineering, and design. You can still control your inventory using a PDM even though the world is moving toward online selling. However, the market has grown to incorporate software that enables you to handle enormous product catalogs as a result of the daily proliferation of new items.

Benefits of PDM software in business ?

PDM software is adept at managing and storing product data as well as offering services to businesses with multiple teams that handle your items. It may be challenging to coordinate across teams if you have several teams in several departments, such as CAD design, engineering, tool design, production, etc. This is especially true if all the teams are not located in the same office.

What makes PDM software different than an ERP or a CRM?

PDM will only hold your product data, even if ERP can house a wide variety of different types of data and CRM will house customer data. In terms of process management, data gathering, and analytics based on the data, this concept is flexible. Your team will find it more convenient if you save this information in a different database and separate the procedures necessary for this kind of job.

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